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Good wages. Hours are good for home life balance . Good benefits besides the wages , not under any pressure not rushing about, good job security, well as much as anywhere.

Good temporary work

I worked as a Christmas casual sorting mail. It was well paid for easy manual labour. The only downside was there wasnt full time hours. It was a good job for a month.

Very busy indeed over Christmas.

I only worked for the Royal Mail over the Christmas period on a temporary basis + worked for Anguard agency afterwards.Arriving at work and signing in and told were I would be working.Sorting post parcels letters correctly in post codes.Management okay if you had a problem.Culture okay people generally up beat.Standing for long periods. lifting etc with anguardGoing home breaks etc.


Working for Royal Mail inside the sorting office.


Very busy indeed over Christmas temporary only

Good place to work when youre out delivering.

Wasnt a fan of the indoor time. Loved working outside. Overtime pay is barely more than your normal hourly wage. Some bullying in the office, and attitudes from the 70s/80s.Although I felt my immediate manager cared, I feel above that we were just company assets that could be replaced.


Work outside, holidays, pension.


Upper management, Union and indoor working environment.

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Outdoors work.

Great once youre out of the sorting office. I love walking, but pushing / pulling the trollies for 10 to 12 miles hurts my back. Shame though, would be okay otherwise.


Outdoors, peace, fresh air.


Rain, repetitive routes, heavy trollies.

Best advice for anyone considering working for Royal mail - dont.

Royal mail was once a company highly regarded as a true public service; this has been absolutely trashed by privatisation. Cutbacks everywhere; except where most needed (as this would affect those higher up the chain). No regard for providing a service - profit driven is an understatement.No care for staff - you are (at best) an easily replaceable pawn on a colossal chess board.No reward for hard work (the harder you work, the more you do, the more you get given to do - for the same wage as those half-a55ing it all day).Overtime? Plenty of it! Getting paid for it? Thats another story.Remember high school? Its basically the same. B1tching, moaning, cliques and favouritism are all the rage at Royal Mail. Where one staff member is given written warning for a moustache hair being in the yard without donning a high vis... another will be fully exonerated from a hit and run.Say goodbye to restful nights sleep.Say goodbye to a social life.Get ready to welcome life as a highly depressed, overworked, under-appreciated, sleep deprived zombie.


You will learn the value of happiness (through fond memories of prior employment)


Please see above. This box wont give me a high enough character limit.

Good bunch overall

● Work-life balancefinish work normally by 15.00 can be earlier though● Pay & benefitspaid well for hours worked● Job security and advancementat interview told lots overtime but when working none available. If you go over it does mostly get paid● Managementmanagement were overall good. Even though there seemed to be lots of different managers● Culturekeep getting moved from round to round expected to learn lots of different routes and remember them● Overallnot what I was expecting as job being moved around every couple of weeks and then being put back on a route you had done weeks before and be fast at doing it because you were shown it. Having to prep your bags in morning is an experience to get used to

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a very pleasant job

It is a very demanding job, especially around the winter holidays, which requires more focus on details but can also bring you a lot of financial satisfaction. Salaries are paid weekly and are very correct.

Great hours, good pay, poor career prospects

This job is a great choice for many but it all depends on your priorities in life. If you have kids and want to work around school hours, its brilliant. If you want to work your way up the ladder, not so much. Youll be waiting years to earn potentially less than you do as a postie as you can put in overtime hours to top up your wages. For the work and hours youre doing, youre paid well.


Pay per hour, early finish times


Working every saturday, no career prospects

In any circumstances dont laugh

Worked here for not even 1 week albeit was told to just turn up every day by 1 person n told by another person that i would be informed daily to come in when required.bit of favouritism going on given the amount of names on the log sheet (west Belfast). Anyway they not bother ringing me as there enough head.


Hand sanitizer, latex gloves, face masks 😂 also the vending machine does a great coffee for 60p.


Nobody cares about mental health issues unfortunately thats the bottom line

can be busy occasionally

royal mail work is quiet interesting and could be so busy somethimes when you have mails delivered to your sorting centers later than expected and all task still needs to be done regardless to assure mail delivery at the appropriate time

Great investor in people

A great business that really do put their people first. A rare occurrence in other business. Although the staff like to maon, their is a great sense of teamworking and a passion to succeed.

Awful! Mangers poor, full timers moan, part timers poorly treated.

What an awful company to work for, managers awful, long standing full time employee’s moan and never go the extra mile. Part timers are preyed on by management to routinely work the extra hours, without wanting too. Company processes and technology (they have none apart from a PDA, that is awful) are so prehistoric, Royal Mail seriously need to catch up with all their processes. The vehicles are disgusting, health hazards and potentially un roadworthy. It feels like working for a company 10-15 years ago. Management staff welfare is non existent,...get out the door with the Mail, that’s it, then they don’t care. All the managers are failed posties, the old timers say. As others have said, don’t do it, good hourly rate, but worst job experience I have had. Don’t get onto the left wing rhetoric within the workplace and from the unions. Deluded 70-80’s workplace mentality.

working for Royal Mail has been one of my best jobs I did as they pay good amount and easy to do overtime and work finished early. negative was the management was unorganised

Royal Mail

Great place to work until 5yrs ago when they sold it now its dying and not being run properly. A shame for such a great old company but I feel its time to take on a new role now.

busy environment no socialising

In my years at Royal mail the job has change to a more parcel and packets company, but the expectation royal mail have of you, have not changed they expect the same delivery rate as if you were delivering a letter, which is impossible when the future is more packets and parcels witch will hold you up, so dont book any dentist appointments for up to 2 hrs after your expected finish time and dont expect to finish early! Those days have gone and expect to have managers bully you to get the job done, after all if you dont do it they have to. Its a great job if you dont mind the physical walking up to 12 miles+ a day if you are young or a student. But NOT a CAREER. There turnover is high for part timers and the full timers have it much easier, witch is not fair.


unexpected hrs overworked and bullying

Dont do it !!

Shocking management culture, bullying and intimidation. Externally recruited managers never done a delivery, but still tell you how to work. Staff treated like school children. No customer service anymore. You are tracked by means of your PDA, and timed to see how long youre stationary, not allowed to chat to your customers anymore, Left after over 20 years.


Managers dont listen to any concerns you might have.

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