Two independent watchdogs of Fidelity Investments, Fidelity Monitor and Fidelity Insights, merged a few years ago. I subscribed to Fidelity Insights for 10-15 years before the merger and now subscribe to the merger, Fidelity Monitor and Insight. It now costs about $150 for 1 year and $377 for 3 years. Every month, there is a newsletter on the web and in print reporting on what is happening at Fidelity, updates on the market & economy, interviews with managers, opinions, gossip, items of interests, criticisms, recommendations, opinion changes, and write-in questions. Every Fidelity fund is rated (buy, sell, hold etc), tracked (weekly, monthly, YTD, 1 year, 3 year, 5 year) rated for risk, annotated extensively, updated daily (ratings rarely change). For the fee, in addition, they have a reasonably rich web site where all is archived, every fund is tracked, weekly emails updating on the week, correspond personally by emails promptly, and publish the best emails. They also provide email alerts (maybe once or twice a year), such as when there is great volatility, and the effect is to remind everyone to remain calm.

The editors maintain several model portofolios and annuity model portfolios that are tracked daily (by web), weekly by their weekly email letter, and monthly by newsletter. Previous years results are posted back to 1987. Each of the portfolios are based on goals and risk--unique opportunities, select, growth, growth and income, income preservation--and each is comprised of 4-6 Fidelity funds (exclusively Fidelity funds). These portfolios are infrequently changed, maybe a few adjustments per year and these changes are announced about 1-2 weeks before they are done, so that readers who emulate the portfolio can implement the changes. The changes themselves are generally modest tilting.

Their method is very (repeat, very) transparent and there is no smoke and mirrors. Of course their model portfolios are just that, models, and they show and measure their own particular advice. I would say their philosophy is very much based on asset allocation and risk tolerance, and they buy and hold steady for the longterm and dont change the course much. I have great respect for their prudence, honesty and transparency. Since most of my assets are held at Fidelity Investments, I very much like having a watchdog that is independent and cheap.

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