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He's clearly drawn to her, but there's part of him that doesn't fully believe this is all just fate determined by DNA; there's a human aspect you can't account for Kate rushes to the hospital and learns her match has a traumatic brain injury, and the show doesn't have to spell it all out
The One waves off Nick's corruption and involvement in the murder case by suddenly giving him a newborn baby and some paternity leave — reader, I couldn't have rolled my eyes any further without them falling out of my skull — so Kate goes through Fabio's phone records on her own, and discovers Rebecca's number Through two episodes, the relationship dynamics remain the most interesting and potentially fruitful part of the show, while the mysteries leave a lot to be desired

Megan, Hannah, Mark and the baby This is messy.

Netflix’s The One: Ending Explained
Which is fine, if that's what you want your show to be! But The One is slacking on character motivations and in balancing its tones
Netflix’s The One: Ending Explained
When that day comes, she sits in a bar alone for hours, seemingly stood up
'The One' Netflix Review: Stream It Or Skip It?
Our Take: The One, written by Howard Overman based on a novel by John Marrs, is trying to be a lot of things at the same time
The One has been pretty lazy all along, but as the murder mystery gets closer to its end, the contrivances and narrative conveniences are really piling up It's that the fall didn't kill Ben
Much like the previous episode, the relationship story lines are a bit more interesting, but even those are losing some of their initial appeal As she states in a TED-style talk, she was tired of mediocre dates and sex, and she thinks that matching via DNA is the absolute best way to ensure yourself a fantastic relationship

Strangely, even after she had Connor beat him up, James ended the series still friends with Rebecca and likely heading up the scientific arm of her new charitable medical research facility.

Are You The One? season 1 contestants: Where are they now?
But Rebecca is completely ready to ruin his life to keep herself out of jail and to keep The One going
'The One' Netflix Review: Stream It Or Skip It?
Mark finds out that Megan isn't gay, and confronts his wife about her lying
A Review of Netflix's The One
Joey from Are You The One? Matheus evades the questions, but what Kate says is enough to make him suspicious of Rebecca
So, is it shocking to see Nick be bought by Rebecca? There are plenty of twists but they have no grounding in reality and we enter a world of fantasy where you have to suspend belief way beyond the original idea of DNA matching to the world of Narnia DCI Kate Saunders Zoë Tapper , who with her partner, DS Nick Gedny Gregg Chillin have been investigating the case of the skeleton found in the Thames, has been using The One, and she got a match: A woman in Spain named Sophia Rodriguez Jana Pérez
I do not understand the behavior of the police detective that keeps coming onto Rebecca to throw meaningless threats at her, revealing her future plans like the villain in James Bond The finale also tries to keep options open for a second season — please, Netflix, don't make me watch more of this — which means there's not a lot of resolution here

At the top of the episode, Rebecca is giving a TED Talk-type speech in an auditorium, telling everyone that they don't have to settle anymore, that love and great sex are out there.

'The One' Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date
Mark is a reporter writing a profile about Rebecca and The One, which he calls a "cult
The One: Season 1
Before long he'll be on a plane back to Spain where the rain falls mainly on the plain and Rebecca will continue trying to keep The One from coming under fire during the investigation into Ben's death
Are You The One? season 1 contestants: Where are they now?
Walter White leaving Jane to die of an overdose on Breaking Bad hit so hard because of everything we knew about Walter before that fateful moment