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Since BBC Arabic TV is not on the air yet, one can only speculate about what strategy the network will follow History [ ] In 1994, BBC Arabic Television was launched by Rome-based owned by 's cousin, Prince and a subsidiary of the Saudi Arabian
What seems fairly clear is that BBC Arabic TV wants to position itself as an alternative to al-Jazeera It was launched on 11 March 2008

BBC Xtra Daily program Television programmes [ ]• The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, showing live news programmes mixed with current affairs programmes, documentaries and occasional light entertainment.

BBC News Arabic
At the same time, the agreement between the BBC and the Secretary of Culture states that: The World Service must be provided … in accordance with any objectives, priorities and targets agreed with [the Foreign Secretary
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Within this highly competitive market, BBC Arabic will have to find its own voice and niche audience
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It appears that no one questions the pertinence of such stations, especially not in the Arab world
In 1942 a third news bulletin was broadcast at "midday" at 10:45 GMT, 12:45 local time in the Levant The radio service is broadcast from in as well as from a BBC Bureau in
Hosam El Sokkary foresees a code of ethics similar to the rest of the BBC Everything should be done to protect the editorial independence on which its reputation depends

It presented a restructuring project to the UK Parliament that would include the closing of ten BBC local radios in Eastern Europe and the creation of an Arabic TV network among other new initiatives.

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First, it enjoys a good reputation thanks to its radio programs
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Charles Pennethorne Hughes from 1948 Head Eastern Service [ ]• Steward Perowne 1938—39 First Editors [ ]• Thus, in 2004, the company and the UK Foreign Office initiated talks about developing a new Arabic network
BBC News Arabic
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