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LFGLooking For Group (Everquest)
LFGLease Finance Group (various locations)
LFGLincoln Financial Group (insurance & financial planning company)
LFGLandfill Gas
LFGLooking for Guild (gaming)
LFGLexical-Functional Grammar (computational linguistics)
LFGLandAmerica Financial Group (title insurance; Virginia)
LFGLabor Force Growth
LFGLocal Futures Group (UK)
LFGLiquefied Flammable Gas
LFGLudwig-Frank-Gymnasium (Mannheim, Germany school)
LFGLate Flank Gate
LFGLoopy Factor Graph
LFGLow-Frequency Generated (noise)

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When customers turn over control of their characters so the Destiny Carries and LFG member can get them past their sticking point, they dont have to worry about their character being changed in any way.

IGT also agreed to dismiss its litigation with LFG.

The paper first gives an overview of Lexical Functional Grammar (LFG), LFG Architecture, parsing and Arabic language in section 2.

The EPA says early LFG energy projects came on the scene in the mid- to late-1970s and increased notably during the 1990s as a track record for efficiency, dependability and cost savings was demonstrated.

To fill that role in his legal department, Ciongoli brought in Reese Arrowsmith, who had been serving as a management consultant for the head of litigation at LFG, Kelley Grady.

Ciongoli found some skepticism from both senior management and LFGs financial finance department.

Different percentages of L2, covering classical contents reached in LFGs, have been applied on a typical LFG composition copy, causing a modification of the other VOSiCs silicon amounts represented.

FutureLogic Inc, a US-based company that designs and builds electromechanical assembly solutions, has announced a strategic alliance with Leap Forward Gaming, Inc (LFG), a US-based gaming innovation company.

The LFG Group will form part of UBS global equities division within the investment bank and will be an important building block in achieving the divisions strategic aim of expanding its investment products offering for its global equity derivatives and global synthetic equities businesses, Zurich- based UBS said.