Differentiated, Undiscovered Microcaps with a Consistent Track Record

Aug. 12, 2021 9:44 AM

I found this service through Seeking Alpha expecting old school Value Plays. After 8 months I can truly say that Value Digger looks for opportunities unheard of elsehwere, primarily in the micro-cap space. The returns have been high even in a choppy 2021. VD consistently looks for debt free companies with strong balance sheets that consistently outperform over time. He has an excellent track record among micro caps and I have learned a great deal.

Excellent Returns on Small Cap Value Plays

Value Digger provides exceptional research and analysis on undervalued, debt-free, small-cap value plays set to outperform the market. This service provides both access to under-researched companies and access to above market returns. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Top Service & Top Analyst!

Top Service! Value Digger is an incredible smart investor and one of the best analysts active on Seeking Alpha! I am always curious for his new picks. You are doing a great job VD! Keep on going!!!

Excellent Service!

Jun. 07, 2021 2:37 PM

I have been very impressed with this service since joining. High quality research resulting in solid, profitable picks. I have tried many paid services over the years, and this is one of the few that I can genuinely recommend.

Great service, strongly recommended

This service is so good that I am almost reluctant to help expand the number of subscribers :) Many thanks to Value Digger for their help on making great returns!

Great unorthodox picks

Great results, particularly focused on out of the radar stocks, simple process and constant communication. What else can you ask for? Just do it.

VISC has been the best service for me!

Apr. 04, 2021 12:13 PM

I have been a subscriber to VISC since 2019. So far,It has been good experience. Nathan recommends companies with very less / no debt with good prospects. Majority of his picks have returned good returns for me. I would highly recommend this service for anyone who has less time to research companies and rely on a team of experienced people for stock recommendations. If I have to pick one drawback, it would be that some of the small cap recommendations (<30-50 million) run away from recommended price before full position.

Value Digger is the best!

Feb. 10, 2021 2:19 PM

I am a very happy value digger subscriber. He is great! He has made me a better stock investor. I can see my stock portfolio going up. My portfolios future is rosy because of Value diggers picks.

Dive into small companies

This service is pretty different from other services here, because focused on smallcaps, instead of large and well known companies. But it was a surprise for me, that investing into these small companies can bring good revenue in short and mid term

Value Digger is God Sent. Impressive!!

Feb. 03, 2021 9:39 AM

I joined this service not knowing what to expect as I am just new to the investment world. So far I can only tell you good things about this service. I have experienced first hand a remarkable service and I very impressed with it. Trust me you cant go wrong. Value Digger not only does an excellent job picking the right investment for you his humility and customer centric attitude still baffles me. I cannot recommend him enough. If things continue the way they have been so far I am going to be with his service for a looong time !!

High performing service

Consistent performance on highly researched, little known, stock picks with strong balance sheets. Clear guidance on when to exit positions. Nathan is generous with his time and prompt in responding to DMs. Highly recommend.

The place for great stock picks

Value Digger is very successful a picking both short candidates and longs for swing trades. He puts a lot of time and effort in to this service, not like some others Ive tried. Bottom line is Ive made money following his recommendations. If you are a trader I highly recommend this service.

Exactly what he claims value investing at its best

Jan. 10, 2021 12:41 PM

Gives you a nice portfolio of stocks with great balance sheets. I have been a member for over a year, really earned my trust with and saves me time, great service would recommend.

Great Service!

I have tried many and subscribed to a few different services on SA over the last 2 years. So far Value Diggers service is in my top 3 without a question. His focus on generating both long and short ideas is extremely useful for me to hedge as needed. His long ideas are thinly traded (by design - undiscovered stocks) but have made me huge gains in a short period of time.

Outstanding stock picks in 2020!

I have been a member for six months and the experience so far has been great. In the short period I have realized solid profits on several stock picks and have paper profits on some waiting to move further up. Value digger delivers the best success rate I have seen and I therefore strongly recommend the service.

Great Service

Ive been a member since February 2020. Value Digger keeps posting great picks based on his research with the explanation for every pick. He also participates actively in chat forum and answers questions via email in a timely manner. Ive been very happy with the service and learned a lot about trading stocks.

Great service!

Value Investor’s Stock Club delivers. Consistent, impressive returns. The rationale for each stock pick is clearly laid out. If you have questions they are answered promptly. Great service all around!


Value Digger has posted some incredible picks. I took a lot of profit on HCCI, SMSI and others. This investment strategy shows a lot of insight that you will not find with other subscriptions. I also really appreciate the personal communication Value Digger gives. He is quick to reach out with all questions and as always, provides great insight into the market.

Best research so far

Ive been subscribed to multiple research services but I think this one is the best so far. What I like about it: + Interactivity in the chat + Updates on picks + General investing and take profit recommendations + Up-to-date view on the market What I dont like about the research: - Buy and Take Profit recommendations are being published on the next day or after close after the author/team bought or sold themselves.

Diamonds in the Equites

Geared towards larger accounts. But usable for beginners too. Deeply researched safe swings & investments. Value Digger goes the extra mile!

Investor Newbie

As a new stock market investor, its hard to know where to put your funds, but with Value Digger, Nathan lets you know where to put your hard earned funds and with limits. I also like that you can chat with him at any time and he gives you advice 1 on 1. Just started in May so hoping to see those major returns soon.

Great source of ideas, very thorough research

Finding and thoroughly research undervalued ideas or short ideas with multiple catalysts is extremely hard and this site does a great job. There is a constant flow of actionable ideas. The author (Nathan) is very good about stressing limit order prices, telling when to sell, and updating his subscribers. In this market when buy and hold passive strategies are not a good option this service is extremely helpful.

Amazing Value!

With this service you will get great actionable picks. For me the success Rate is 100%. Therefore I feel like Nathan is offering amazing Value. The research he does about every pick he sends out is great. He always has high conviction in every pick and I love that. I can recommend this service to everyone.

Excellent service Actionable Trades

Very actionable trade recommendations. In the first month I made back the cost of the service via several shorts. Has helped me expand my options trading. Highly recommend it, not for overnight trades, best for month/months targets. Highly recommend.

Takes the rose colored glasses off your investment theses

Realistic. Hard nosed, and covers all corners of any given thesis sector. Rare to find this kind of realistic unvarnished truth anywhere else in the investment community.

Incredible Value

Apr. 23, 2020 12:13 PM

I cant recommend highly enough the Value Investors Stock Club, by Value Digger and team. An incredible value with actionable ideas on a regular basis, but probably just as important, with a skeptical and fresh perspective, guided by original and independent thinking, which is very hard to find at any price and proves valuable in general investing, beyond the specific ideas offered by the service. Combined with the very low cost for value received, this is a must-have service. Though only a subscriber for a few months, it has already helped me maintain a healthy distance from hype and mainstream propaganda, allowing me to avoid significant losses, and even take a few gains, by staying lightly invested and adding a few hedges during the markets blind optimism stage of February 2020, yielding an astronomical return on the subscription price. Hard to go wrong with this one.

Best in Class

By happenstance I found Value Digger over 5 years ago when his service was called Nathan’s Bulletin and happily followed him through the transition to Seeking Alpha. My profits from his recommendations have been significant and I have become a much enlightened investor through his writings. Nathan’s detailed research contains no fluff and no hype; more like Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet fame – “just the facts, ma’am.” And when evaluating a prospective investment, the facts and fundamentals do matter. Nathan is always available to answer questions or provide additional information. I’ve never met the man and probably couldn’t pick him out of a crowd of two, but I consider him to be my friend. You can count me as one very satisfied subscriber.

Very impressed

So far the success rate of the recommendations has been 100%. I especially like that there is not a regular schedule with the recs. They come out when the situation is right. An annualized return of several 100% is not unusual. Play small ball and dont bet the farm! Basic knowledge of options recommended.

Insights with superior returns

Deep insightful research that provides superior returns per pick. Ive been a subscriber for over a year and cant be happier. Value Digger finds gems with scary consistency :)

Excellent research

Apr. 08, 2020 5:01 PM

I am member for more than a year. Nathans research is top class. He lays out his research in clear, concise and unambigious manner. It is very action oriented. He tells us at what levels to but and follows up with an update on when its time to sell. He also gives out his view in between as well. So far he is 100% correct on short calls.

Im Happy

Brightest mind on SA a realist who calls it like it is

Outstanding service

I joined up to Value Diggers service in summer 2019. All his bearish ideas proved to be winners. His fundamental research is outstanding. I strongly recommend this service. Keep up the excellent work!

Why I signed up with Value Digger.

The reason I like this service is that Value Digger does the heavy lifting of digging deep into various corporations - a job I would not like and dont know how to do. He shares his analysis and suggest a bet that should make us a profit. I like the fact that I am also learning new ways of using options. The more we become comfortable with various use of options the better we can play the markets. This is like a free schooling that comes along with membership. In the long run, the education may be worth more than the profits we make on each position suggested for us. I have begun using this information by placing smaller positions than I am used to - until my comfort level grows using option types I have not traded previously. After a few of these bets I will increase the number of contracts so that the risk-reward is up to the level I am used to placing.


Well yes would recommend Value Digger to everyone. Im a member since last year and played a few picks, with good result. But im playing it a bit different. Once the pick comes out, lets say CHWY, i didnt buy right away, always waiting a few days on a better price. It was recommended strike 29 puts for April when the stock was at 29.34 dollars, i waited and bought my puts, when the stock was at 31 dollars, so i get a better profit.

First class service for both novices and experts

I recently joined up to Value Diggers service again after a hiatus away from stocks and trading. Im extremely glad to be back as weve had several bullish and bearish picks recently which have all performed amazingly well. As someone who for various reasons relies on someone like VD for their picks, the service suits me really well, Im essentially spoon-fed a pick via an extremely well researched and detailed article, told what price to enter at and when the time comes, when to take my profit.....what more could you ask for? Over the years I have repeatedly bugged him with my questions (often dumb) and he always responds, hes always ready to help and advise, all part of this complete service. Yes Im waxing lyrical, but only because personally as someone who doesnt do his own research and essentially needs a service like this, the results speak for themselves and I am indeed a very happy subscriber to this premier service. If however you are a more hands on type/savvy investor, the service will still suit your needs as e.g. members interact with each other on all kinds of stock talk and VD gets fully involved with their discussions and questions. For me, The Value Investors Stock Club is a solid 5 stars.

An outstanding service to subscription holders

I have used lots of services over the years most of them candidly worthless. Having tried Nathan and Value Digger I can honestly say that while no one is ever perfect, his picks and insight are far better than any I have uncovered in years of trading. While not big dollars, as I use this service for only special situations, I have had a 40X return on my subscription in a few short months. Kudos to Nathan

Great calls by Value Digger!

I have made >20% profit on all 4 of VDs recommendations that I have acted upon. The profits were realized within months of the initial trades. VD is quite remarkable!


I am deeply convinced VD has a Crystal Ball and I am so pleased he shares what he sees. Thank you Value Digger.

Ive made money on every Digger recommendation so Far

First service I ever paid for only because the track record is amazing.

Was making money part of your plans?

I’ll keep it short and sweet. My portfolio is up 50% this year due to Value Digger’s short picks. I am absolutely destroying SPX ytd. VD’s research is thorough and easy to understand as an amateur investor. His service has been well worth the price. Highly recommended.

Excellent short ideas

On REAL and some other stocks Digger has found some gems for shorting. Right now think have 3 of his short picks producing profits via options.

Great value for the money, would highly recommend to anyone.

Ive been a subscriber to the Value Diggers Stock Club for a year now. This is a great service that offers all solid picks as they arise. A previous service that Ive tried (you would recognize the name immediately if I named them) would offer 4-5 picks a month with mixed results, one third would be good picks, one third would be static and one third would be dogs. I dont have the resources or risk tolerance to work with them. Value Diggers offer solid recommendations when they happen, not on a quota system every month.

Easily the best value on Seeking Alpha, a true hidden gem.

Although the trial timeframe is too short to effectively judge Value Diggers long stock picks, his short Put options have all been winners and generate a nice annualized return. One or two Puts will see you make back your yearly subscription price easily if you follow his advice. I tried another investors service on Seeking Alpha before this one and the difference is night and day.

Rating: AAA

Oct. 02, 2019 3:44 AM

Value Diggers service is AAA. I doubt if you can find a better one. And not only in SeekingAlpha. Surely top 1%. Not a lot of action, but when the bell rings you must answer... Great work Value Digger!

If you are a value investor, follow Value Digger!!!

Value Digger doesnt just have a remarkable way for spotting undervalued stocks but a keen and careful eye for finding severely overvalued stocks as well for shorting. Especially appreciate the thorough research he includes in his posts. Worth every penny!

Best service for capital gains and short ideas

Sep. 08, 2019 11:37 AM

I like that Value Digger sheds light on stocks that I would have never found myself. I have tried out many free trials and I find VD-s service to be one of the best if you are looking for capital gains. The research is thoroughly done. One could especially love the short ideas, which have magnificent track record and one of them is my best trade ever, gaining near 1000%.

Great investing pick and great returns.

I have made much much much more than the price of the subscription of Value investor. Value Digger is very conservative. His picks are well researched and have provided me with good overall returns. Some picks are still at a loss but the winners are by far compensating for any of the positions that are still open but currently in a paper loss.

Great short recommendations means >100% returns for me.

VDs short recommendations have paid off for me, big time -- just now my portfolio is up over 100% in the past two weeks by following VDs clear recommendations. Ill be following even more closely in the future. --- EDIT 2 months later: My VD portfolio is now up nearly 300% from where it started. Cant recommend highly enough. The subscription fee is a pittance, and VD is always responsive to questions & concerns. Recommendations are very clearly worded, even for first-time options traders. --- EDIT 4 months later: Up 800% now. So far every short recommendation has gone up at least 40%.

Deep value in dark places

Value digger marketplace research is for those astute, cautious, value investors looking to find quality companies with low key metrics. His research finds extremely undervalued, LOW debt companies, in places where no other analyst is looking. I recommend those who are not caught up in the cahos and hype of markets, to try this service for at least 1 year.

Must Try - Value Investors Stock Club

Author presents detailed cold hard facts behind his recommendations. A variety of wealthy enhancing approaches are discussed. A great deal for small investors.

Value Investing at its Best!

Ive been a member of Value Diggers service for a couple of years now and Im really happy with it. His research is thorough and in-depth and hes very good about communicating with his members, updating info about his picks, and answering questions. And he knows the financials and fundamentals about his picks and their sectors with a lot of detail. Im a fan of Benjamin Grahams value investing ideas, and Value Digger takes those same ideas to the world of small and sometimes micro-cap stocks, with impressive results. Ive made money with his picks. I recommend his service highly.

Excellent Product!

In the short time Ive been a member, I have been impressed with the selections and recommendations. I also like the communication VD has via messages and the chat room. Strongly recommend. It is now a couple years later and my previous comments stand. VDs approach is simple and profitable. Cant ask for much more from someone who does all the work. Still strongly recommend!

Looking out for the little guy.

I really appreciate the in depth research done by Value Digger. HIs well written articles and recommendations leave no stone unturned unlike most writers and analysts. The best part is that value digger is available to to his followers no matter the size of their portfolio.

Excellent Value

Extremely researched and many updates on his names. Highly recommend Value Diggers service

Well researched

Jun. 21, 2020 1:58 PM

Value diggers research is very unique in a sense that he asks very tough questions about underlying fundamentals of the company and stand by with his thesis in tough times too. patience pays off with his calls

Great Research

Great service for finding undervalued micro caps, especially in the energy sector.


I read his free articles for months and really enjoyed his writing. I also read all his past articles during my 2 week free trial before subscribing to his service. His stock analysis is top notch his finds are undervalued, debt-free and very promising! Also, he always finds time to respond to my personal questions. I highly recommend Value Diggers subscription service.

High Value, Deep Research Service - Extremely Satisfied

I am a subscriber for the past 6 months and I am very happy. I like the way Value Digger provides analysis and pick stocks with deep value in his area of expertise. He always responds to any questions, in spite of his busy schedule looking for deep value stock picks. His experience and stock picking ability is worth much more than the subscription fee. I would recommend him for any retail investor who is patient enough to see his investment grow in value.

Best of the best.

I read the first article Value Digger wrote years ago. I have followed him ever since. I follow a lot of authors and Nathan is bar none one of the best and the only one I have a paid subscription to.

Couldnt be Happier

Value Digger has given solid advice that has translated to very good returns. I cant express enough in a review the appreciation I have for his service. My only regret is that I didnt subscribe sooner.

Its All About Results

Despite trading/investing not being my full time job, I choose to invest considerable $ amounts. For this reason, I cant afford to try services. I need a winner. This is why I researched Value Diggers track-record before signing up & I suggest you do the same as this will become a no-brainer for you. This service has allowed me to invest in confidence knowing that more often than not Value Digger is right and allows me to make considerable returns on my money. At the end of the day, its results that matter and my results have been great. Keep up the great work Value Digger! :)

Solid !!

Value Digger is my kind of investor. He looks at the fundamentals, and treats stocks as what they are, ownership in an asset. He then gives us the calculations to determine what the asset is worth based on comps, interest rates, etc... This is where the value is realized. Keep up the good work Value Digger.

Great value, low risk - Create a basket!

Great value in this subscription. Be sure to make a basket of all picks. There will of course be a that dont quite pan out, but there will be many many more winners. Had I spread my money around instead of trying to cherry pick VDs picks I would have made MUCH more money. I am still up quite a bit despite not picking several of his picks that went up 50-200%. I will be a subscriber for a long time to come!

Great investment

Feb. 02, 2017 12:06 PM

Value Digger has been the single best investment Ive made this year. He continually works to find great options at excellent entry points, and my subscription literally paid for itself 5x within a month. He takes a fundamental approach and his research is extremely thorough, which means significantly less downside risk and significant upside potential.

Homerun. Exactly What I Was Looking For

Jan. 29, 2017 1:45 PM

My best investment yet. This subscription continues to pay dividends. Back in October 2016 I began looking to diversify into the energy sector because I was betting Donald Trump would win the election and the energy sector would be relieved of the legislative chokehold that was stifling business. Fortunately I found VD. His expertise and his manner of relaying his in depth analysis is impressive. To date, I have taken positions on 5 of his recommendations and have paper profits of ~18% to date. The best part is the upside hasnt even begun to kick in on these investments.

Value Digger provides a low risk/high value service

I have been following Value Digger since he began writing on the public SA forum. Value Digger uses his deep fundamental analysis and sector expertise by focusing his recommendations on low risk entries into undervalued and under-followed companies in the energy sector that are suitable for those seeking either growth, income or both. His fundamental analysis also uncovers niche companies in other sectors as well as short candidates where valuations are too high. Best of all, he keeps subscribers updated on every recommendation, is readily available to answer ANY questions and also provides a concise exit strategy for each recommendation. VDs focus on results is evident in his returns. I highly recommend a subscription to A Fundamental Investors Stock Club.

Best service I have ever used

Been with Nathan for a couple years now, and couldnt be more pleased. The extensive detail he provides for each pick, including an explanation of why hes recommending and what the risks are, provide plenty of information to base investment decisions on. My one regret is that I have not bought everything he has picked, and have missed out on a few winners. Is he perfect? Nope. Nobody is. Theres been a few wrong picks but overall I couldnt be happier. Looking forward to 2017

Great service

Excellent. Solid research and recommendations. Solid entry & exit points. Low turnover so it doesnt require much time to keep up.

Great product.

Excellent service. Detailed write ups, good analysis of comps, and the ideas are very off-the-beaten path.

Safe investment with solid returns

Oct. 21, 2016 6:03 PM

I have joined this newsletter since the beginning of the year (2016) and I have nothing but positive to say about it. If you are looking to invest your money SAFELY in great companies with excellent management and solid balance sheet this is the place to be. I am conservative investor looking for SAFE and good returns and I have made significant returns based on VDs recommendations (some exceeding 100%) in 10 months. Value Digger really digs hard for solid companies and I much appreciate all the time and analysis he puts into each stock pick.

Value Digger / A hidden gem

I have been a subscriber with Value Digger for the past 9 months. I must share with the board that I feel extremely fortunate. Value Digger is an intelligent, thorough, precise and experienced investor. Im always impressed with his detailed and sound correspondence along with his stock picks. What has truly pleasantly surprised me is when I do reach out to him for a clarification or question he always responds in a timely, well thought out manner. I strongly and without hesitation recommend joining Value Diggers Premium Subscriber service. He will supply you with far more quality information and guidance than his reasonably priced subscription costs.

The name says it all

Oct. 12, 2016 12:35 PM

Some names are perfect! Value Digger does just that. He has a unique ability to find value in totally unknown stocks. I have made three times my investment in just three months and am sitting on even more unrealized profits. Could not more pleased with Value Digger and would highly recommend it!!

Outstanding Performance!

As a novice I had made some bad investments in my early 20’s that had kept me far away from the stock market for the past 25+ years. I have only started investing again a couple of years ago due to the success of another follower. I have been a subscriber to Nathan’s Bulletin since late 2015 and have been so impressed with the performance of his stock picks that I renewed my subscription to the newly formed “A Fundamentalist Investment Stock Club” recently. My top 3 stocks have been Nathan’s picks standing at 102%, 92% and 81% gains. Outstanding! Nathan takes the fear and risk out of investing in stocks due to his thorough research. Thank you Nathan, you have been a great help to me.

Best service on seeking alpha: Nathan is a true value digger!

I have been a subscriber of Nathans (Value Digger) service since early 2016. As a new user, I initially signed up for many authors on Seeking Alpha as I did not know what to expect. I soon realized that Nathans service is true to his name: he actually finds real valuable companies that are hidden gems. His research is extremely thorough and very detailed. He does his homework before he recommends anything. Due to his many subscribers, there is many times a value digger effect on a stock after he recommends an entry, the price goes up immediately! I soon cancelled all my subscriptions and now look forward to Nathans every post. I am very impressed by his quick response to all questions on both chat and comment posts, and he has a very professional and patient attitude towards new investors like me who need all the help getting started. I have recently increased my investments in a couple of his Bullish ideas and also made some locked in profits as well. The profits have already surpassed Nathans subscription cost. Thanks Nathan for all your hard work, I really appreciate it!

Outstanding Premium Service.

Aug. 17, 2016 7:51 PM

I have been a subscriber to Value Diggers Premium stock picks for two years and they have been extremely financially profitable for me. Not only am I amazed by the amount of work he puts into his selections, but his availability and readiness to offer updates on further developments on selections and to answer subscribers queries - especially on the chat function on his SA site - has also been of great assistance and interest. Thanks!


I have followed Nathans stock picks for nearly two years now and have profited greatly from it. His analysis is great and he really knows his stuff when it comes to underfollowed stocks with high potential. Not only is his initial analysis great, but he is always available to answer questions from his subscribers and will always provide buy/sell updates on his picks when asked. I have easily covered the cost of the subscription in a short time period of time and would recommend any investor to take a look at this service.

5 star quality picks!

It is said that if you can have downside protection, your upside is limitless. Value Diggers approach is to buying low debt, low visibility, and low risk companies!!!This way your return is maxed while risk is low. 5 star quality picks!

Great interaction

Aug. 05, 2016 11:10 AM

This is a great source of insight of some hidden gems in the market. Having a full-time job and trying to filter out the noise on different business news channels, I find it overwhelming for me at times. Its always good to have a second opinion. Value Digger may not be right all the time, sometimes it takes a little patience on my part. but when he does get it right, I am thrilled with the results.

Great Actionable Stock Ideas.

Ive been impressed with Value Diggers picks on SA so I joined the Premium research and I have been impressed. The picks are stocks that I wouldnt have found myself and have so far given me some pretty good gains. I like the fact that he chooses stocks on the TSE as well as this is my native exchange. Highly recommended.

Value Digger is my top resource forStock investments

I have been involved with the Energy Industry for 40 years as a property Insurer. This has allowed me to review many operations and processes as well as travel extensively. Value Diggers articles are extremely valuable to the Investor as he has an extensive background in geological hydrocarbon formations (particularly in the Americas,) as well as the recovery processes. He backs this up with a deep knowledge of mid-stream operations and all the important Players in the game. Add this all up, then throw in his excellent financial analysis and you have an Analyst that has a consistent record of finding winning trades ahead of the market. I have relied on his work for over 18 months and my Energy Portfolio has performed extremely well (in spite of the negative price changes within this Industry segment)

I dig the Digger!

Jul. 13, 2016 8:43 PM

I followed a recommendation to Value Digger´s service from Chris Demuth Jr. and have not been disappointed. He finds interesting stocks that are not under the radar of the majority of investment firms. He is always quick to return questions that member´s have and has a considerable number of ideas for us.

I highly recommend Value Digger

A great premium service. Very in depth research on each pick, and more importantly, the author recommends when to sell-- something many dont do. Also, his track record is there for all to see. And yes, hes had losers-- but the gainers out number the losers by about 10 to 1 in my experience. Well worth the subscription price.

Why I will continue following him as long as I am trading and investing.

Jul. 13, 2016 3:37 PM

I have followed VD from SA to his current premium service and in my opinion he is the genuine article. . The information that he produces is as accurate as his name implies. Very little is left to your imagination. The facts , reasons and the where it will go are all spoken about even before you decide to invest in what he recommends. He is not a day trader or long term investor in the truest fashion. He tells you to buy, hold or sell based on what the information tells him. For the new person he teaches what is needed and for the old traders he gives plenty there too. I recommend him to all kinds of investors and or traders who want a little or a lot of guidance.

Best Advisor Anywhere

Ive been with Value Digger since he was operating Nathans Bulletin. I had been following his articles on SA and enjoyed not only his manner of presentation in his writing, but his thoroughness. We sent a few private messages back and forth discussing stock and his services and he convinced me to sign up for the premium service. I am very glad that I did. I tried Motley Fool (MF) for 6 months and it was garbage. I lost a ton of money on their premium picks. The oil crash didnt help, but Im still down 80%+ on their recommendation of CLNE and SDRL alone. While no advisor can hit it right every time, I found the MF to be wrong everytime. I tell that story to illustrate how negative and hesitant I was concerning a stock picking service. Now if I have a question, I email Nathan and he responds within a day or less. If I ask him about capital allocation or his thoughts on a company, he gives it to me quickly and he leaves no impression that I am bothering him one When I first signed up for his service, I had never traded internationally before and the process was very daunting. Nathan walked me right through it all. I cant tell you how great that is and I want to say that is the best part of the service he offers, but I cant say that. Its a close second though. The best part of his service is his research and stock picks. Nathan operates on a twelve month time horizon (situation depending) to buy/sell so he is not a day trader. Nathan aggressively researches and follows the companies he recommends. If the company thesis changes, Nathan keeps us updated and changes his investment thesis. Nathan gives us a price range in which to purchase and a recommendation when to sell. Nathan also thoroughly explains why he is giving these recommendations so you can take his advice or leave it. Since Ive used his premium service, Ive purchased eleven of his recommendations. He has made more recommendations than that during my time though and he has made several Short recommendations. I am sitting on over a 20% paper profit right now due to Nathans recommendations and have made around 30% on the stock I have sold, all within eight months time. As an example, Nathan posted a public article today for BKEPP. I purchased this stock when he recommended it to his premium service and am sitting on a 21% paper profit plus dividends. I would love to be able to afford Nathan as my personal financial advisor and keep him to myself, but Im a personal investor who does it for my retirement and dabbles as a hobby. I cant recommend Value Digger Premium Service enough to anyone wanting to learn the ropes and/or get valuable stock advice. The service will easily pay for itself and you wont regret it.

This is how you do deep, fundamental research in energy sector!

I have been following VD for a while, before Fundamental Investors Stock Club and Nathans Bulletins were even set up. Ive stumbled upon one of his old articles on SA and was immediately impressed with the clear structure, concise writing, and fundamental approach to energy sector investing. Since then, he has never failed to deliver in these regards. Over all this time, I have managed to profit significantly from his numerous good picks (and not lose a lot of money with the few not-so-good ones). Choosing to subscribe to his premium research articles was, therefore, an easy decision. I am looking forward to renew my subscription many times more. Thanks VD!

Value in Value Digger

Ive been with Value Digger and with his previous bulletin and he certainly has an eye for value most of his recommendations have been not just winners but solid winners with great returns. I like the detail of when to buy or sell always helpful. His analysis is second to none when presenting his case for his stock recommendations.. One last thing, I had some extra cash to invest and couldnt decide where to put it so I emailed Value Digger asking which previous recommended stock Should I drop this cash into. You know what I wasnt expecting an answer soon but he made the time to give me his thoughts on it and that to me shows dedication to his members. I have found great value in Value Digger and would recommend it to anyone. Cheers, David

My subscription easily pays for itself

I like the service since there I achieve a clear ROI on my subscription and it focuses on stocks that are diamonds in the rough; e.g. my GoGold holding is up by 50% and made money on others with negligible paper losses on others

Small companies, deep value

May 30, 2018 1:00 PM

Very in-depth research on smaller US and Canadian companies, especially energy sector. Focus on longer term value investing and debt-free or very low debt balance sheets. Time frame and volatility can sometimes be higher than I like, but value investing is for the patient. With a sound business and little to no debt, these companies can make it through tough times when others fold. Willing to drop his picks when fundamentals change, even at a loss (and thats a good thing).

Precise, Thorough, Fundamental analysis of mostly under the radar oil&gas companies

What else to Say... His fundamental analysis are great... His reply to the subscribers are sharp & quick... He is not shy to lock in profit in order to the advantage of new picks... As more and more subscribers recognise his sharp eyes & analysis, it starts to be sometimes difficult to get in a pick... Patience is needed sometimes to get in, as low volume, low $ (under 1$/share) makes it difficult to get in immediately... Already 2-3 months following him & my yearly subscription fee is more than paid in locked in profit... Wish the chosen picks would sometime be more liquid, but then, of course, the crowd would be in too... No regrets at all... May his great job & return continue a long way...

A Fundamental Investors Stock Club review

I really like a Fundamental Investors Stock Club. Couple of suggestion : I wish VD will post his pics ( especially bullish) more often, this will help investors to choose own pics based on the personal preferences and time. As well as more often updates about past pics also would be very helpful. Current market conditions are really stressful and more often updates from author will help to reduce the stress and anxiety and hopefully to facilitate ongoing discussion. Thank you VD that you ALWAYS answering investors questions on time. Keep up great job.Trying always fallow you profitable calls.

For me not a good experience

Disappointed. Losing all my deposit in bear put calls so far but apparently track record has been good in the past. The long calls I sincerely believe need to be more thoroughly researched as many of them have huge draw-downs and doubling up is recommended to exit with profit (average down on price) and after maybe more than a year. VD should also report the draw-downs of current holding which have not been closed but are highly negative already and just lying in your account waiting to turn around. These do not show up in performance reports but are reflective of performance. I will of course review this review and increase it higher ratings if I am proven wrong in couple of next quarters.

Respectful, Clear Guidance but....

VD is polite and makes some good picks for those who can take advantage but hangs on to his losers which helps keep his performance level higher, since they are not official losses. He says one year investment buy/sell horizon but his losers are all 2 years or longer and counting. His picks are often low volume stocks so by the time you go to buy/sell the price has gone up/down significantly due to his subscribers reacting. His picks are often OTC market which you cant buy if using Canadian registered accounts. His record is subject to the above points. For me it has been very bad results for my portfolio.

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