Cast away. Castaway script by William Broyles

Although a storm threatens the raft's integrity, it proves resistant to the onslaught KELLY leans over the machine, bangs on it
He throws away the husk The executives all stand and watch

OPENING THE COCONUT - SERIES OF SHOTS Chuck uses the stone knife to saw at the coconut.

Castaway Restaurant & Events is steak
His MOM is setting some Christmas tree lights around the door
Where Was Cast Away Filmed: All Locations
But Chuck doesn't want to talk
Castaway script by William Broyles
SUMMIT - DAY He emerges on the top, takes a drink from a hand-made canteen, and looks in all directions
It is in a subgroup of the Mamanuca , which is sited off the coast of , 's largest island The Translator asks Lev, who looks at him as if he is crazy, then snorts an answer
PETERSBURG - DAY The Driver sits in the truck drinking tea PACIFIC - NIGHT We catch glimpses of the yellow lift raft in the dark as the storm continues

He learned so many things, foremost of which was 'you never know what the tide will bring.

Original Soundtrack, Silvestri, Alan
They have their life jackets on
Original Soundtrack, Silvestri, Alan
A young AMERICAN MAN comes up behind her, signs the form and takes the Angel Box
Cast Away
He takes a step into the jungle