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I originally gave this book 3 stars as harmless lightweight fun, but my opinion of it declined as time went by. Then after reading Armada I fully realized what a talentless one-trick hack that Cline really is so I changed this rating. Plus, his outraged hardcore fans kept coming on here and telling me that I missed the point since I didnt give it 5 stars so I might as well give them something to really be mad about. If youre one of those Cline fans who wants to whine about it in the comments I ...more


This book is a geek fantasy. A nerd utopia. Speaking as a formerly addicted World of Warcraft player (among others), I loved it.

I believe you can tell the authors passion from what hes written, and it is clear from this book that Ernest Cline is a fellow gamer and geek. I salute him. His ardor for games is so clearly felt within this book. A fellow fangirl/fanboy can sniff out a fake one like a dead fish within a Bath and Body Works (ok, that may be a bad example, but you catch my drift). Erne



For most of the first half of this book, I was unimpressed. The writing was flat, and the story was unremarkable. The book gets hype because of its pervasive use of 1980s popular culture, particularly its references to science fiction, fantasy, and video games. The problem was that most of these references served no purpose. Something would be described by pointing out its resemblance to something from a film or television show—a particularly annoying form of telling, rather than showing given ...more


ETA: At the risk of getting this more attention by editing it, Im no longer responding to comments made on this review. Its four years old, and while I stand by what I wrote, Im not interested in discussing it, either positively or negatively. And Im really glad they made it into a movie.

So disappointing. The premise of a treasure hunt inside a gigantic immersive online environment is interesting. I like the idea of the people of 2044 being fixated on 80s culture for clues to solving the pu



I got to read an ARC of this, and it appealed to every geeky part of me.

Ill probably write a blog about it later, but for now, a brief review:

Simply said? This book was fucking awesome.



Back in 2011, Ready Player One was, perhaps, the years most well-reviewed book. It received glowing commendations from the likes of NPR, The New York Times, Wired, John Scalzi, Patrick Rothfuss, and many, many more. It maintains a 4.3 average score on Goodreads.com (a significant accomplishment given its 20,000+ reviews), and youd be hard pressed to find a negative review in any major publication.

In no way can I make any sense of this. Please believe what I am about to write, as it is not even




anyone I saw writing a negative review for this got like, abused in their comments BUT. Im going for it anyway

unmarked spoilers ahead. ft, appearances from the voices of adele and beyonce

sum up Ready Player One in a single word? wanky

replace with: that 400 page book which used 80s references to condescend people not invested in that culture was incomparably wanky

okay, Im going to start with the good stuff

the worldbuildi ...more


That one star is probably misleading...I thought this was going to be a 4-5 star book for a good portion of the time I spent reading it. The 80s pop-culture references are so pervasive and so relevant to my life that, at times, the book felt like it been written specifically for me. (The love interest is described as being like Jordan, from Real Genius...cmon!)

All of the Star Wars, Ferris Bueller, and Highlander references in the world cant hide that this story is at best, empty, and at wo



ladies and gentlemen, from this day this book is my life and I will obsess over it constantly


I did the unheard of, I took a day off writing in order to finish reading this book.

I understand why I loved this book, but I am less sure why so many millions of others did. The plot of this book revolves around solving puzzles and tasks based on 80s nostalgia, our hero, a young man born fifty years later, has to research the period, and specifically one old mans nerdy take on the decade.

For me this meant a trip down memory lane, taking in specific D&D modules I played through with my friends



I found myself smiling frequently while reading this.

Willy Wonka meets The Matrix in the near future online game age. I almost typed video age and that would date me back in the 1980s, but that would be OK too. Like James Halliday, I was a teenager in the late eighties and so Ready Player One by Ernest Cline has a special place for me. I played Dungeons and Dragons (I was even dungeon master for a Tomb of Horrors campaign) I played coin operated video games, I obviously dig science fiction and



This book is nostalgia porn. If you grew up in the 80s, enjoy video games, or go crazy for popular culture, you will devour this one. I was supposed to be reading this with a friend but I couldn’t stop. I read the beginning and thought, “what’s the big deal with everyone’s obsession?” Then Ernest Cline got his meat hooks into me and I read it while I was making dinner, while I was eating dinner, and then afterward until I’d finished it. I think I am just a few years shy of this books prime audie ...more


Im not crazy about reality, but its still the only place to get a decent meal. Groucho Marx

The middle school I attended was a 1930s WPA project that by the 1970s was a lethal cocktail of toxic mold from the water leaks and cancer causing asbestos. Im hoping, since several decades have passed, that all the nasty microbes I inhaled while conjugating verbs and wrestling with algebra have long since been frog marched out of my body. I was a rural kid and had to wait for the bus to come pick me



**lo! i have made a readalike list for this book over on riffle!**


let me get the gripes out of the way first, because despite overall being a fun, escapist book, there are things that rankle.

i have a crush on the 80s (not an obsession, mind you, but a crush. when i was little i managed to simultaneously want to make out with both jon cryer and molly ringwald and to this day depeche modes album black celebration soothes many sorrows.

so a book that revolve



This reached into the gamer part of my heart and gave it a big piece of red velvet cake. :)


NERDGASM!!!!!!! Video games, movies and music from the 80s!

My teenage years were spent during the 80s. I look through the pictures that were taken at that time and realize we could have been called a cheesy generation. This book saves us. This book makes us cool.

I actually wanted to revisit those times after reading this book. Its not deep literature but it is pure fun. I smiled and cheered so many times reading Wades story, even though you know how the book is going to end it is still a



”To be honest, the future doesn’t look too bright. You were born at a pretty crappy time in history. And it looks like things are only gonna get worse from here on out. Human civilization is in “decline.” Some people even say it’s “collapsing.”

Sounds familiar? I think that sentence could be easily used to describe our current situation as well. In Cline’s world things are a whole lot worse though. People live in Containers and escape into a virtual reality named the OASIS. They work there, they



I just kinda wanna cry right now. Ill have a proper review at some point, but I gotta let myself recover.


Dont hate me...please.


But Im pretty sure I didnt like this one as much as most of my friends. Im guessing the 80s were super rad n all to a lot of people, but I dont remember them being all that amazing.
Granted, I was only 10 in 1985, but still...
I passed my middle school years during this tubular time period. Ick.
Most of what I recall involved a mushroom cloud of hairspray (centered around bangs), lots of plastic bracelets, and tons of really loud colors.
Not that theres anything wrong w



Ready Player One is a Fiction/YA/Dystopian hybrid that takes place in the year 2044 where our world is suffering from global energy crisis and everyone needs a means to escape from this harsh truth. This is where OASIS, a genius MMORPG utopia created by James Halliday arrived as the solution to their need for escapism. I’d be lying to myself if I said this book isn’t something that’s written for me. The whole concept and tributes featured in this book are exactly my thoughts and hobbies of the p ...more




Okay. Okay okay okay. So. This book, I would say, is the following mix: video games + ’80s culture + sci-fi + semi-dystopia + general nerdiness. Excluding the latter, I am not interested in any of those things.


Okay. I’m sorry. I’m trying to calm myself down enough to write a review.

Was this book perfect? No. Sometimes it was dumb, or confusing, or slow, or overly complex, or not complex



Ready Player One (Ready Player One #1) by Ernest Cline (Author), Wil Wheaton (Narrator)

I was born before the 80s and love certain, very involved RPGs, which I dive into over and over. That seemed to be enough for me to immerse myself in the narrated version of Ready Player One. Heck, I enjoy reading about people who can do things I could never do. I could see myself getting drawn into the worlds of Oasis, finding my place in a specific area, and doing a really bad job of exercising enough and no



It was so different from anything else Ive ever read and it put my knowledge of 80s movies, Dungeons and Dragons, and Monty Python to good use! Honestly, read this. Just do it.


WOW !!! (Pun intended, if you what I meant ;) )

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets The Big Bang Theory meets TRON (raised to the nth power (TRON, I mean)).

The most clear appealing to read this novel is obviously the insane quantity of geek references, mostly to 80s era (and some of 70s too), so it is most likely that people who arent geek (dont worry, nobody is perfect) may be feel alienated and/or not interested to read this book.

However, since geek is the new black these days, s



This was my first buddy read with the one and only, Craig, and what a pleasure this was. I’d like to thank Craig for reading this one with me. He always makes me smile and this was so much fun!

I’m not even sure where to start with my review. I was highly anticipating this book for some time after seeing so many 5 star reviews and awesome comments, but the book was just a “like” and I wasn’t overly impressed like I thought I’d be.

The story takes place in 2044 and the world is in a Grimm state. A



So you know that time when you read a really good book and then, for some reason, you wait forever to make a review, so the little things that wouldve made your review spicy are gone from memory?
Its one of those times!
And you know that time when you are writing a review and you are almost done and you accidentally delete it?
Its also one of those times! Yep!

Now, for short, if you dont feel like reading the rest of the review (trust me, you have better things to do with your time), I LOVED



In the dystopian future of 2044, the world is going down the crapper and many people spend most of their free time playing OASIS, an online virtual reality game, sifting through every minute detail of the creators life, for whomever unravels a series of riddles James Halliday left behind inherits it all. Will teenager Wade Watts be the one?

As Ive said in the past, every once in a while a reader will unearth a book that feels as if it was written especially for them. For me, Ready Player One is



Theres this conceit that keeps popping up in sci-fi dystopia novels that it is only a matter of time before we will all be glued to our virtual reality goggles 24 hours a day as elaborate MMPORPGs slowly take over the world.

I think this is stupid. No matter how increasingly ubiquitous computers become, I just dont foresee Second Life replacing the first one (FarmVille may have replaced actual farming, but that conversation involves a lecture on government subsidies that I just dont have time



WOOT, WOOT and UBER WOOT all you MMORPGers, this book is the perfect calm down, happy face diversion next time you find yourself offline and frustrated because:

** you’re stuck medding back in a safe zone after nearly being ganked by some douchey griefers who jumped your camp site when the mob you were going to farm spawned so they could kill steal it and abscond with your loot;

or maybe

** some group of questing ubers turned asshat and refused to let your alt join them so you could PL by leechin



Reviewed by: Rabid Reads

Ive heard, youve probably heard, HELL, most people who read some variation of SFF have heard that READY PLAYER ONE is freaking amazing b/c its swarming with 80s pop culture/nerd references.

And it is. Absolutely.

But even though Ive had the book for years, I only recently got around to picking it up (and only b/c impromptu roadtripping with Husband, and sacrifices must be made when trying to find a book well both have a shot at liking), b/c as much fondness as I have


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