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We concentrate on 13 investment strategies across equity, balanced, and fixed income asset classes to meet a variety of investment needs. Our funds offer no-load investingno sales or trailing commissions, no set-up fees, and no purchase, transfer, or redemption fees.


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We offer a number of ways to invest with us based on the amount of advice you desire and your level of investment.

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Build a diverse portfolio with Mawer Mutual Funds or assess whether your current retirement plan will help keep you on track.

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Our founder Charles Mawer had a single mantra—“do the right thing”—for clients, employees, and the community. His unrivalled integrity continues to guide us today.

Intensifying regulatory risk in China | EP92

The Art of Boring

Aug 23, 2021

A real time risk management discussion addressing the increasing regulatory pressures currently impacting a wide range of businesses in China.


Playing the plan: Mawer’s Canadian small cap portfolio | EP91

The Art of Boring

Aug 11, 2021

The tremendous IPO activity led by tech companies; our evaluation process for a company prior to it becoming public; and recent matrix meeting outcomes for the portfolio.


Playing the plan: Mawer’s emerging markets equity portfolio | EP90

The Art of Boring

Jul 28, 2021

Philip Fisher’s continuous relevance; determining fair value ranges for blitzscalers; and potentially overlooked opportunities in Russia and Kazakhstan.


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