The ITC full form is an Indian tobacco company. ITC Limited is an Indian conglomerate company. The conglomerate is one or more and different deals with corporate companies and controlling or maintaining by one corporate company or group.

These types of companies are large, multinational, and multi-industry companies. ITC is an Indian premier private sector company which deals with five different business segment or product. The headquarter present in Kolkata West Bengal. The present CEO of ITC company is Sanjiv puri. Official website

ITC company deals with five different business segments like.

  1. Information technology (IT)
  2. Agriculture Business.
  3. Hotels
  4. Fast-moving consumer products (goods)
  5. Paperboards and packaging

The vision of ITC company: maintain one of the best Indian companies to provide the best service and goods and maintain one of the best reputed and valuable corporate companies in India.

History of ITC

The ITC company establish in 1910 as the Imperial tobacco company of private limited, later it was renamed as I.T.C limited in 1974. In 2010 the company renamed ITC. The company completed 100 years, according to 2015 the company has more than 60 centers across India and more than 25000 employees in the company.

The main product of this company is cigarette but nowadays the company has five different products which are given below.

Cigarette: now a day this company sells more than 80% of cigarettes in India. The wroth of these cigarettes is 35000 crores.

Food: nowadays the main product of the company becomes food like snacks, staples, sunfast, Aashirwaad, yippee, bingo, etc.

Daily care products: haircare, Bodycare, perfume etc.

Lifestyle: john prayer brand etc.

Stationary and paperboard: classmate, Paperkraft, colour crew, etc.

ITC Full Form: international trade center:

International trade centre was formed by world trade organisation. The headquarter present in Switzerland.

ITC Full Form: independent telephone company:

An Independent telephone company is a telephone company which provides local service in the USA and Canada. This company operates in a rural area and populated area.


who is the founder of ITC?

 The founder of ITC company is YC Deveshwar.

Who is the present CEO of ITC private limited?

The present CEO of ITC private limited is Sanjiv Puri (Feb 5, 2017).

Does ITC make Cigarette?

Yes, ITC company make a cigarette. The ITC cover 80% of cigarette in India. The wroth of these cigarettes is 35000 crores.


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