Ken © Greg Nash Texas attorney general under investigation by FBI: report

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) is under investigation by the FBI over allegations of bribery and abuse of office in an effort to help a real estate developer and wealthy donor, two unidentified sources told The Associated Press.

Multiple former members of Paxtons staff have accused him of using his office to benefit Nate Paul, the AP notes. Four former staff members filed a whistleblower suit against Paxton, saying they reported the state official because he hired an outside lawyer to investigate Pauls allegations that the FBI improperly raided his home and offices last year.

Since reporting Paxton, each of those staff members have either been fired, resigned or placed on leave. The whistleblowers who filed the suit last week said they were subject to retaliation by Paxton.

Paxton, however, told the Austin American-Statesman on Tuesday that after reviewing the claims made by former employees of this office, their allegations are overblown, based upon assumptions, and to a large degree misrepresent the facts.

Its unclear how far the FBIs investigation has progressed, according to the AP. A spokesperson for the bureau declined to comment to the news service.

Philip Hidler, a criminal defense attorney for Paxton, also declined to comment to the AP. The Hill has reached out to Paxtons office for comment.

The full extent of Paxtons connection with Paul is still unclear, the AP notes. Paul reportedly donated $25,000 to Paxtons reelection campaign in 2018 and recently said in a deposition that Paxton recommended a woman to work for him.

Two anonymous sources previously told the AP that Paxton admitted to having an affair with the woman. Paxtons office reportedly did not respond to a request for comment at the time that claim was made.

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