صورة الصافات. سورة الصافات مكتوبة

17 And our forefathers [as well]? 71 And there had already strayed before them most of the former peoples, 72 And We had already sent among them warners 158 And they have claimed between Him and the jinn a lineage, but the jinn have already known that they [who made such claims] will be brought to [punishment]
" 103 And when they had both submitted and he put him down upon his forehead, 104 We called to him, "O Abraham, 105 You have fulfilled the vision 63 Indeed, We have made it a torment for the wrongdoers

This is the Day of Recompense.

تفسير ابن كثير/سورة الصافات
115 And We saved them and their people from the great affliction, 116 And We supported them so it was they who overcame
سورة الصافات مكتوبة كاملة بالتشكيل
154 What is [wrong] with you? But among their descendants is the doer of good and the clearly unjust to himself
تفسير المراغي/سورة الصافات
" 110 Indeed, We thus reward the doers of good
86 Is it falsehood [as] gods other than Allah you desire? " 55 And he will look and see him in the midst of the Hellfire 61 For the like of this let the workers [on earth] work
122 Indeed, they were of Our believing servants 175 And see [what will befall] them, for they are going to see

38 Indeed, you [disbelievers] will be tasters of the painful punishment, 39 And you will not be recompensed except for what you used to do - 40 But not the chosen servants of Allah.

فضل سورة الصافات
165 And indeed, we are those who line up [for prayer]
مقاصد سورة الصافات
6 Indeed, We have adorned the nearest heaven with an adornment of stars 7 And as protection against every rebellious devil 8 [So] they may not listen to the exalted assembly [of angels] and are pelted from every side, 9 Repelled; and for them is a constant punishment, 10 Except one who snatches [some words] by theft, but they are pursued by a burning flame, piercing [in brightness]
سورة الصافات مكتوبة بالرسم العثماني
70 So they hastened [to follow] in their footsteps