Customers were concerned about rising edible oil prices in May and June when vital edible oil prices rose. The demand for edible oil in India vastly outnumbers domestic production. Imports account for at least 60% of the total, and global costs are skyrocketing.

Indias oilseed output has climbed by more than 44% in the last five years, from over 25.3 million tonnes in 2015-16 to near 36.6 million tonnes in 2020-21. Even yet, this only meets around half of Indias edible oil needs.


Why are Oil prices rising?

Because India imports 56 percent of its domestic consumption, the rise in domestic costs is mostly a reflection of foreign pricing. Prices of edible oils have risen considerably in recent months on the international market due to a variety of causes.

Seasonality, when combined with a higher share of imported inputs, results in longer inventory holding periods, stretching the companies working capital. Furthermore, the unorganised markets large presence, resulting from low entry barriers, maintains the industrys profitability miserably low.

Their prices are influenced by a variety of factors, including international market conditions and domestic output. India now has to import a significant amount of edible oil due to the large imbalance between domestic consumption and supply. The federal government is working on a number of short-, medium-, and long-term solutions to permanently tackle the problem.


Top Best Edible Oils Growth Stocks With Highest EPS Fundamentals

High EPS means greater payouts: Higher EPS means more dividends in the partners pockets (shareholders). Shareholders will receive bigger dividends as the EPS rises over time. High EPS suggests more reinvestment: A high EPS also means the corporation keeps more money. This money is then set aside for future business expansion. Shareholders will eventually see this future growth in the form of a rise in share price.

Company Stock Price Market Cap in Cr EPS (TTM)
Ruchi Soya 1,207.70 35,858.89 110.05
Vijay Solvex 1,665.75 533.25 141.27
Ajanta Soya 110.90 176.26 10.79
Kriti Nutrients 43.00 214.19 3.01

Latest Prices of Edible Oils in India

Palm Oil:

On May 7, 2021, the price of palm oil was Rs 142 per kg, but it has since dropped to Rs 115 per kg, a 19% decrease.

Sunflower Oil

On May 5, 2021, the price of sunflower oil was Rs 188 per kg, but it has since dropped to Rs 157 per kg, a 16 percent decrease.

Soya Oil

On May 20, 2021, the price of soya oil was Rs 162 per kg, but it has now dropped to Rs 138 per kg in Mumbai, a 15% decline.

Mustard Oil

On May 16, 2021, the price of mustard oil was Rs 175 per kg, but it has since dropped to Rs 157 per kg, a loss of about 10%.

Groundnut Oil

On May 14, 2021, the price of groundnut oil was Rs 190 per kg, and it has now dropped to Rs 174 per kg, a loss of 8%.

Vanaspati oil

Also, on May 2, 2021, the price of Vanaspati was Rs 154 per kg, but it has now dropped to Rs 141 per kg, a loss of 8%.


4 Edible Oils Value Stocks With Top PE Fundamentals

Are you looking for Edible Oils value stocks that are now trading at a discount to their profit potential? The stocks in the following list have the best price-earnings ratio available (trailing).

Company Stock Price Market Cap PE (Trailing)

Prima Industries 19.05 20.56 6.81 Kriti Nutrients 42.80 214.19 14.23 Ruchi Soya 1,203.15 35,619.26 109.53 Gokul Agro 40.70 548.68 12.28


10 Best Edible Oil Stocks With Highest Market Capitalization

10 Best Edible Oil Stocks With Highest Market Capitalization

Company Market Cap in Cr
Guj Amb Exports 1,439.08
Ruchi Soya Inds 35634.05
Agro Tech Foods 2357.00
AVT Nat Prod 997.46
Gokul Agro-Resources 537.47
Gokul Refoils 156.30
Kriti Nutrients 101.96
Ruchinfra 57.26
Vegetable Prod 40.29
Anik Industries 49.96

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