Below AMBER share price chart is a pictorial representations of open, high, low, previous day close and the total traded volume.

The above chart depicts the price of the stock AMBER at the chosen time frame. The prices are given on the vertical axis on the right side of the chart, current price of Amber Enterprises India Limited is highlighted in the green or red. The open, high, low and closing price of the day is mentioned beneath the top bar.

The best thing about using the chart is that they are dynamic and can be modified easily to cater to the need of the user.

The default chart is set for daily time frame candlesticks. Above AMBER Share Price chart is available for different time periods. The user can choose from different time frames available on the left side of the top bar. The Amber Enterprises India Limited chart can be set for daily, weekly, monthly, 1 ranges, 10 ranges, 100 ranges, 1000 ranges time frames as per the requirement.

There are various kinds of AMBER Share Price Technical charts like Bar, Candlesticks Charts, Hollow candles, Heikin Ashi, Lines, Areas, Renko, Line Break, Point & figure etc. that are available for the user and can be used at one click. User can choose which one to use from the options available on the top bar.

The user can change the styles, scales, background, time zone/sessions from the setting icon and set it to their preference. It can be changed from the bottom tool bar under the setting icon. The camera icon on the right side of the top bar can be used to take the screenshot of the AMBER stock for any time-frame. The screenshots taken can be used to compare the prices at the various time intervals.

Various indicators can be applied to these charts to aid the user in technical analysis of the stock Amber Enterprises India Limited. These indicators give the better understanding of the price of the stock AMBER at different time frames. The indicators can be applied by clicking on the indicator icon that is present next to compare or add symbol icon in the top tool bar.

There are various symbols given on the left side of the chart which will be very useful for analyzing the stock Amber Enterprises India Limited technically. These symbols aid the user with the drawing tools to be used for technical analysis purposes.

The second symbol from the top allows the user to draw a trend line and trend angles for the stock Amber Enterprises India Limited. There are many other options available along with trend lines and trend angles for the user. Among all the options given under this symbol trend lines and trend angles are used commonly. These trend lines and trend angles help in determining the historical & current share price trend of the stock AMBER and help in taking the trading decision.

The third symbol from the top allows the user to insert various advance drawing tools such as a pitchfork, Gann Box, Gann Fan, Fib Retracements and many more tools.

The Fourth symbol in the list allows the user to insert various shapes in the AMBER share price chart such as a rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Curve etc. These shapes are drawn or applied to to know the trend, to identify a much advance pattern or to see the support and resistance levels of the price of the stock Amber Enterprises India Limited. And also to know sometime if there is any breakout in price that might occur in the near future. 

To add a comment or any arrow in any chosen direction in the chart, a user can choose the T symbol which is the fifth symbol from the top on the left side.

The sixth symbol in the list is to allow the user to insert any given pattern into the chart. These patterns help the user to identify trend lines, trend reversals, and support and resistance levels for the stock Amber Enterprises India Limited and help the traders to take important trading decisions. These patterns are significant in performing technical analysis of the stock AMBER.

The arrow symbol allows the user to use any of the symbols mentioned under this option. It is useful if multiple users are using the chart. It is used more as a comment.

The symbol next to the arrow symbol is used to measure or select the particular area on the chart. The next two symbols allow the users to zoom in and zoom out.

Magnet Mode is an advanced technique which when activated, enables the cursor snap to open, high, low and close of the nearby Amber Enterprises India Limited candles. It is again a very advanced technique and can’t be used by novice traders without gaining the knowledge of its usage.

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