What is the value of having a Pre-Seed Fund invest in your startup?

Pre-seed funds have exploded in popularity. We’ll list out some of the most active and best pre-seed funds below. But, first, does your startup need one when you first start raising outside capital?

It turns out that pre-seed funds are filling a really important niche in the market. These firms actually help increase the velocity of the earliest stages of venture capital. Greasing the wheels of Silicon Valley, in a way. 

The first thing that pre-seed funds do is they set the terms and actually price a deal at the really early stage. This is incredibly valuable, because angel investors feel so much more comfortable coming into the deal and following a named institutional pre-seed VC fund. 

And so, one of the core services a pre-seed fund is doing is just giving you a term sheet  that sets the terms of the deal (such as the security type SAFE vs convert vs preferred, valuation, etc.). You can use them as the anchor investor, and use those terms to fill out the rest of the round. This is probably the most valuable thing they do. 

The next thing that a pre-seed fund will do, is that they get you thinking like a VC-backed company. It’s a huge shift from being bootstrapped or just a super scrappy, three ladies in a garage type of startup. When you take professional money, you have to start professinalizing in a way that helps the company and that helps you be prepared for your next round of financing. Professional financials, real board meetings, producing KPIs and metrics… The pre-seed fund really helps you make that shift. And they do it kind of in a lower stakes environment than trying to do that after you’ve taken a 20 million dollar round and learning on the fly. 

Another benefit is with recruiting. A well-known pre-seed fund can recruiting so much easier for you, because you have some incredible logos. Then you can put on your website that people recognize. And when employees are taking a job at your company, they’re really betting their capital, like their time. They’re gonna be working for you and spending a lot of time on your company. And so, knowing that some bigger players, some institutional players are behind you really makes recruiting a lot easier. 

It’s the same thing with customers, which is the next benefit of taking an investment from a pre-seed group. Small customers probably don’t really care who the backers are. But, when they’re signing a multi hundred thousand dollar or a multimillion dollar deal with your startup, it really helps to have some institutional VCs that they can reference, that are on your website, and that they have confidence that will help get the company funded. If they’re signing up to use your service, they don’t want it to go away in six months because you ran out of money. This helps make your sales process easier.

Another huge benefit of pre-seed funds is that seed and Series A funds follow the best pre-seed investors like crazy. Leading seed and Series A investors want to see the deals that come out of the good pre-seed investors’ portfolios. The next stage of investors are going to trust the general partners of the pre-seed fund. Their reputations and contacts will make the next round of financing so much easier.

And the final big value-add from pre-seed funds is their LP-base. Now, LPs are investors in the funds. The investors in the pre-seed fund tend to invest in a lot of other kinds of funds including seed and Series A funds. It’s very common for positive word of mouth to start circulating on a company that they have seen in great updates to the LPs or even better at the Annual Investor Update Meeting. If you get to present to the LPs that’s really really valuable. You’ll have positive buzz. The LPs will probably mention your company to the Series A funds that they invest in. Again, valuable introductions.

These are some of the big benefits you get out of raising from a quality pre-seed fund.

So who are the best pre-seed funds? 

Best Pre-Seed Venture Capital Funds

We are labeling these “venture capital funds” since they function as VC funds - a partnership raises capital from outside investors (“LPs”), and typically charges those investors the same rates that VCs charge their LPs. This list is based on the investors we see actively investing in the clients that we service.

  • Pear.vc
  • Precursor
  • First Round Capital
  • Susa Ventures
  • Alumni Ventures (and their affiliated, school-focused funds)
  • Slow Ventures
  • Initialized Capital
  • Notation Capital
  • K9 Ventures
  • Founder Collective
  • Maven Ventures
  • Start Fund
  • SOSV
  • Right Side Capital
  • Village Global

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