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Hi, Im Niffty! Its nice to meet you! Its been a while since Ive made new friends!
―Niffty, introducing herself

Niffty is a Sinner Demon who works as both the housekeeper and cook for the Hazbin Hotel. She is one of the major supporting characters in the Hazbin Hotel series.


Niffty is a small one-eyed demon, akin to a cyclops, with her one eye being made up of a hot pink and orange sclera with a light yellow iris. She also has short and scruffy red-pink hair with a yellow undertone. Her teeth are sharp and light yellow, and she has pink dots at each end of her mouth. Her attire is themed after the 50s; she wears a dark pink scarf, a white shirt with pink dots (which appear to have a slight dripping design) along with a pink skirt with a 50s-fashionable dark-pink poodle design with yellow dots. She also has small, pointed limbs of dark pink coloration.


Niffty is hyper and spontaneous, as well as being quick on her feet. She is easily entertained, easily distracted, and easily excitable.

She highly dislikes when there is a mess in a room, and she appears to have a fixation on men.


Natural Abilities

  • TBA


  • Jack of All Trades: Niffty is shown to be talented in a handful of ways. She excels at cleaning, cooking[3], and sewing, outside of work she tends to spend her time reading and writing fanfiction.[4]
  • Bilingualism: Niffty can speak both English and Japanese fluently.[5]
  • Agility: Niffty is capable of rushing to her desired locations easily and is able to make her way around her surroundings with little to no effort. She also appears to not have a walking animation, as when she walks forward, she simply hops forward.
  • Fire Resistance: When Alastor summoned Niffty from the Hotels fireplace, she was entirely unaffected.

Unique Abilities

  • TBA



  • Her name alludes to the word nifty which means to be particularly good (at something).
  • VivziePop compares Niffty to Charlie from Always Sunny.[6]
  • Niffty is said to be good at the tambourine and guitar.[7]
  • According to Faustisse, she is hopeless in her romantic life and is also a hopeless romantic.[note 1]
  • Faustisse has also mentioned that she is not very bright[note 2], which Alastor acknowledges[note 3] and that Husk finds her to be annoying.[note 4]
  • Niffty is currently the shortest character of the overall cast.
    • Despite this, her voice actor, Michelle Marie, is ironically the tallest of the voice cast.


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