Each proactive investor and trader must be up to date on the recent stock market headlines. A major corporate announcement, new deals/projects, a move in management, or any scam/fraud charges regarding your favourite company might all lead to changes in your portfolio’s performance.

You must be aware of the Best Newspaper for Stock Market India to read newspapers on a daily basis via an app or website in the digital world.


We all understand that reading newspapers is a wonderful habit that may give a lot of educational value while also keeping us informed about what’s going on in the world.

A newspaper is a periodical publication that publishes well-written facts about current events on a regular basis. Furthermore, with the introduction of ‘e-Newspapers,’ or online newspapers, obtaining them is much easier.

In this post, we’ll go through nine of the best newspapers to read to remain updated about the share market.

These are the major nine newspaper to stay updated about the stock market:

  • Economic Times

The Economic Times is an English-language Indian daily newspaper founded in 1961 and published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. in Mumbai, India.

They give the most recent news on investment, the economy, business, technology, and other topics. Aside from newspapers, the Economic Times also offers an e-edition for the user’s comfort.

The Economic Times (ET), India’s biggest digital business news publisher, had more than 3X the combined engagement (time spent) of the next 7 publishers in the business news segment, contributing to 77 percent of the section interactions, as per Comscore (a top web traffic measurement firm) December 2019 Data*.

  • Bloomberg Quint

Bloomberg Quint is a multiplatform business and economic news organisation based in India. Bloomberg News and Quintillion Media have partnered to create it.

Quintillion Media’s extensive expertise in the Indian market and digital news delivery complements Bloomberg’s worldwide dominance in business and financial information and data.

Bloomberg is the globe ‘s top ranked multi-platform business and financial media company, drawing on the editorial resources of over 2,400 editorial experts in more than 120 nations.

Its major focus is on high-quality business news, market-moving headlines, top trends, economic news, international financial news, and intriguing viewpoints. They also have a podcast on their digital platform.

  • Mint (Livemint)

Third in our list of Best Newspaper for Stock Market India is Mint. One of the most widely read publications for keeping up with the financial market is mint.

Mint is one of India’s premier business news magazines, with 76 percent of Mint readers saying they don’t read another business paper, making it a vital reach tool for the upper echelon.

Mint is the obvious No. 2 in terms of readership across business publications. Mint’s internet platform, www.livemint.com, is one of India’s fastest growing news websites and represents an integrated newsroom.

Mint delivers daily national, international, and business news, as well as market updates and in-depth coverage of major events. Multimedia elements such as videos, podcasts, and slideshows have been added to the site.

  • Business Standard

Serious business readers choose the daily newspaper Business Standard (which is also accessible as an e-paper). New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Lucknow, and Bhubaneswar etc are among the 12 cities where it is published. Bhopal is also where it is printed.

Credit – Business Standard (Best Newspaper for Stock Market India)

New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Bhopal, and Chandigarh are among the six cities in India where the Hindi Business Standard is published. Its contents are available at bshindi.com.

They stand for reporting that prioritises accuracy and reliability, educated, independent, and fair criticism, and journalism founded in ethical behaviour and characterised by a sacred relationship with the reader.

  • The Hindu BusinessLine

The Hindu BusinessLine is a business daily printed from 16 locations throughout India: Chennai, Bengaluru, Hubballi, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Madurai, Mumbai, Noida, Tiruvananthapuram, Tiruchirapalli, Tirupati, Vijayawada, and Visakhapatnam etc.

Credit – The Hindu Businessline (Best Newspaper for Stock Market India)

It was first published on January 28, 1994, and is now in its 28th year. It is renowned for its trustworthiness, accuracy, in-depth market analysis, and serious coverage of business news.

Portfolio, the Sunday edition, is highly famous with readers since it provides guidance and suggestions on personal finance and investing.

143 years old The Hindu, FrontLine, and SportStar, all are sister newspapers of BusinessLine.

  • Money Control

Moneycontrol.com is among India ‘s most famous business news websites. E-EIGHTEEN Dot Com Ltd., a subsidiary of the media company TV18, owns it.

Moneycontrol is a financial platform that provides end-of-day stock prices, news (text and video), analysis, statistics, and tools on investment (across several asset classes), the business sector, and the economy.

It also includes a list of Market Podcasts to listen to, such as “A Morning Walk Down Dalal Street.”

Moneycontrol.com now has over 17 million monthly visits across all of its platforms (web, mobile, and tablets), making it India ‘s leading digital financial platform.

  • Financial Express

Seventh in our list of Best Newspaper for Stock Market India is Financial express. The Indian Express Group owns The Financial Express, an English-language business daily in India. From 1961, the Indian Express group has printed it.

Credit – Financial Express (Best Newspaper for Stock Market India)

The Financial Express focuses on business and financial news from India and across the world. Its website, www.financialexpress.com, is a comprehensive online source for business news, finance news, stock market news, economic news, and the most recent news.

The Financial Express is filled with insightful news on every significant subject with balanced and thorough coverage, from corporate policy to market trends to the newest developments in every industry. Sunil Jain is the editor.

  • Business Today

Business Today is a magazine, not a newspaper, that offers you the latest news in business, markets, finance, the new economy, and the rapidly changing world of technology. It’s the most comprehensive analysis of India’s newly liberalised corporate landscape.

As the tsunami of change rushes across business, the economy, and society like never before, they’ve made sure that their readers have all of the essential improvements to face tomorrow’s challenges. It delves deeper into the world of business to provide a comprehensive knowledge.

It has set one standard after another in business reporting since its launch in 1992. It was the first publication to devote substantial attention to management theory.

  • Google Finance

Last in our list of Best Newspaper for Stock Market India is Google Finance. Google Finance is more of a news aggregation than a newspaper. You can discover all the newest financial information on stocks, market news, economy news, and top articles from around the world in Finance on Google Finance.

You don’t need to go to any specific website because all of the top articles are available on Google Finance. It also shows you the charts & quarterly results of all the listed companies.

+ 1 Bonus: Reuters

Reuters is the leading worldwide multimedia news organisation in the globe. Thomson Reuters desktops, the world’s media organisations, and direct to consumers deliver trustworthy business, financial, national, and international news to individuals.

You may find stock market, business, technology, sports, and entertainment news here. Their newsletters are simple to sign up for. The Reuters app may be downloaded through the Google Play store.


Hundreds of newspapers are accessible in the market to read in order to keep informed about the share market. Nevertheless, not all are considered equal.

This is all from our side regarding Best Newspaper for Stock Market India. Let us know your views in the comment section.

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Best magazine for stock market India?

Business Today is the best magazine for stock market India. It has more readers than any business magazine in India.

Best financial magazines in India?

Business Today, Forbes India and Business World are Best financial magazines in India.

Best newspaper for Stock Market in Hindi?

Economics Times & Money Control both offer Hindi versions of their website content for Hindi business readers.

Best business newspaper in India for Students

Business Standard is the best business newspaper in India for Students.

How many types of stock market reports are published in newspaper?

There are many types of stock market reports that are published in newspapers including announcements, business outlook, brokerage reports, industry outlook and any legal issues.

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