Luncia Gamzers story
Luncia Gamzer was a young Jewish girl who originally lived in Lvov, Poland. Nazis invaded her town, attacking the towns apartments. There were aktzias, callings by the nazis where they were sent to capture a number of jews of the street and either kill them, or send them to camps. Aktzias sometimes were targeted for either elderlies or children. Eventually, Luncia and her family were forced to live in a ghetto, as well as the other Jews in her city. The ghetto was very crowded and usafe since nazis would invade the ghetto often for deportation, where theyd take Jews and kill them or send them to camps. Luncias parents realized that the ghetto was way too unsafe for her, being so young. So, they made a plan to send her to a rescuers house. Luncia and her father escaped the ghetto where Mrs.Szczygiel, the rescuer, picked her up and brought her to her house. Luncia had to be very careful at Mrs. Szczygiels house. She couldnt go near and windows or doors, and whenever someone vistited the house she have to hide. At one point the family couldnt take having her anymore, she posed too many risks to the whole family being killed, becasue  if she was seen, the whole family could be killed for holding a Jew in their house. So, Mrs. Szczygiel sent her off the the Ojacks house... where her parents here hiding Luncia was thrilled that she finally got to see her parents. The family of three lived with the Ojacks for a while, and then eventually moved to America, once the war was over.

Jack Grueners story
Jack Gruener grew up in Krakow, Poland. But he and his family were forced to live in a ghetto when he was 12. There, Jack discovered a small room upstairs where he and his parents moved into once they cleaned it out. Then Jack put four iron bars across the door so that when nazis came to the ghettos for deportation, they wouldnt be able to get to Jack and his family. His aunts and uncles moved in too. Many times nazis would order for all Jews to come out of their homes.Those who followed the order would be sent to concentration camps. One day, Jack was outside and his parents were at the food market. When Jack was about to go back into his apartment, he noticed nazis rounding up Jews and putting them in a truck that was headed for a concentration camp. When the trucks were gone and Jack could finally go inside, his uncle Moshe told him that his parents had been taken by the nazis and sent to a camp. Jack was devestated by the news. Weeks later, his uncle Moshe was taken to a camp and a few months after that, Jack was taken, being only 15. He was sent to a camp called Plaszow, but fortunately, his unle Moshe was sent to the same camp, so Jack could talk to him there. Goeth was the camps commandant. He was evil and enjoyed killings prisoners. Jack was put to painful, stressful, endless work each day. Then one day, Jack asked his friend how many Goeth had killed that day. One... his friend replied uneasily. Turns out, Goeth had shot his uncle Moshe for not working hard enough. Jack was, again, devestated to hear this. He was sent back and forth to different camps. Each camp had its own evil commandant and Jack faced torturous work. When Jack was at one of his last camps, he was forced to march thousands of miles, for two weeks, in the bitter cold, with bare feet, and with only one loaf of bread to last him the whole journey. This was called a death marched and was torture to all the prisoners. Jack had tried to help a sick boy walk, but while doing so, he lost his one loaf of bread. He knew he would die know. Jack fortunately received a new loaf of bread, which made him through the rest of the march. When he finally arrived at the next camp, the Americans were bombing the camp. Thankfully, the prisoners escaped safely and realized that they were free. All the guards had died. Jack later moved to America where he met Lunica Gamzer (from the story above) who had changed her named to Ruth. Later, they got married and now share their Holocaust stories to people in America.

Hidden children
Many of the survivors from the Holocaust were children since many children hid in non-Jews houses to keep clear from nazis. However, hiding was never a joyful experience for the children. They had to leave their parents for a long time. A lot of them never saw their families again. Very few Jews could pass as non-Jews or Aryans (non-Jewish Germans with blonde hair and blue eyes) and live a normal life. Others couldnt even near any windows or doors, couldnt go to school, and couldnt meet any new people or friends. Jewish children in hiding couldnt go to school, but tried to practice reading and writing as often as possible. If a Jew wanted to pass as an Aryan, theyd have to fill out false papers, which faked their identity. Some had to practice a new religion while hiding...and picked up their new religion quickly in order to hide their Jewsih identity. Some rescuers that were hidng Jews, would turn the children in, just for a reward. However, if the Jew was found, not only the Jew, but the family hiding the Jew, would be killed. So, hiding was miserable and dangerous for everyone.

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