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Update: Game has now sold out of its latest allocation of Xbox Series X stock. Well be keeping an eye on the retailer for any stock drops in the future, so stay tuned to TechRadar. 

Looking for that coveted Xbox Series X restock? Good news, youll find some Halo Infinite Edition consoles in stock for pre-order right now at Game. 

Starting at £479.99 for the standalone console, youll also find a selection of bundles that include T-shirts, hats, and controllers - everything you need to show off your love for Master Chief. Options also include the standalone console plus 3-months of Xbox Game Pass for £512.98 - a good option if youd like to forgo the gear and skip right into the action with a vast library of games.

Unfortunately for those looking for a plain-jane console, its all about pre-orders on this fancy new Halo Infinite Edition right now. Its probably worth jumping on this one even if youre not a Halo fanboy as demand doesnt look to let up any time soon. If youd like to wait it out for a normal console, however, head on over to our main Where to buy Xbox Series X page for the latest information.

Xbox Series X restock at Game


Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Edition bundles at Game
Sold out:
Youll have to act quickly if you want to snag one of Games latest Xbox Series X restocks. Available now are standalone Halo Infinite Edition consoles plus a ton of excellent bundles. T-shirts, hats, controllers, and monthly Game Pass subscriptions are all up for grabs so dont hand around.View Deal

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have been in exceptionally high demand since their launch - and its easy to see why. The Xbox Series Xs massive 12 teraflop processor not only allows for native 4K gaming, but its easily capable of pushing 120fps in select titles too. Its safe to say that we were impressed by the sheer power on display and the consoles new features with our Xbox Series X review and its an easy recommendation if youre looking for that true next-gen gaming experience.

Xbox Series X accessory deals

Heres a quick round-up of the latest deals on accessories and controllers near you. If youre lucky to snag yourself an Xbox Series X restock then why not save yourself some cash on some extras.

Where to buy Xbox Series X in the UK

Where to buy Xbox Series S UK


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