Scheme Objective

To generate income/capital appreciation through investments predominantly in AA+ and above rated corporate bonds. There is no assurance that the investment objective of the Scheme will be realized.

Scheme Details

  • Fund manager(s) – Anupam Joshi
  • Launch date – 01-Jan-2013
  • Expense ratio – 0.3% as declared on 31-Jul-2021 (category average is 0.3%)
  • Benchmark - CRISIL 10 Year Gilt Index
  • Min SIP amount - ₹
  • Min investment amount (one time- first time) - ₹
  • Min investment amount (addtional purchase) - ₹
  • Type : Open Ended Fund. You can invest any time in this fund.

Exit Load

Data not available.

  • Gross Profit

  • Exit Charges

  • Net Profit

Tax Rate

If sold after 3 years from purchase date, long term capital gain tax will be applicable. Current tax rate is the lower of (a) 10% of profit or (b) 20% of profit adjusted after indexation benefits. Any cess/surcharge is not included.|If sold before 3 years from purchase date, short term capital gain tax will be applicable. Any profit will be clubbed with your income and taxed at your effective tax rate.

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