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Russell 2000 index Index Components (Stocks) Listing

Russell 2000 index
The Russell 2000 index comprises the 2,000 smallest companies of the Russell 3000 index. These 2000 companies represent about 8% of the total market capitalization of the Russell 3000 index.

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AAXNAAXN ProfileAAXN Analysis
ACAACA ProfileACA Analysis
AFINAFIN ProfileAFIN Analysis
AGSAGS ProfileAGS Analysis
AKCAAKCA ProfileAKCA Analysis
AKTSAKTS ProfileAKTS Analysis
ALECALEC ProfileALEC Analysis
ALLKALLK ProfileALLK Analysis
ALLOALLO ProfileALLO Analysis
ALTMALTM ProfileALTM Analysis
AMALAMAL ProfileAMAL Analysis
AMRXAMRX ProfileAMRX Analysis
AMTBAMTB ProfileAMTB Analysis
APLSAPLS ProfileAPLS Analysis
APPNAPPN ProfileAPPN Analysis
APYXAPYX ProfileAPYX Analysis
AQUAAQUA ProfileAQUA Analysis
ARCHARCH ProfileARCH Analysis
ARGOARGO ProfileARGO Analysis
ARLOARLO ProfileARLO Analysis
ARVNARVN ProfileARVN Analysis
ASRTASRT ProfileASRT Analysis
ATEXATEX ProfileATEX Analysis
ATGEATGE ProfileATGE Analysis
ATNXATNX ProfileATNX Analysis
AUBAUB ProfileAUB Analysis
AVCOAVCO ProfileAVCO Analysis
AVDRAVDR ProfileAVDR Analysis
AVNSAVNS ProfileAVNS Analysis
AVROAVRO ProfileAVRO Analysis
AVYAAVYA ProfileAVYA Analysis
AXAX ProfileAX Analysis
AXLAAXLA ProfileAXLA Analysis
AXNXAXNX ProfileAXNX Analysis
BANDBAND ProfileBAND Analysis
BBCPBBCP ProfileBBCP Analysis
BCMLBCML ProfileBCML Analysis
BEBE ProfileBE Analysis
BFSTBFST ProfileBFST Analysis
BHVNBHVN ProfileBHVN Analysis
BLBL ProfileBL Analysis
BOLDBOLD ProfileBOLD Analysis
BOMNBOMN ProfileBOMN Analysis
BPRNBPRN ProfileBPRN Analysis
BSGMBSGM ProfileBSGM Analysis
BSIGBSIG ProfileBSIG Analysis
BSVNBSVN ProfileBSVN Analysis
BTAIBTAI ProfileBTAI Analysis
BWBBWB ProfileBWB Analysis
BYBY ProfileBY Analysis
BYSIBYSI ProfileBYSI Analysis
CADECADE ProfileCADE Analysis
CARECARE ProfileCARE Analysis
CARGCARG ProfileCARG Analysis
CARSCARS ProfileCARS Analysis
CASACASA ProfileCASA Analysis
CATCCATC ProfileCATC Analysis
CBLKCBLK ProfileCBLK Analysis
CBTXCBTX ProfileCBTX Analysis
CDLXCDLX ProfileCDLX Analysis
CDMOCDMO ProfileCDMO Analysis
CEIXCEIX ProfileCEIX Analysis
CELHCELH ProfileCELH Analysis
CHAPCHAP ProfileCHAP Analysis
CHRACHRA ProfileCHRA Analysis
CISNCISN ProfileCISN Analysis
CKPTCKPT ProfileCKPT Analysis
CLARCLAR ProfileCLAR Analysis
CLBKCLBK ProfileCLBK Analysis
CLDRCLDR ProfileCLDR Analysis
CLNCCLNC ProfileCLNC Analysis
CLPRCLPR ProfileCLPR Analysis
CLXTCLXT ProfileCLXT Analysis
CNNECNNE ProfileCNNE Analysis
CNSTCNST ProfileCNST Analysis
COOPCOOP ProfileCOOP Analysis
CPLGCPLG ProfileCPLG Analysis
CRNXCRNX ProfileCRNX Analysis
CTRACTRA ProfileCTRA Analysis
CULPCULP ProfileCULP Analysis
CUROCURO ProfileCURO Analysis
CWENCWEN ProfileCWEN Analysis
CWEN.ACWEN.A ProfileCWEN.A Analysis
CWKCWK ProfileCWK Analysis
CYCNCYCN ProfileCYCN Analysis
DBIDBI ProfileDBI Analysis
DCPHDCPH ProfileDCPH Analysis
DNLIDNLI ProfileDNLI Analysis
DOMODOMO ProfileDOMO Analysis
DOVADOVA ProfileDOVA Analysis
DSKEDSKE ProfileDSKE Analysis
DSSIDSSI ProfileDSSI Analysis
DTILDTIL ProfileDTIL Analysis
EBEB ProfileEB Analysis
ECORECOR ProfileECOR Analysis
EEXEEX ProfileEEX Analysis
EIDXEIDX ProfileEIDX Analysis
ELOXELOX ProfileELOX Analysis
ELVTELVT ProfileELVT Analysis
ENOBENOB ProfileENOB Analysis
EOLSEOLS ProfileEOLS Analysis
EPRTEPRT ProfileEPRT Analysis
ESQESQ ProfileESQ Analysis
EVFMEVFM ProfileEVFM Analysis
EVLOEVLO ProfileEVLO Analysis
EVOPEVOP ProfileEVOP Analysis
EXPIEXPI ProfileEXPI Analysis
EYEEYE ProfileEYE Analysis
EYPTEYPT ProfileEYPT Analysis
FCBPFCBP ProfileFCBP Analysis
FDBCFDBC ProfileFDBC Analysis
FIXXFIXX ProfileFIXX Analysis
FLMNFLMN ProfileFLMN Analysis
FLNTFLNT ProfileFLNT Analysis
FMAOFMAO ProfileFMAO Analysis
FNCBFNCB ProfileFNCB Analysis
FNKOFNKO ProfileFNKO Analysis
FOCSFOCS ProfileFOCS Analysis
FRAFFRAF ProfileFRAF Analysis
FSCTFSCT ProfileFSCT Analysis
FTSIFTSI ProfileFTSI Analysis
FTSVFTSV ProfileFTSV Analysis
FVCBFVCB ProfileFVCB Analysis
GATXGATX ProfileGATX Analysis
GNLNGNLN ProfileGNLN Analysis
GNTYGNTY ProfileGNTY Analysis
GOSSGOSS ProfileGOSS Analysis
GPMTGPMT ProfileGPMT Analysis
GRTSGRTS ProfileGRTS Analysis
GSHDGSHD ProfileGSHD Analysis
GTHXGTHX ProfileGTHX Analysis
HARPHARP ProfileHARP Analysis
HFFGHFFG ProfileHFFG Analysis
HLIOHLIO ProfileHLIO Analysis
HLNEHLNE ProfileHLNE Analysis
HNGRHNGR ProfileHNGR Analysis
HOPEHOPE ProfileHOPE Analysis
HWCHWC ProfileHWC Analysis
IIIVIIIV ProfileIIIV Analysis
ILPTILPT ProfileILPT Analysis
IMXIIMXI ProfileIMXI Analysis
IOVAIOVA ProfileIOVA Analysis
JILLJILL ProfileJILL Analysis
KALAKALA ProfileKALA Analysis
KIDSKIDS ProfileKIDS Analysis
KLDOKLDO ProfileKLDO Analysis
KLXEKLXE ProfileKLXE Analysis
KNSAKNSA ProfileKNSA Analysis
KODKOD ProfileKOD Analysis
KREFKREF ProfileKREF Analysis
KRYSKRYS ProfileKRYS Analysis
KTBKTB ProfileKTB Analysis
KZRKZR ProfileKZR Analysis
LASRLASR ProfileLASR Analysis
LBRTLBRT ProfileLBRT Analysis
LEGHLEGH ProfileLEGH Analysis
LEVLLEVL ProfileLEVL Analysis
LIVXLIVX ProfileLIVX Analysis
LOGCLOGC ProfileLOGC Analysis
LOVELOVE ProfileLOVE Analysis
LQDALQDA ProfileLQDA Analysis
LTHMLTHM ProfileLTHM Analysis
MAXRMAXR ProfileMAXR Analysis
MBINMBIN ProfileMBIN Analysis
MBIOMBIO ProfileMBIO Analysis
MECMEC ProfileMEC Analysis
MESAMESA ProfileMESA Analysis
MGTAMGTA ProfileMGTA Analysis
MGTXMGTX ProfileMGTX Analysis
MGYMGY ProfileMGY Analysis
MNLOMNLO ProfileMNLO Analysis
MNRLMNRL ProfileMNRL Analysis
MNSBMNSB ProfileMNSB Analysis
MRKRMRKR ProfileMRKR Analysis
MRSNMRSN ProfileMRSN Analysis
MTEMMTEM ProfileMTEM Analysis
MVBFMVBF ProfileMVBF Analysis
NCSMNCSM ProfileNCSM Analysis
NESRNESR ProfileNESR Analysis
NEXTNEXT ProfileNEXT Analysis
NMRKNMRK ProfileNMRK Analysis
NODKNODK ProfileNODK Analysis
NTGNNTGN ProfileNTGN Analysis
NXGNNXGN ProfileNXGN Analysis
NXTCNXTC ProfileNXTC Analysis
OBNKOBNK ProfileOBNK Analysis
ODTODT ProfileODT Analysis
OPBKOPBK ProfileOPBK Analysis
OPIOPI ProfileOPI Analysis
OPRXOPRX ProfileOPRX Analysis
OPTNOPTN ProfileOPTN Analysis
ORGOORGO ProfileORGO Analysis
OSMTOSMT ProfileOSMT Analysis
OSPNOSPN ProfileOSPN Analysis
OSWOSW ProfileOSW Analysis
PAYSPAYS ProfilePAYS Analysis
PCBPCB ProfilePCB Analysis
PCSBPCSB ProfilePCSB Analysis
PDLBPDLB ProfilePDLB Analysis
PETQPETQ ProfilePETQ Analysis
PHASPHAS ProfilePHAS Analysis
PLMRPLMR ProfilePLMR Analysis
PQGPQG ProfilePQG Analysis
PRNBPRNB ProfilePRNB Analysis
PRPLPRPL ProfilePRPL Analysis
PRTHPRTH ProfilePRTH Analysis
PSDOPSDO ProfilePSDO Analysis
PUMPPUMP ProfilePUMP Analysis
QTRXQTRX ProfileQTRX Analysis
RAMPRAMP ProfileRAMP Analysis
RBBRBB ProfileRBB Analysis
RBBNRBBN ProfileRBBN Analysis
RBNCRBNC ProfileRBNC Analysis
RCKTRCKT ProfileRCKT Analysis
RCUSRCUS ProfileRCUS Analysis
RDFNRDFN ProfileRDFN Analysis
REPLREPL ProfileREPL Analysis
RMNIRMNI ProfileRMNI Analysis
ROADROAD ProfileROAD Analysis
ROANROAN ProfileROAN Analysis
RRBIRRBI ProfileRRBI Analysis
RUBYRUBY ProfileRUBY Analysis
RVIRVI ProfileRVI Analysis
RYTMRYTM ProfileRYTM Analysis
SAFESAFE ProfileSAFE Analysis
SAILSAIL ProfileSAIL Analysis
SBOWSBOW ProfileSBOW Analysis
SBTSBT ProfileSBT Analysis
SFIXSFIX ProfileSFIX Analysis
SIBNSIBN ProfileSIBN Analysis
SILKSILK ProfileSILK Analysis
SLDBSLDB ProfileSLDB Analysis
SMHISMHI ProfileSMHI Analysis
SMTASMTA ProfileSMTA Analysis
SNBRSNBR ProfileSNBR Analysis
SOLYSOLY ProfileSOLY Analysis
SONMSONM ProfileSONM Analysis
SPFISPFI ProfileSPFI Analysis
SRRKSRRK ProfileSRRK Analysis
SSTISSTI ProfileSSTI Analysis
STIMSTIM ProfileSTIM Analysis
STROSTRO ProfileSTRO Analysis
STXBSTXB ProfileSTXB Analysis
SVMKSVMK ProfileSVMK Analysis
SVRASVRA ProfileSVRA Analysis
SWAVSWAV ProfileSWAV Analysis
SYBXSYBX ProfileSYBX Analysis
SYNHSYNH ProfileSYNH Analysis
TALOTALO ProfileTALO Analysis
TCDATCDA ProfileTCDA Analysis

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