Gold Price In Bangladesh

Gold price in Bangladesh is for those looking at the gold price in BD and gold rate in Bangladesh.  Every person wants to know the live price of gold before buying. from this website, you can learn about the gold and silver price in BD from the updated source. Gold is a very popular metal in the world for jewelry and making ornaments. The live price of gold is fluctuating every second in the world market. Live market price and local market price may differ because of various reasons.  Sometimes the price of gold is increased for VAT and tax according to every country’s rules and regulations.

If you’re looking for gold price in Bangladesh then this website is perfect for you.  from this website you will get updated information about the gold prices. If you want to monitor the price of this commodity you can follow our website regularly.  We published the gold price in Bangladeshi Taka.  so you can get the rate of gold price BD. 

Gold Price In Bangladesh Today

Gold Karat


Gold Price In Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)

22 Karat

1 Gram

6230 BDT

21 Karat

1 Gram

5960 BDT

18 Karat

1 Gram

5210 BDT

Traditional Method Gold

1 Gram

4325 BDT

How To Determined The Gold Price In BD 

The Origin Of Gold

Gold was first discovered in the form of bright yellow nuggets. “Gold is where it is,” they say, and gold was first discovered naturally in waterways around the world. It was without a doubt the first known metal of the first hominids.

Gold has become a part of all human cultures. Its brilliance, natural beauty, and luster, along with its high malleability and tarnish resistance, made working and playing enjoyable.

Gold Rate In Bangladesh ( Historical Price)


18k Gold Price In  Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)

21k Gold Price In  Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)

22k Gold Price In  Bangladeshi Taka (BDT)


5210 BDT

5960 BDT

6230 BDT


5325 BDT

6060 BDT

6330 BDT


5525 BDT

6275 BDT

6545 BDT


5325 BDT

6075 BDT

6345 BDT


5535 BDT

6285 BDT

6555 BDT


5325 BDT

6075 BDT

6345 BDT


5175 BDT

5925 BDT

6195 BDT


5300 BDT

6050 BDT

6320 BDT


5600 BDT

6350 BDT

6620 BDT


5220 BDT

5970 BDT

6240 BDT


4970 BDT

5720 BDT

5990 BDT


4870 BDT

5300 BDT

5500 BDT


4545 BDT

4975 BDT

5175 BDT


4645 BDT

5075 BDT

5275 BDT


4545 BDT

4975 BDT

5175 BDT

Where does the gold come from?

Because gold is so prevalent in the geological world, its discovery took place in many different groups in many different places. And almost everyone who met them was in awe, as was the developing culture they lived in.

Gold was the first known metal of our species. When we think of the historical advancement of technology, we regard the development of the iron and copper workforce as the greatest contribution to the economic and cultural progress of our species, but gold came first.

Gold is the easiest metal to work with. It occurs in a practically pure and viable state, while most of the other metals are found in mineral bodies that have difficulty in melting. The earliest uses of gold were undoubtedly decorative, and its luster and durability (neither corrosive nor tarnished) linked it to deities and kings of early civilizations.

Gold has always been a solid material. We lost the oldest history of human interaction with gold long ago, but its connection to gods, immortality, and wealth itself is common in many cultures across the world.

When was gold first discovered in the world?

The Gold was discovered in California, United States. A lot of people in California thought there was gold there, but it was James W. Marshall on January 24, 1848. Who saw something shiny and bright in Sutter Creek near Coloma, California United States. He had unexpectedly discovered gold while overseeing the construction of a sawmill on the United States River.

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