Money should not be a taboo topic!

Transparency pays – we are convinced of it! But in spite of the fact that many firms have had positive experiences with transparent salary structures, transparency still represents a daring venture for most people. Even among employees, talking about salaries is often a bigger taboo than sexual orientation. 41 percent of Germans do not even know what their partners earn.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Sweden, for instance, is well versed in transparency, in that each individual’s tax return is published online. Anyone can look up other people’s earnings and capital income. In Germany, start-ups such as Einhorn Products are praised for their radical approach to pay transparency and participatory management, and its success shows that this manufacturer of vegan condoms is right to do so. The American company Buffer has gone the way of the Swedes, making employee salaries transparent by publishing them online.  The salary formula of the social media management platform is just a few clicks away.

Big ambitions? We are making a start!

The FPI puts its money where its mouth is in that we pursue new directions in all aspects of work, experiment, and make use of opportunities offered by the digital world. We have flexible working hours, the ability to work from home and from various locations. And whilst the new full-time hours are still under discussion in Berlin, we are forging ahead with our own model. At the FPI, a full-time position corresponds to a 32-hour week. In other words, a 40-hour workweek would be a 125 percent position. The models of working hours are flexible and oriented towards the capabilities, needs, and wishes of all colleagues. As a result, all FPI agents currently work different hours. Another aspect of the new full-time model is that management roles can also be carried out under 40 hours a week.

Admittedly, we are a small team, which makes some things simpler. But if this model functions on a small scale, it may work for larger entities as well. After all, someone has to take the first step!

What do FPI agents earn?

You are welcome to calculate what an FPI agent earns with the FPI salary formula. The determining factors for the level of salary are relevant professional experience, project-based work experience, and whether the position in question is a managerial one. The basic salary is matched to double the minimum wage, which corresponds to earnings at the level of a senior civil servant. As mentioned above, one feature that is unique to FPI is that full-time positions are always 32 hours a week, so part-time would be 16 hours, and 40 hours a week would be at 125 percent.

To take a few examples: someone who joins us as a full-time Junior Agent with no managerial responsibility would start out with a gross salary of 2,400 euros a month. An Assistant working 38 hours a week would earn 2,850 euros, whilst a Senior Agent with the same workweek, and with managerial and budgeting responsibility, would earn 3,708 euros.

You can try it for yourself here:

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