Digital Register Book, Create Tables on your phone and easily share on WhatsApp. Excel for India. Useful for small businesses, freelancers, teachers, restaurants etc.

Best and Free app to create table notes / table documents on mobile. Replace your register / notebook with a digital register. Register Book is useful for small businesses, freelancers, teachers, restaurants and anyone else who wants the ease of creating tabular notes / documents on their phone. Create table documents / table notes in Hindi, Gujrati, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali or English. App can be used to replace all kind of registers / table notes such as:

Stock Register
Attendance Register
Cashbook Register
Library Register
Visitor Register
Salary Register
Patient Register
Vehicle Logbook
Hotel Register
Fees Record Register
Inventory Register
Payment Register
Daily spend Register
Student Marks Register and many more.

Forget about keeping many notebook / register for different kinds of table notes or using excel on your laptop, Register Book is super easy, convenient and productive. The Register book app can be used to create any kind of document where you need columns and rows. Use the Register book app to create any Table Document / Table Notes that you may need.

The document can be easily shared on WhatsApp or take a print out, no need to click a picture and fill your gallery with tons of page images.

You can add formulas in a column using a simple calculator like interface which will auto calculate the value for you like price= cost x quantity. If you need to get the total of any column, just select show total from the column menu and the total will be automatically calculated for you and it will keep updating automatically even if you add a new row or delete, edit an existing row.

Register Book app is proudly made in India. Its totally free and does not show any kind of advertisement which can distract you from working.

Why should you use the Register Book?

-100% Free Register / Table notes app, no monthly or one time fees, and no advertisement. Its completely free to use the Register Book app.

Use Voice, to quickly add data, we will auto convert it to text.

No Limit, create as many files/notes as you need, add as much data as you want.

Easy to use, simple and intuitive user interface for easy navigation.

No need to learn excel or need for a laptop to create neat and clean digital documents.

100% safe, secure and reliable. All the data is accessed by only you and no one else. Everything is securely backed-up on cloud so that you dont have to worry about your data.

Go Digital, replace pen, paper and calculator with Register Book App.

Easily share on WhatsApp. No need to click pictures of pages and fill your gallery with unwanted pictures. Share your document to WhatsApp directly from the Register Book app.

Full of features, the app is regularly updated to give you the best features and experience

Save your most-used document as a template and quickly create a new document with all the columns and formulas already created.

24/7 phone support, if you are stuck anywhere or request a new feature, reach out to us using the help button from the Register Book app.

How to start using the Register Book app?
- Choose your convenient language - Register Book is Available in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Gujrati, English
- Create a file and start adding rows and columns as per your requirements
- You can also create files using our templates for various use cases.
- Share on WhatsApp with anyone.
- Save the file as a template so that you dont need to add columns next time if you want to create a similar file.
- Log in using your phone number to sync across multiple devices.

If you have any bugs to report or have questions regarding your first experience, please WhatsApp us at 9636012926

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