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Native name

Sucres et Denrées Group
IndustryFinancial services
FounderMaurice Varsano and Jacques Roboh
ServicesCommodity broker, Sugar, Ethanol, Cocoa, Coffee

Number of employees


Sucden (Sucres et Denrées)[1] is a French-based commodity broker of soft commodities and other financial products headquartered in Paris. It started as a sugar broker where it is amongst the world leaders with a market share of around 15% in volume in as of 2016, or 9.5 million tonnes. It has offices in a number of countries around the world, including London and Hong Kong.


The company was founded in Paris[2] in 1952[3] as Sucres et Denrées by Maurice Varsano[4] and Jacques Roboh, who had started as sugar sellers in Morocco after World War II.[5]

In the 2000s, the company expanded into Russia, and began dealing in softs such as cocoa, coffee, and ethanol.[5]

It acquired the New York City-based Coffee Americas in 2014 and the Amsterdam-based Nedcoffee in 2015.[5]


Sucden Financial[edit]

Sucden Financial
IndustryFinancial services
FounderMaurice Varsano

Key people

Marc Bailey, Michael Overlander
ServicesBrokerage firm Derivative (finance) Foreign exchange

Sucden Financial is Sucdens London-based multi-asset execution, clearing and liquidity provider for FX, fixed income and commodity instruments. Sucden Financials parent is Sucden, a company incorporated in France. The groups main activity is sugar trading,

Sucden Financial is a member of the worlds major commodities exchanges, is one of only 9 Ring-Dealing members on the London Metal Exchange and is able to deal in virtually all commodity and financial futures and options contracts, as well as foreign exchange and fixed income.

Clients trade financial derivative contracts on agricultural commodities such as sugar, coffee, cocoa, cotton and grains and oil seeds, industrial commodities such as base metals, steel, iron ore and energy, precious metals to foreign exchange and other financial instruments.[6]

Other subsidiaries[edit]

  • Sucden Côte dIvoire
  • Sucden cocoa Nigeria
  • Sucden Americas corp
  • Coffee America (USA) corporation
  • General Cocoa Company (genco)
  • Sucden Mexico
  • Sucden do Brasil
  • Sucden Recife
  • Sucden Argentina
  • Sucden Chile
  • Sucden Peru
  • Sucden Asia
  • Sucden China
  • Sucden India pvt. ltd.
  • Sucden Malaysia
  • Sucden Thailand
  • Sucden Philippines
  • Nedcommodities India
  • NedCoffee Indonesia
  • NedCoffee Vietnam
  • Sucden Paris
  • Sucden Geneva
  • Sucden Italia
  • Sucden Russia
  • Nedcoffee B.V.
  • Sucden Financial limited
  • Sucden Middle East


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