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  • Invested amount is the amount entered for either Monthly SIP and Lumpsum for the duration selected
  • For lumpsum and monthly SIP investments returns are compounded annualized. 1 Year is assumed as 365 days.
  • Dividends declared from benchmarks constituents isnt taken into account when comparing with investment in schemes dividend plans.
  • Worth of investment: Performance is compared against the latest benchmark of the scheme irrespective of the date of change of schemes benchmark, if any.
  • The start day for SIP investments is considered as 1st of every month
  • For the purpose of NAV date applicability, if the investment date happens to be a non-business day, next business days NAV is applied.
  • Gold prices are available post 29 JAN, 2005 are based on daily closing values on MCX.
  • PPF interest rate is assumed at 8.7% p.a. interest received is compounded monthly for the returns illustration in the charts.
  • Dividend payouts reinvestment in scheme is not considered for the purpose of calculation of returns and graphical representation.

of Rs

Must be a multiple of 100 and greater than 0.


Principal Invested: x installments =

  • vs
This Scheme BSE 100 Fixed Deposit Gold PPF
3 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
9 months 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
1 year 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
3 years 139.25 145.89 137.65 188.67 112.78
5 years 164.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
Since Inception 109.25 105.89 117.65 178.67 134.78
  • VS
Period Fund Performance Vs Benchmark (CAGR) Growth for Rs 10,000 /-
NAV (%) NAV (Rs)

Different plans have a different expense structure. The performance details provided herein are of Regular plan. * CAGR - Compounded annualized Growth Rate

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