Room 306 video goes viral on social media, raise concerns of rape

There is a video circulating on social media of an alleged bonking inside room 306 and room 402 of an unidentified hotel.

The video was allegedly recorded somewhere in Africa in a hotel room.

Some people also believe the video was edited and the incident never existed.

The lady is heard begging the man for mercy but the man did not stop pounding her.

Other social media users have raised concerns that it could have been a rape incident from the violent nature of the audio.

The video is trending on Twitter.

Here are some of the comments about #Room306 and #room402 videos:

Okay we have moved from room 306 we are in room 402 right now

If your girlfriend is called Linda and she is fair, slim with cute ass, short hair and she stays at Mallam, Pls come to Room 306 because I cannot explain what I’m hearing

Allow people living in Room 306 have their peace but you think you have right

The sound that’s coming from room 306 dier am not sure even MOG or Killbeatz can produce that sounds

The guy in that Room 306 Video said they actually met on twitter.

No mater what a child does to you, using a belt on her is very wrong. What this father is doing to his daughter in Room 306 is not it, I don’t support domestic violence.

The videos have also been dismissed as fake as they appear to have been edited. More of such videos are appearing on the internet.

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Room 306 video goes viral on social media, raise concerns of rape

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