What is BSE? Full-Form of BSE

In this article, we will explain the BSE and its full form. BSE is short for the ‘Bombay Stock Exchange’. It was one of the first and largest securities markets located in Bombay (India). It established much later than BSE in 1972 and offers a nationwide stock market similar to BSE. Belo

The Bombay Stock Exchange was founded in 1875 by Premchand Roychand and is currently managed by Sethuraman Ravi.

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It was the first stock exchange in Asia. With a trading speed of 6 microseconds, BSE is the fastest stock exchange in the world.

BSE has some interesting history. A person named Premchand Roychand founded the Native Share and Stock Brokers Association in the 19th century. In those times, it worked under Dalal Street – where traders would gather to buy and sell stocks. Gradually, the exchange was established in 1875 under the name of the Bombay Stock Exchange.

The BSE is the 7th largest stock exchange in the world with an overall market capitalization of over US $ 2.8 trillion as of February 2021.

Key Points:

  • It was established in 1875 as a Stock Brokers Association, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is the first exchange in Asia and the largest securities market in India.
  • BSE has played a key role in developing India’s capital markets by providing an efficient platform for the Indian capital sector to raise investment capital.
  • It is known for its electronic trading system that provides fast and efficient trading execution.
  • BSE enables investors to trade in equities, currency, debt instruments, derivatives, and mutual funds.
  • BSE also provides other important capital market trading services such as risk management, clearing, settlement, and investor education.

How the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Works:

In 1995, BSE changed from an open floor to an electronic trading system. There are over a dozen electronic exchanges in the US alone, with the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and Nasdaq being the most widely known.

Today, electronic trading systems dominate the financial industry overall, providing fewer errors, faster execution, and better efficiency than traditional open-out-row trading systems. Securities that BSE lists include stocks, stock futures, stock options, index futures, index options, and weekly options.

The overall performance of the BSE is measured by the SENSEX, a benchmark index of 30 of the BSE’s largest and most actively traded stocks. In 1986, the SENSEX is India’s oldest stock index.

Dalal Street

The Bombay Stock Exchange is located on Dalal Street in the city of Mumbai, India. In the 1850s, stockbrokers traded under a banyan tree in front of the Mumbai Town Hall. After a few decades of various meeting places, Dalal Street was formally chosen in 1874 as the location of the Natives Share and Stock Brokers Association, which would become the BSE.

What are the advantages of listing?

A company listed under the Bombay Stock Exchange can enjoy certain benefits, such as:

1. Hassle-free capital formation

Listed companies enjoy the trust of all types of investors present in the market. It spreads market knowledge about a budding business, allowing people to carefully analyze the imminent situation of such companies and invest accordingly.

Paid-up capital for a business can only be raised effectively if a company is listed on a stock exchange prevalent in a country.

When listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, market securities can be easily sold in the financial market, meeting the liquidity needs of both businesses and individual investors.

Purchased securities can be sold easily through the electronic trading settlement of BSE, allowing investors to carry out their investments effectively when needed.

2.Legal supervision

Investors can skim by fraudulent companies if they choose to invest in listed organizations with BSE. Several regulations and laws are mandated by SEBI to monitor the functions of registered companies, reducing the possibility of a loss of investors due to illegal activities of a business.

3.Display information on time

Adequate information about the total revenue generation and reinvestment pattern is to be published annually by all the companies listed under the BSE Stock Exchange. The total dividend disbursed, bonus and transfer issues, book-to-closure facility, etc. are to be displayed as per SEBI regulations.

4.Adequate pricing rules

The price of securities trading in the BSE stock market is determined through the current prevailing demand and supply. It refers to the true value of a share, which facilitates the market capitalization of the company and the purchase of funds.

5.Collateral guarantee

Securities issued by a company act as collateral guarantees at the time of taking out a loan. Most financial institutions accept equity shares listed on the BSE as leverage against which funds can be obtained.

We have discussed the full form of BSE and a few important points that can be important for knowledge purpose.

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