Dhl dhahran. Dhahran Cricket League (DCL)

Bowler shall not obstruct the Batsman while running between wickets Yanbu, Medina Region, Saudi Arabia DHL Express 200056O 31
, during the tournament all the teams are requested to maintain a strict discipline on the Ground This is to reduce wasting of time, during the match

Players can appeal, but should not argue or abuse the Umpire during the match.

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Dhahran Cricket League (DCL)
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Dhahran Cricket League (DCL)
Umpire would take the final decision if the bowler can further bowl the rest of the match
Captain to replace the bowler for remaining balls of that particular over after the umpire? If retired hurt, the batsman can resume his innings after 7 wickets before match timings, non-availability of a Team at the time of TOSS with 7 players minimum may result in Toss going in favor of the available team that has reached on Time
If both teams are late by 10-15 minutes beyond TOSS time then 2-3 overs will be deducted to both the Teams Only Main umpire would be given from the Organizers

Top 4 teams of the group will qualify for Quarter Finals.

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The balls hit out of the Ground have to be brought back by the Batting team members, in the meanwhile Spare balls will be provided by the Umpire to keep continuing the match
16 خدمات العملاء jobs in Saudi Arabia
Beyond 20 minutes of delay to report, the match is deemed to be? Help, support, FAQs, shipping advice and contact DHL
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