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While both of them made me cry and introduced me to this vast world of anime But before that we will kick you out of Wanokuni first!! Zeus explains that Ulti's skin may be tough but her insides is in bad shape because of Big Mom's attack
Fortunately, we just received the spoilers and basic summary of the upcoming chapter, so we will be sharing them with you in this post Nami wins thanks to Zeus

Their kanabo clash and there is black thunder exploding from the impact.

Chapter 1016
He also used Rotisserie Strike using Queen to keep away Candy Shower from the others
Chapter 1016
Cut to CP0, they are analyzing the battle in Onigashima
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He chooses to stay here because it's Wanokuni
Yamato refuses and says that they will hold him off until Luffy returns, calling him the one was waiting for First you click on the bookmark Manga Icons
Or the best, as you prefer? Yamato confirms this and says that after they drive Kaidou out of Wano, they will join Luffy's crew Giờ đây, Luffy cùng những người bạn hải tặc của mình ra khơi tìm kiếm kho báu One Piece, kho báu vĩ đại nhất trên thế giới

As the two clash, Kaidou tells Yamato he won't go easy on them.

Chapter 1016
Kaido at the end of the chapter
One Piece Chapter 1016 Official Spoilers
Although not much, we can somehow know what will happen in the upcoming chapter
Chapter 1016
Nami says she can't use an attack like that or Tama will get hurt, so Usopp fires Midori Boshi: Sargasso to separate the two of them
Yamato: "I'm going out to the sea with Luffy! You can suggest us your own variants of such cool words We will bring more details very soon
The battle is just a clash of haki So now he is reborn in the weapon and the Clima-Tact can talk and change its shape by itself

The much-awaited fight between Yamato and Kaido will finally happen in One Piece Chapter 1016.

Chapter 1016
Ulti falls to the ground
One Piece Manga Here (English)
Cut now to Nami, Usopp, Tama group
One Piece Manga Here (English)
When the Clima-Tact starts talking, Usopp says maybe he's a genius and designed it this way by accident