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LG LK72 Multimedia Speakers which is specially tuned for Indian consumers, comes with Complete sound , Connectivity & aesthetics that blend well into any environment. With Bass Blast + enjoy deeper and clear sound while maintaining its Powerful sound output. Product quality cannot be compared as it looks more premium.

Bass Blast+

Advanced EQ, Bass Blast+

Deeper bass and clearer vocals are made possible with Bass Blast+. It features advanced EQ for perfect, customized sound.

Advanced Advanced

  • Bass Blast+ is the new, advanced version of Bass Blast. It increases bass and treble clarity while maintaining powerful sound output.


Wireless1 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/02_LK72B_Wireless_Audio_D.jpg> Wireless2 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/02_LK72B_Wireless_Audio_M.jpg>

Wireless Audio Streaming via Bluetooth

Easily connect your mobile devices via Bluetooth and enjoy your favorite music using the LG XBOOM LK72B.

Specially1 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/03_LK72B_Specially_Designed_D.jpg> Specially2 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/03_LK72B_Specially_Designed_M.jpg>

Specially Designed Remote Control

You can separately control the bass level of the music for a personalized listening experience.

FM1 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/04_LK72B_FM_Radio_D.jpg> FM2 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/04_LK72B_FM_Radio_M.jpg>

FM Radio Playback

Tune in to any FM radio station to listen your favorite radio shows and music.

Port.1 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/05_LK72B_Portable_In_D.jpg> Port.2 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/05_LK72B_Portable_In_M.jpg>

Port. In/Aux In

Easily connect your PC, laptop, tablet, game console or mobile phone to LG XBOOM LK72B via Port. In and Aux In.

USB1 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/06_LK72B_USB_SD_Card_D.jpg> USB2 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/06_LK72B_USB_SD_Card_Mobile.jpg>

USB & SD Card Playback

Just plug a USB memory drive or SD Card loaded with music into your LG XBOOM LK72B speaker system to enjoy your favorite music.

Wall1 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/07_LK72B_Wall_mountable_D_v1.jpg> Wall2 src=https://www.lg.com/in/images/AV/features/07_LK72B_Wall_mountable_M.jpg>

Wall Mountable

LG XBOOM LK72B satellite speakers can easily be mounted on the wall, saving space and making them an integral part of your TV.

*The products require wired connection.

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