WAREMA is the leading sunlight manager, offering nearly 60 years of experience and a vast range of knowledge. As a family-owned company with a rich tradition we develop, manufacture and sell individual technical sun shading solutions that are capable of far more than simply protecting against heat and glare. In addition to a complete lineup of internal and external sun shading systems and control systems, WAREMA also has a successful market presence in the fields of plastics engineering and mechanical engineering. The WAREMA Group currently employs 3,400 people and generated a turnover of 377 million euros in fiscal year 2013. As a company with worldwide operations, the Group maintains a total of six production sites and just under 30 sales offices across the globe. Sunlight management is the intelligent combination of technical sun shading systems and control systems. By providing consulting and service, we create individual solutions for ideal indoor conditions. The result is an important contribution by WAREMA to improving quality of life, energy efficiency and real estate values.

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