Darren Fisk founded Forum Real Estate Group in 2007 with a singular vision: Bring together the best people in real estate to create one-of-kind communities and experiences for residents, employees and investor partners. In 2019, he expanded the firm’s capabilities to include real estate debt through Forum Capital Advisors, where he serves as Founding Partner & CEO. In 2020, Darren unified all Forum businesses under Forum Investment Group to reflect the firm’s expanded range of capabilities in real estate acquisitions, development and debt. Today he oversees overall business strategy and investor relations and continually inspires his team to exceed expectations, push the status quo and create lasting value in everything they do.

An expert in multifamily, Darren brings more than 20 years of experience to the table financing everything from large, institutional projects to small, luxury communities, with nearly 10 years at Johnson Capital Group, where he generated more than $3.5 billion in loan originations and was named the top national producer from 2004 to 2013. In 2018, Darren founded Forum Capital Advisors, a boutique alternative investment firm focused on multifamily investments across the capital stack and throughout the economic cycle.

Darren is a graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder, where he played football and received a B.S. in finance. He serves on the advisory board of ACE Scholarships and started the Fisk 5 Foundation with his wife, Blake, to shine a light on the significance of family to foster a culture of good judgement, integrity, character, graciousness and humility for tomorrow’s leaders.

While he enjoys such outdoor activities as hunting and fishing, Darren’s favorite sport is chasing his three children.

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