Lamonde Investissements Financiers Inc., 316,247 Subordinate Voting Shares controlled by 9356-8988 Québec Inc., 164,561 Subordinate Voting Shares controlled directly by Germain Lamonde and 716,830 Subordinate Voting Shares controlled directly by Philippe Morin, the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, will be excluded for purposes of “minority approval” under Regulation 61-101.

To the knowledge of the Corporation, after reasonable inquiry, of the 25,820,245 Subordinate Voting Shares currently issued and outstanding, 21,430,941 Subordinate Voting Shares can be voted in respect of the minority approval threshold under Regulation 61-101.

The number of Subordinate Voting Shares held by Germain Lamonde includes 316,247 Subordinate Voting Shares held of record by 9356-8988 Québec Inc., 3,191,666 Subordinate Voting Shares held of record by GLIF and 164,561 Subordinate Voting Shares held directly by Germain Lamonde.

The Purchaser Parties have interests in the Arrangement that are different from, and/or in addition to, those of the other holders of Subordinate Voting Shares by virtue of their interests in the Corporation after the completion of the Arrangement.

In connection with the Reverse Takeover, the Company is expected to change its name to Dreamfields Brands, Inc., or such other name as determined by Dreamfields and that is acceptable to the regulatory authorities (the Name Change), and make application to the Canadian Securities Exchange (the CSE) for the listing thereon of the Subordinate Voting Shares (the Relisting).

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