Updated on - 31 Aug 2021

In Patna, the price of an LPG gas cylinder weighting 14.2kg is Rs.958.00. The rate was up by Rs.25.00 when compared to the previous month’s price. It must be noted here that the rates are revised every month by the state-run Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs).

Today’s LPG Price in Patna, Bihar

Today’s Price Rs.958.00 for a 14.2 kg cylinder
Today’s LPG Price with Subsidy Rs.958.00 for 14.2 kg cylinder
Highest in FY21 Rs.958.00 in August 2021
Lowest in FY21 Rs.907.50 in April, May, and June 2021

The price for LPG cylinders is dependent on international benchmark rate and the exchange rate of rupee against the US dollar. In a year, you can purchase 12 LPG cylinders at subsidised rate. Every cylinder above that has to be bought at the non-subsidised price.

LPG Price Fluctuation in Patna

Month Price (14.2 kg LPG cylinder)
August 2021 Rs.958.00
July 2021 Rs.924.50
June 2021 Rs.907.50
May 2021 Rs.907.50
April 2021 Rs.907.50
March 2021 Rs.917.50
February 2021 Rs.867.50
January 2021 Rs.792.50
December 2020 Rs.792.50
November 2020 Rs.692.50
October 2020 Rs.692.50
September 2020 Rs.692.50

Top LPG Gas Connection Providers in Patna

  • Indane Gas: Indane Gas which is a subsidiary of Indian Oil is the top provider of LPG in the city of Patna. The petroleum and gas provider manufactures LPG cylinders of two weights, 14.2 kg and 5kg which are for domestic and household purposes. The company also provides gas cylinders for industrial purposes which are of higher capacity.
  • Hindustan Petroleum: Hindustan Petroleum is also among the top providers of gas in the country having 48 bottling plants spread across the country. HP Gas is the subsidiary of Hindustan Petroleum which provides LPG to houses all over the country and is considered a top choice among various providers of gas in the country.
  • Bharat Petroleum: Bharat Petroleum is among the largest gas providers in the country. They also provide gas cylinders to the city of Patna. The provider offers two types of gas cylinders, domestic and industrial. The 14.2 kg cylinder and the 5 kg cylinder is used for domestic and household purposed along with 19kg, 35kg and 42.5kg for industrial purposes. Bharat Gas,  is a subsidiary of Bharat Petroleum and is among the most trusted companies providing LPG cylinders and services all over the country.

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