Mabel Indeed.. Mabel so happy collected more today when it retrace...

Both Greatech and Inari closed GREEN with flying colours


16/08/2021 10:41 PM

Mabel Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source
13/08/2021 3.56 4.15 +0.59 (16.57%) BUY MACQUARIE GROUP
09/08/2021 3.60 4.75 +1.15 (31.94%) BUY PUBLIC BANK
09/08/2021 3.60 4.80 +1.20 (33.33%) BUY KENANGA
09/08/2021 3.60 4.28 +0.68 (18.89%) BUY HLG
09/08/2021 3.60 4.10 +0.50 (13.89%) BUY BIMB

17/08/2021 10:21 AM

Mabel Yes good time to BUY...

Now got money just top up...


17/08/2021 11:48 AM

17/08/2021 11:54 AM

risktoreward release @ 3.48, because not vibing

17/08/2021 3:42 PM

Cheers Just top up a bit.

17/08/2021 5:15 PM

mf Rakyat dihasut untuk percaya pemimpin Umno rakus kuasa - Zahid

Diterbitkan 17 Aug 2021, 9:36 pm
Selepas kejatuhan kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN) semalam, Presiden Umno Ahmad Zahid Hamidi berkata masih terdapat perasaan tidak puas hati sesetengah pihak terhadap Umno.

Kumpulan tersebut, katanya, menghasut rakyat agar mempercayai bahawa Umno yang bersalah, dan menganggap pemimpinnya sebagai rakus kuasa.

17/08/2021 9:43 PM

18/08/2021 10:05 AM

18/08/2021 11:20 AM

bigprice Many start selling. Epf, directors, insas

18/08/2021 1:54 PM

Putrajaya666 INARI - Bearish trend

Support = 344/340/ 331
Resistance = 350/355

18/08/2021 2:35 PM

shareinvestment7 When retailers are busy buying.. EPF and Dato Thong actually busy selling to you. :)

18/08/2021 2:39 PM

GeniusTinker Holy shit! Big sharks are distributing tickets.

18/08/2021 3:23 PM

llrr77 This is why i hate buying the same stocks same as EPF

18/08/2021 3:55 PM

newbie8080 EPF is rebalancing their portfolio as well since last year.

Moving abroad for better return.

18/08/2021 6:08 PM

Cheers I prefer EPF totally go out. If got epf play share will not stable and up. Like uwc also drop like hell.

18/08/2021 7:34 PM

llrr77 UWC, got EPF, drop like hell
Greatech, no EPF, fly like mad

Few month ago the difference between them is just few sens, no already more than RM2

18/08/2021 7:45 PM

Cheers Good profit company dont worry.Just hold and eat popcorn.Public bank also got epf play so drop also.Price still cheap compare to other semiconductor.

18/08/2021 8:05 PM

newbie2y the i-sinar is taking toll on them, even they publicly said no impact..imagine many out of work, and some pay reduced, the inflows into EPF every mth for sure will be impacted; now the i-sinar lets ppl withdraw without conditions..even some T20 group ppl also withdraw..and not to mention epf cut-loss in the serba and related companies shares they need to raise cash for honoring the i-sinar withdrawals..

18/08/2021 8:14 PM

kpowersohai drop more buy more.....if the company is good, when price dropped its actually a buying oppurtunity for us.

19/08/2021 6:42 AM

Jay2020 Top up & hold as good fundamental stock ..

19/08/2021 10:29 AM

awesometrader Unload aje la. Uncle will wait for you at 2.50. Uncle loves panic sellers :)

19/08/2021 11:30 AM

hengsame Philadelphia Semiconductor Index (SOX)
drop below support
3,208.8 -48.0 (-1.47%)
Better beware what is coming for tech stock

19/08/2021 11:40 AM

hengsame US market will crash tonite....

19/08/2021 2:28 PM

awesometrader Yes, I have been hearing this since last year by boi boi Goo. Starting to miss that fella

19/08/2021 2:51 PM

staypositive Drop below support means time to set some buy order. Breakout means time to set sell order lol

19/08/2021 4:58 PM

Mabel Dont worries its only profit selling

Tomorrow morning will shooting up

US Market always crash one...


19/08/2021 5:13 PM

Surge EPF disposal is to fund I-sinar withdrawal. No to worry, once PM is confirmed, it will start rocketing.

20/08/2021 10:16 AM

Mabel The mother of all crashes? No bubble at all? While Michael Burry and Cathie Wood keep arguing, investors are starting to size up their portfolios as the record highs keep going. Fed taper concerns and the spread of the Delta variant dont seem to be able to weigh on sentiment for more than a day, though trading is getting choppier and warnings of a correction are getting louder. Overnight, Dow and S&P futures slipped 0.5%, while contracts linked to the Nasdaq fell back 0.4%.

Things are especially getting eerie without an S&P 500 pullback of at least 5% since last October, though Q2 corporate earnings have been strong and many investors are betting on a continuing economic recovery. While the buy the dip crowd may also be becoming a possible force to be reckoned with on Wall Street, some are still flagging caution and say there are clouds on the horizon.

Research from Citi: Our panic/euphoria model remains very elevated and is warning of coming losses. This is the longest period of ebullient readings without a market correction since 1999/2000 and we anticipate that something will give. The Street is too complacent.

Another alert: Against a backdrop of thin liquidity as investors take summer vacations, minor stock market corrections are to be expected in a market that is pricing in peak earnings, extended price-to-earnings ratios and elevated economic growth expectations, added Richard Saperstein, chief investment officer at Treasury Partners.

20/08/2021 7:53 PM

Targeted In the future, no other sector will be able to achieve sustained growth levels like tech......

21/08/2021 4:14 PM

ocbc WIll Inari be dual-listed in NYSE ?

23/08/2021 3:36 PM

24/08/2021 10:36 AM

newbie2y yes...有能力的一定会回来..

24/08/2021 7:55 PM

Jay2020 Next resistance 3.60 , gogogo

25/08/2021 9:40 AM

PriorityFF88 Why buy Inari and not Insas ??? Insas Next Tafi...

25/08/2021 12:54 PM

HamsterHuat adiooo hai...Inari. come come Naik lah..
Kan Iphone sales not affected..
ini kali lah

25/08/2021 3:31 PM

llrr77 iPhone13 coming next month
INARI get ready to the moon

25/08/2021 9:04 PM

jinova546 please la inari up up up up

26/08/2021 5:48 PM

staypositive Broadcom alr breaking new high soon... Inari still kena bullied by our EPF

27/08/2021 9:49 PM

28/08/2021 10:24 AM

newbie2y lol @staypositive, they always buy high sell low...thats why many people want to withdraw from epf..rather than let them luan luan play with our hard earn money...

28/08/2021 11:14 AM

llrr77 I just found out Broadcom CEO is Malaysian from Penang

28/08/2021 1:09 PM

toto Anyway thank you for yr sharing

29/08/2021 11:11 AM

newbie2y From DBS Group Research :-
Valuation and recommendation
Raise FY22-23 EPS by 8-9%. We raise our FY22-23 earnings forecasts by 8-9% after adjusting for higher sales growth assumption and lower effective tax rate.

Maintain BUY with higher RM4.30 TP. Inari has completed its 10% private placement and raised about RM1.0bn, which we think could be a prelude to something bigger – i.e. securing new major customers or executing value-creating M&A.

Coupled with secured earnings visibility driven by its RF segment, we expect Inari’s valuation re-rating to continue, which is also helped by positive equity fund flows into the tech sector. We maintain our BUY call on Inari with a higher revised TP of RM4.30, based on 35x CY22 PE.
Key risks include: 1) Weaker-than-expected 5G smartphone sales, especially of the US end-customer; 2) Sharp depreciation of USD against MYR; and 3) Global economic slowdown.

29/08/2021 7:48 PM


30/08/2021 2:49 PM

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