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    Gold House is the premier nonprofit collective of Asian & Pacific Islander founders, creative voices, and leaders.


    We unify the worlds largest populace to enable more authentic multicultural representation and societal equity.


    Our holistic strategy encompasses cross-cultural unity, more accurate representation, and economic success for multicultural communities.


    Learn more about our measurable and mainstream social impact across the cultural industries.

  • Ventures

    We believe we can transform and elevate communities through cross-cultural unity, more accurate representation, and economic success.


    People progress society. Through a premier Membership program, intimate and intentional experiences, as well as strategic partnerships, we forge greater unity among Asians, Pacific Islanders, and multicultural communities in order to find common ground and essential societal solutions.


    We inspire and transform the public opinion of Asians and Pacific Islanders through ongoing creative projects that uncover and evolve API identity; canonical portrayals that anchor our heritage; and annual distillations of our communitys most impactful leaders for societal celebration.


    We empower Asians & Pacific Islanders to succeed and reach C-Suites and Boardrooms by disrupting systemic barriers through a network of the most promising founders who choose their leadership, capital investments, and a business development accelerator.

  • Membership

    Gold House is the premier collective of pioneering pan-Asian founders, creative voices, and leaders.

    Membership Benefits

    Gold Key, our Membership system, provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive benefits, high net worth collaboration opportunities, and more.

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    Membership is application and referral-based. Members lead at the apex of their industries and are devoted to collaboration.

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    Existing Members may log in to their Gold Key portal to access all experiences, benefits, collaborations, and more.

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    The Gold House movement begins with you. Join us in transforming opportunities for Asians and multicultural communities.


    Make a tax-deductible contribution to sustain our impactful and visible nonprofit work from staffing to operations to programming.

    Career Opportunities

    Co-lead the movement for API socioeconomic equity through full-time opportunities or our Fellowship program.

    Join the Movement

    Stay up-to-date on the movements latest developments or join as we forge opportunities for multicultural communities.

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