Scale your DPM business with QEngines intelligent automation

One of the challenges that young investors often encounter is concentrating their efforts on a particular investment plan. By putting all their eggs in one basket, they run the risk of losing a sizable portion of their investment without a safety net – a better way to manage wealth is to build a diversified multi-asset portfolio. When done effectively and regularly, adjusting your investments can help manage risk and keep you on track to pursue the expected returns you want to reach your goals.  

In Asia, Discretionary Portfolio Management has traditionally been reserved for high-net-worth individuals. As young, personal investors acquire wealth knowledge and seek professional investment advice, an opportunity opens up for financial institutions to deliver DPM services and digital solutions to new, digitally-savvy customers.

Investment portfolios can be rebalanced in various ways - top up, withdrawal, buying an underweight asset, and selling an overweight asset. With Quantifeeds DPM solution, financial institutions can

- Access new customer segments

- Introduce efficiencies and controls in portfolio management and trading

- Improve customer servicing

Quantifeeds DPM capabilities: 

- QEngine Portfolio Manager application or APIs to support portfolio manager workflows and e2e journeys

- Customer onboarding, advice, proposal, implementation and servicing

- Automation of order generation and management

- Algorithms to optimize for drift, portfolio performance and customer experience

- Support straight through processing of orders/trade with minimal manual intervention

Product Benefits: 

- Minimize manual processing by allowing bulk portfolio rebalancing

- Easily match a customer to a suitable model portfolio 

- Recommendation engine based on customer’s risk and goal preferences

- Intelligent order generation to minimize drift, excessive trading and portfolio “locking” due to pending transactions

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