Updated on - 01 Sep 2021

Today’s LPG price in Mumbai stands at Rs.859.50 for a cylinder weighing 14.2 kg. This includes all the central and state taxes. Today’s LPG price in Mumbai stands at Rs.859.50 for a cylinder weighing 14.2 kg. The price is similar for subsidized and non-subsidized LPG gas cylinders. These rates are revised every month by the Government of India.

LPG Price today in Mumbai

Today’s Price Rs.859.50/14.2 kg
Todays LPG Price with Subsidy Rs.859.50/14.2 kg
Highest in FY 2021 Rs.859.50/14.2 kg in August 2021
Lowest in FY 2021 Rs.809.00/14.2 kg in April, May, and June 2021

The price of LPG is connected to the exchange rate of the rupee and the US dollar as well as LPG’s international benchmark rate. Every family is entitled to 12 cylinders per year at subsidised rate, following which they would have to buy the cylinders at the market price.

LPG Price Fluctuation in Mumbai

August 2021 Rs.859.50
July 2021 Rs.834.50
June 2021 Rs.809.00
May 2021 Rs.809.00
April 2021 Rs.809.00
March 2021 Rs.819.00
February 2021 Rs.769.00
January 2021 Rs.694.00
December 2020 Rs.694.00
November 2020 Rs.594.00
October 2020 Rs.594.00
September 2020 Rs.594.00

Top LPG Gas Connection Providers

Here are the major domestic and commercial LPG providers in the city of Mumbai:

  • Super Gas: Super Gas belongs to SHV India which is a 100% subsidiary of SHV Energy NV, the world’s largest LPG company and a part of a Dutch multinational firm. It is India’s first and only private LPG company that is spread across the country India.
  • Bharat Gas: Bharat Gas is a part of Bharat Petroleum which fuels more than 40 million homes across India. It has as seamless distribution network across Mumbai, ensuring timely and hassle-free delivery of gas.
  • Indane Gas: Indane Gas has been distributing LPG gas in India since the 1960s and now delivers to more than 11 crore households across the country. In Mumbai, it has wide distribution network that ensures timely delivery at all times.

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