Today Gold Rate in Uttarakhand is Rs. 47,146.00 per 10 grams for 24 Karat
(10 grams = 1 tola gold)

Rs. 47,146.00

( 24 Karat, 10 grams )

24 Karat, 10 grams

Gold Price for Today Rs. 47,146.00

Gold Price for Yesterday Rs. 47,272.00

22 Karat, 10 grams

Gold Price for Today Rs. 46,145.00

Gold Price for Yesterday Rs. 46,269.00

Updated: 25-09-2020 13:56:27 PM

Gold acts as a hedge against inflation which is why a lot of people invest in gold when the economy is in turmoil. It is a highly liquid asset as well, allowing you to readily convert it into cash. You can invest in either physical or digital gold. Details on gold rate in Uttarakhand are given below.

Trend of Gold Rate in Uttarakhand for last 10 days

Date24 Karat Gold Rs / 10 gm22 Karat Gold Rs / 10 gm

31st August 2021 Rs. 47,146.00 Rs. 46,145.00

30th August 2021 Rs. 47,272.00 Rs. 46,269.00

29th August 2021 Rs. 47,272.00 Rs. 46,269.00

28th August 2021 Rs. 47,252.00 Rs. 46,269.00

27th August 2021 Rs. 47,308.00 Rs. 46,323.00

26th August 2021 Rs. 47,336.00 Rs. 46,351.00

25th August 2021 Rs. 47,504.00 Rs. 46,520.00

24th August 2021 Rs. 47,056.00 Rs. 46,082.00

23rd August 2021 Rs. 47,084.00 Rs. 46,113.00

22nd August 2021 Rs. 47,084.00 Rs. 46,113.00

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How is the Gold Rate in Uttarakhand decided?

International gold prices affect Gold Rate in Uttarakhand, like the rest of India. The international price is a derivative of London Over-the-Counter (OTC) spot gold market trading and COMEX gold futures trading.

Gold Rate in Uttarakhand and other cities is dependent on excise duty, state taxes, and other local taxes.

GST on Buying Gold in Uttarakhand

GST RateCharged on
3%Gold articles (jewelry & bullions)
5%Jewelry making charges*

* This amount is borne by the jeweler. Eventually the consumer will have to pay the amount upon purchase.

Click here to know more about Goods & Service Tax (GST) as applicable on Gold.

Last 4 Months Trend of Gold Rate in Uttarakhand

Gold Price Trend in July 2021
Trend24 Karat Gold (Rs/10gm)
Rate on 01-July-202147,358.00
Rate on 31-July-202148,296.00
Highest Rate48,320.00
Lowest Rate47,358.00
Month PerformanceDecline
% Change-1.98 %
Gold Price Trend in July 2021
Trend24 Karat Gold (Rs/10gm)
Rate on 01-July-202147,358.00
Rate on 31-July-202148,296.00
Highest Rate48,320.00
Lowest Rate47,358.00
Month PerformanceDecline
% Change-1.98 %
Gold Price Trend in May 2021
Trend24 Karat Gold (Rs/10gm)
Rate on 01-May-202147,165.00
Rate on 31-May-202147,165.00
Highest Rate47,165.00
Lowest Rate47,165.00
Month PerformanceRising
% Change0.00 %
Gold Price Trend in May 2021
Trend24 Karat Gold (Rs/10gm)
Rate on 01-May-202147,165.00
Rate on 31-May-202147,165.00
Highest Rate47,165.00
Lowest Rate47,165.00
Month PerformanceRising
% Change0.00 %

Factors That Affect Gold Prices in Uttarakhand

Top factors that affect gold rate in Uttarakhand are:

International Gold Price – The Gold rate in Uttarakhand has a direct relationship with international gold rate. Thus, when international gold prices rise, the gold rate in Uttarakhand will rise as well.

Strength of American Currency – Internationally, Gold is traded in US Dollars and bears an inverse relationship to it. When the US dollar weakens the international gold rate increases. This occurs because a weakened dollar strengthens other countries’ currency. This increased strength let them buy more gold which in turn drives up the demand. The increased demand increases the rate of the gold. Thus we can see that the gold rate has an inverse relationship to US Dollar.

Strength of Indian Currency – India has to import gold to meet its demand. Now, when Indian rupee weakens Indians will be able to buy less gold for the same amount of money. This will result in increased gold rate in India.

Demand and Supply – Gold’s supply is limited. Thus, its rate is dependent on the demand. Whenever its demand lessens, it becomes cheaper and vice-versa.

Monsoon – More than 50% of gold that is bought in India is bought in rural areas. Their source of income is dependent on agriculture. Now, for a good harvest these people are dependent on monsoon. Thus, in times of good monsoon rural people buy more gold increasing its demand which drives up its price. During a bad monsoon rural people sell their gold which lowers the metal’s demand and reduces the gold rate in Uttarakhand and other states.

Geopolitical Factors – Gold rates in Uttarakhand and elsewhere go up in times of political turmoil. This is because people hoard gold as it provides protection to their money against market risks.

Things to Consider before buying Gold in Uttarakhand

Purity – Pure gold holds more value and is much more liquid than gold alloy. Thus, for investment purposes buy 24K gold bullions.

Hallmark – BIS Hallmarked jewelry items are costlier than non-hallmarked items. This is because Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) marks the purity of gold on the article.

Making Charges – Ensure that you are not being over-charged.

Weight of the Article – Verify the weight of the article before paying for it.

Invoice – Invoices also known as receipts contain all the important information about your gold article. They can be especially useful if you start a legal proceeding.

Compare Gold Rate in Uttarakhand – 22 Karat vs 24 Karat

The purity of gold article is marked in Karats. In this system the article’s gold composition is divided into 24 parts. Pure gold is demarcated as 24 K gold.

22 K gold means that out of 24 parts 22 are of pure gold and the rest are a different metal.

24 Karat Gold (24 K) is much more expensive than 22 Karat Gold (22 K). Gold Jewelry is made from 22 K gold or lower.

Gold Investment Options in Uttarakhand

The various ways to invest in gold in Uttarakhand are:

Gold Coins & Bars

If you want to invest in physical gold, we suggest you buy gold bullions (coins, ingots, bricks, etc.). You can buy them from banks, e-retailers, jewelers, Stock Holding Corporation of India, MMTC (Metals and Minerals Trading Corporation of India) or NBFCs. You can purchase gold as light as 0.5 gram.

Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Gold ETFs let you trade in the actual value of gold. 1 Gold ETF unit is equivalent to 1 gram of pure gold. Gold ETFs are traded in cash and not in physical gold. The advantage Gold ETFs offer is that you get to trade it at the same rate all over India.

Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs)

SGBs are a form of government securities where you don’t have to store the gold that you bought. Instead, you deal in cash. These bonds are issued by the Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the Government of India.

The advantages that SGBs provide are:

  • No risk typically associated with storage of gold
  • You get the market value of gold upon maturity
  • Records are maintained by RBI or in demat form which eliminates the risk inherent in maintaining scrip

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are liquid assets?

All assets that can be readily converted into cash, including cash are termed liquid asset. Also, liquid assets rarely lose value when they are sold.

Q. Can gold rates differ in the same State?

Yes, you can be charged a different rate within a state. This can occur when you buy gold from a local jeweler or a big brand like Tanishq, PC Jeweler, and so on. Other factors like making /wastage charges also can be different at different shops. Big brands usually charge the gold rate prevalent in the city where their headquarters is situated in. In this scenario, you will be charged a rate that is of another city.

Q. Which is better as a gold investment, Jewelry or Coin?

If you are considering investing in physical gold then buy gold bullions (coins, bricks, ingots, etc.). This is because pure gold is more liquid than jewelry or gold alloys.

We don’t suggest you buy jewelry to invest in gold. This is because jewelry is rarely made from pure gold and you don’t recover money spent on wastage and making charges.

Q. What is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is a form of investment that allows you to invest in actual gold without having to store it. Here the bank or company takes the onus of storing and securing the gold. You do have the freedom to trade it whenever you want.

Q. Can my kids, who are minors, invest in SGB?

No, only adults can invest in SGBs on behalf of minors.

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