Created in 1985 (United States), Blue Yonder own 307 sister brands and 5644 competing brands. The Blue Yonder brand is owned by PANASONIC CORP, a company listed in Francfort. The International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) of PANASONIC CORP is JP3866800000. Blue Yonder belongs to the Consumer Electronics business sector.


Blue Yonder is a brand of PANASONIC CORP (MAT1)


Date created : 1985 Business sector Consumer Electronics

Share price and profitability of the share PANASONIC CORP (Blue Yonder)

Share price

EUR 10.54

(Dividend per share)

1.57 % (annualized)

Share price variations over 1 year

+37.46 %

Stoxx Europe 600 : +11.50 %
S&P 500 NY : +84.20 %

Share price variations over 5 years

+15.07 %

Buy PANASONIC CORP share with Your capital is subject to risk.

Investment simulator :

Amount invested EUR 10.54

Portfolio valuation
PANASONIC CORP (Blue Yonder) over 5 years* EUR 12.12

Stock market history PANASONIC CORP (Blue Yonder)

*non inclusive of dividends, non inclusive of market orders
past performances do not prejudice future performances

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