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Top US Tech 100 risers

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Top US Tech 100 risers

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Details for US Tech 100 Cash ($100) -


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Minimum size 0.50

Contract size USD 100

One Pip means 1 Index Point

Value of one Pip USD 100

Margin 0.5%

Minimum stop distance 4

Minimum guaranteed stop distance 10


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Your aggregate position in this market will be margined in the following tiers:

Tier Position size Margin
1 0 - 2 Contracts 0.5%
2 2 - 20 Contracts 1%
3 20 - 30 Contracts 3%
4 30 + Contracts 15%

If your aggregate position is larger than Tier 1, your margin requirement will not be reduced by non-guaranteed stops.

Please note: we have tried to ensure that the information here is as accurate as possible, but it is intended for guidance only and any errors will not be binding on us.

Special info

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Can be nominated (by phone) to expire at the official closing price of the NASDAQ 100, subject to our acceptance.

Fixed spreads on most indices

This is calculated to the nearest 1%.

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