Hey Lovely Peoples, We’re going to check the latest iteration of the JBL Tune 225 TWS  and to see if it’s any good,

Let’s get in with a review of the JBL Tune 225 TWS ghosts. It’s not the cheapest AirPods alternative in the market, and for many people, these are pretty expensive earbuds.


The JBL tune 225 TWS ghost is the same as the JBL Tune 225 TWS, but it’s designed as a transparent case with a slightly smoky color.

The 225 ghost comes with a ghost orange color and a ghost black color. If you’re a fan of JBL’s orange color, you definitely can consider getting that.

On the front of the case, you will see a JBL logo in a silver color font. It super fits the case’s color, so it remains stealthy and cool looking. The entire case is actually transparent.

So if you shine a light all around it and you can see all the components inside very reminiscent of the game boy clear of the 90s, so a benefit of having a case like that,

although it’s made of clear plastic, the smoked black color hides scratch Super well, so these will stay fresh longer, and below that, you will also be getting a Type-C charging port, and 225 TWS doesn’t come with wireless charging

The hinge of the lid is quite nicely engineered, giving you that jbl quality. All around, you get a very nice hinge that holds the lid up for you to access the earbuds, and you can see how the hinge works through the transparent case, which is pretty cool, and inside Of the case,

you see the earbuds sitting vertically, similar to how AirPods do. You get three stealthy indicators that tell you the battery percentage of the case in the middle of it.

The earbud is made of a combination of materials. You get the same ghost black, transparent plastic at the front of the stem, and the tip of it inside you get a matte black, slightly grippy rubber compound.

That gives you a perfect grip when it sits inside your ear, unlike the glossy AirPods that will slide around when it gets oily.

So the earbuds’ led indicator is also very subtle and is hidden inside this ventilator grill of each of the earbuds. So if you can see the tip of the AirPods is angled a little bit, it does try to aim into your ear canals a little, and apart from that, there are no other technologies on this earbud, like in-ear sensors

Design and Build


JBL Tune 225 TWS : Features

You’ll be getting a Bluetooth 5.0 chipset that supports only the AAC and SBC audio codec, which is pretty good for most use cases, especially when these are targeted as AirPods alternatives.

The earbuds also don’t come with any IP rating, and this is quite a bummer because Harman says that the original 220 is not made for workouts.

So try not to get them wet if you can, and for $60 earbuds in 2021 and no IP rating, that’s quite hard to swallow.

The earbuds, however, comes with a super seamless, mono and stereo mode so that you can put either side of the earbuds back into the case any time. The other side will still be connected to your phone.

Lastly, there is no multi-point connectivity on these earbuds, so you can still connect them to multiple devices, just not at the same time,

JBL Tune 225 TWS : Battery

From a battery life perspective. The 225 ghost gives you about 5 hours of battery life. The case provides you about 25 hours in total, especially when Bluetooth efficiency has dramatically improved battery life, but 5 hours is not too impressive in 2021.

The JBL Tune 225 TWS, however, gives you quick charging. So 15 minutes of charging gives you about 1 hour of usage, and charging the case and the earbuds up from empty will take about 2 hours.

For modern earbuds, I think the jbl 225 goes pretty mediocre for modern earbuds, especially considering the price you’re paying for it.

Sound Quality

From a sound quality perspective. The ghost is a pretty good-sounding AirPods alternative.

Like most jbl earbuds, these earbuds come with JBL’s pure bass, sound technology, which is pretty good for an AirPods alternative, but keep in mind that this is still an AirPods alternative, so do expect some leaks and reduced bass.

Sound signature, bass wise these are capable of producing some powerful bass, and if you press them into your ears, they sound super strong.

But once you let your hands go, the bass performance gets reduced by about 70%, and it’s toned down quite a bit because of that ear tip style.

Clarity, wise, these are pretty good, giving you crisp mid highs and vocals in your music, so listening to it to any music with bright instruments

Sounds exceptionally nice on these earbuds. The soundstage is also really good, considering the earbuds’ design these gives you a pretty dynamic sound signature coupled with that 12-millimeter dynamic driver. These earbuds do give you a somewhat open, sound signature.

All in all, where jbl products usually shine is in the audio performance. Suppose you set your expectation rights with these earbuds and the AirPods alternative genre. In that case, these are some of the better sounding options.

JBL Tune 225 TWS : Latency

Latency is not especially impressive on these. Although these come with Bluetooth, 5.0 chipset games still see quite a noticeable delay, very similar to the type of lag you get with early Bluetooth 5.0 chipsets.

Watching movies with Any Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds is usually very good and generally doesn’t get any lag at all.

However, if you’re looking to play games with these, definitely not the best options out there

JBL Tune 225 TWS : Controls

The 225 ghost comes with a button control as opposed to most earbuds that come with touch controls. Nowadays, I prefer button controls. The 225 goes pleasantly easy to operate without having you or hurting your ears to play.

Your pulse media press once on the right, earbuds and you’ll play or pause your media and to pick up phone calls press once on either side of the earbuds, and it will pick up your phone calls to skip tracks forward press once on the left earbuds

And You’ll skip your tracks forward, and to skip backward, press twice on the left, earbuds. It will skip your tracks backward, call your assistant, press twice on the right earbuds, and it will pause your media and pull out your assistant.

So this way, you can get your assistant to control the volume of your media as well.
So that’s all the controls you get with the jbl 225 ghost, so overall.

JBL Tune 225 TWS : Call Quality

The call quality of this JBL 225 goes pretty good. It simulates The performance you get with a premium pair of true wireless earbuds. The call sounds crisp and clear in quiet environments. Although background noise still comes through quite a bit in noisier environments, overall call quality is still pretty solid.

TWS ghost is a good earbud for making phone calls.


I don’t think that this is the best AirPods alternative, but it’s not the worst as well.

I still think that the taotronics sound liberty 80 is a better option. However, if you like the jbl brand, the design of this limited edition case – and you totally understand the sound signature of JBL‘s AirPods alternative – then definitely go for it.

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