The Dodge & Cox Stock Fund’s managers look across the spectrum of large-cap stocks. The fund falls into Morningstar’s large-value category, meaning the managers invest primarily in the largest segment of the U.S. stock market based on market cap.

According to the funds website, “In selecting investments, the Fund typically invests in companies that, in Dodge & Coxs opinion, appear to be temporarily undervalued by the stock market but have a favorable outlook for long-term growth.” The fund’s largest holdings include Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co. and Capital One Financial Corp.

As of August 18, 2021, the fund has assets totaling almost $89.74 billion invested in 71 different holdings.

The funds total returns fall in the first percentile of Morningstar’s large-value category for the trailing 12 months, the 13th percentile for the trailing three years, the first percentile for the trailing five years and the 35th percentile for the trailing 10 years as of late March 2017.

Its expense ratio is a low 0.52 percent, and the fund requires a $2,500 minimum investment.

The fund’s risk compared with that of other funds in the large-value peer group for the trailing three- and 10-year periods is considered high by Morningstar, with the trailing five-year period deemed above average. The level of return is above average for the trailing three years, high for the trailing five years and average for the trailing 10 years relative to the fund’s peers.

As of December 2016, the fund was underweight in U.S. stocks and overweight in foreign stocks relative to its benchmark, the Russell 1000 Value Index. The fund was overweight in technology, financial services and consumer cyclicals relative to the benchmark.

The fund has returned 53.97 percent over the past year, 13.82 percent over the past three years, 16.07 percent over the past five years and 14.26 percent over the past decade.

The fund was launched in January 1965. Parent company Dodge & Cox was founded in 1930. Today, it offers six no-load mutual funds as well as private client accounts and institutional separate accounts.


U.S. News evaluated 1,100 Large Value Funds. Our list highlights the top-rated funds for long-term investors based on the ratings of leading fund industry researchers.

DODGX is listed as:



Trailing Total Returns Monthly









DODGX -0.65 2.52 25.55 53.97
S&P 500 TR USD 2.38 5.5 19.19 36.45
Category (LV) 0.71 2.36 18.79 38.84
+/- S&P 500 TR USD -3.03 -2.98 6.36 17.52
+/- Category (LV) -1.36 0.16 6.76 15.13
Rank in Category 90 46 2 5

Updated 07/31/21

Investment Strategy

According to the funds website, “The Fund focuses on the underlying financial condition and prospects of individual companies, including future earnings, cash flow, and dividends. Various other factors, including financial strength, economic condition, competitive advantage, quality of the business franchise, and the reputation, experience, and competence of a companys management are weighed against valuation in selecting individual securities.”

Role in Portfolio

The fund is a core large-cap holding in a portfolio.


The fund is overseen by eight managers who have been with the fund for varying lengths of time, some since 1992.


The fund has returned 53.97 percent over the past year, 13.82 percent over the past three years, 16.07 percent over the past five years and 14.26 percent over the past decade.



Dodge & Cox Stock Fund has an expense ratio of 0.52 percent.

Net Expense Ratio


Category Average: 0.99%*



Category Average: 0.58%*


Updated 07/31/21

Updated 07/31/21


The fund cites the risk that the managers picks might underperform or even lose money, the general risks associated with investing in stocks, liquidity risk arising from the fund’s inability to sell certain investments in a timely manner and risks arising from non-U.S. investments, including currency risks.

Volatility Measurements

Volitility measures reflect the uncertainty or risk of change in a security`s value.


Updated 07/31/21

Updated 07/31/21

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