Shockingly bad!

When purchasing shares they push you to negotiated prices, which fill later. The price given later is much worst than the live prices.
When transferring out, they outright lie on the phone about delays.
Complaint gone in about the lying as calls are recorded and I will request them later. Which I suspect will need to be referred to the ombudsman, once their internal process is complete.


service is about average for an ISA

service is about average for an ISA
you dont pay very much.
Some shares that should be available are not but this might be that same for other ISAs also as some shares are listed on the London stock exchange but you only really find information on the through searching the RNS submissions


Sounds like a dodgy system!

Iweb system asked me for memorable info which I know I havent given it! It did it three times and then locked me out. IWeb took 16 minutes to answer the phone, and cant give me any assurance that this wont happen again.


Cheap but customer service non existent

Cheap with a very basic website - very limited ability to do things online other than simple buy and sell.

That would be fine if there was any customer service to support but long wait to speak to an agent.

I am now over 5 months into a simple ISA transfer in, and on my second complaint. They opened ISA incorrectly, never chase the counterparty, never interested when you phone, transfer shares into a closed ISA so you cant trade, clearly massively understaffed ... - I could go on

Lloyds / Halifax - either run iweb properly of shut it down


I guess you get what you pay for

I guess you get what you pay for. No mobile app. Less choice compared to AJ Bell and Hargreaves Lansdown. I have requested a transfer to another provider and it seems it will take 4 months to do that. Pretty poor service all around. You (and Halifax) need to significantly improve your service or you will lose all your customers.


Iweb are not a suitable host for your ISA

I started an ISA transfer request in March. It is now August and the request hasnt even arrived at the destination provider. I rang and was told it would be retried, waited, rang and raised a formal complaint, which I was told would be addressed in a few days. Its now a month later and theyve not bothered to contact me. I am losing money every day.

They messed up a different request last year, sending it to completely the wrong company.


Extremely slow ISA transfer

Extremely slow ISA transfer. iWeb confirmed in writing that ISA transfer request was being processed about a month ago. I checked today to find that this had not been actioned. As a result, I feel that iWeb is not as organised as I had once believed and will look elsewhere for future ISA investments.

Only the latest review will count in the companys TrustScore


This company are costing me money due…

This company are costing me money due to their reliance on 3rd party companies to process buy and sell orders.The idea of buying and selling digitally speaking should be simple, click buy, click sell, but not upto 1 weeks waiting time effectively leaving customers right out of pocket.Its been pointed out to this company many times and clear they dont give a stuff.Due to personal circumstances are stuck with them for now but roll on when i can move from this lot.


Cheap but you may get some of what you pay for

I tried to transfer my ISA to Iweb from Charles Stanley. My first application failed - I suspect because it took so long for Iweb to act on my instruction that new fees had accrued in the CS account by the time Iweb got around to doing anything. Iweb didnt let me know - I only found out when I chased them for progress. I submitted a second application and almost four months later it has still only been partially completed because Iweb didnt confirm to CS they actually wanted all the funds transferring over. The funds that have been transferred had completely random book values applied - some of which are still wrong despite me specifying the correct figures on three separate ocasions, by phone and online chat. I chased Iweb twice to find out what has happened with the missing funds. Eventually Iweb said they would resubmit my application, then wrote the next day to say they couldnt resubmit my application because it was duplicating an application process they had already completed, and that they wouldnt do anything else unless I called them (again). I called Charles Stanley instead and have decided to keep the remaining funds there. Im cutting my losses and will attempt to transfer the rest out of Iweb as soon as possible. Im genuinely suprised its possible for a large company to be this poor.


iweb is fine for LTH

I was thinking of transferring my HL Stocks and Shares ISA because I thought Id save on fees by moving to iweb. However, when I opened the account I saw that there are very limited features so will not be moving my ISA to iweb. However, having said that I will probably use iweb for long term stocks where iweb inefficiencies will not prove costly AND keep my daily weekly trading on HL. iweb is good for LTH who have done their research elsewhere.


The website is incredibly unreliable…

The website is incredibly unreliable these days. Ive been with iweb for many years as per the previous reviewer and this is the worst it has ever been. The site throws up random errors or hangs. This morning it took many attempts to move money into my account and then three attempts to actually buy the shares I wanted. That sort of delay can lose you money. For the first in the many years Ive been using them Im now thinking of moving to another provider as this lack of reliability has been ongoing for a while now.


I’ve been with IWeb for many years

I’ve been with IWeb for many years. The products they offer is very much plain vanilla, which is fine for most investors who have limited knowledge of actively managing a portfolio.
However the big creeping problem is a total lack of investment in Customer Service. The pandemic and home working has rendered a very weak service almost none existent now. If you ever get through to them on the phone (webchat is no longer working) then they try to be helpful.
Unfortunately this lack of investment has now crept into the website and trading platform, resulting in extreme unreliability. In the last 6 days the site has been inaccessible for 2 mornings and 1 whole day.
Unfortunately I suspect things will continue to deteriorate.
Best avoided

Only the latest review will count in the companys TrustScore


The website leaves much to be desired

The website leaves much to be desired. However it is functional and sensible. Security is reasonable - just password + random question. Since you can only withdraw to your nominated personal bank account anyway, this seems sufficient.


Iweb Sharedealing are marvellous

Iweb Sharedealing are marvellous. Their customer service is second to none. For months, I struggled to get my ISA shares moved from iTI Capital (a nightmare company which took over the affairs of ex SVS clients). The staff at Iweb were consistently patient and helpful and my assets were eventually transferred. This was not straightforward and without their help, I would probably still be struggling. Now that I am using the Iweb site, I have to report that it is pure pleasure - so easy to use, good research information and extremely good value. I cant thank Iweb enough - especially the people at the end of the livechat, the telephone and those marvellous people at Halifax sharedealing in Leeds. Thank you!


cheap...and it shows

cheap...and it shows! Service is getting worse. IWeb cancelled a transfer request but failed to let me know. Dividends can take up to 10 days to arrive after pay day and they seem to be trying to get to this target!

Contacting customer service has got worse ...often 30 mins or more to get through ( not long ago it was less than 5 mins). Recently, it has been difficult to log on.

Mind you, they are not even close to the disgrace of a service at ITI Capital.


Total disgrace

Total disgrace. The funny part was I complained to Lloyds eventually, because I was getting no response, and they dont even realise this is a subsidiary of theirs. Too embarrassed? It maybe cheap to deal but their inefficiency could end up costing you thousands. I dont know how they are even licensed. As people say chat site is pointless. Can get through on phone after markets close. Can wait for literally hours to speak to someone who is usually very apologetic, but powerless to do anything. So utterly pointless. Just dont get involved


Non-existent Customer Services

When I joined IWEB 4 years ago, they are superb. WebChat is always available, now its virtually non-existent. The same applies to the Contact by Phone, it will NOT be answered unless you are prepared to wait for 45mins or more. Its a cut-throat business and If the poor customer services is maintained at this level, it will not do them any good. I do have to say, once you managed to talk to the customer services, they are very helpful and resolve your problem, until then, its not going to happen.


Clunky but functional website

Clunky but functional website. Sure, its ugly, but it works on desktop and mobile.

Webchat is never online. However, I just phoned them today on a Monday morning (8th June 2021) and I waited 6 mins before speaking to someone, which is fine.

I transferred my ISA from Fidelity to iWeb because of the cheaper fees - it took a couple of months and I had some hoops to jump through because my Fidelity name didnt match my iWeb name (Fidelity didnt know my middle name), but I got there in the end, and it was an in-specie transfer so I wasnt out of the market.

Sure, it would be nice if they had an app, but wed all pay for that with higher fees.

I wish they had email support though, its tiresome having to phone during business hours.


customer service is none excitant

customer service is none excitant. it says an online pop up chat will appear, WHEN! someone is available. ive been going on every day for a week & nobody was ever available.


I would not recommend

I would not recommend. Don’t be fooled by the cheap dealing, this service is seriously lacking. It took no less that 5months to transfer my stock portfolio, and literally tens of calls, iWeb seemed happy to just leave the transfer unresolved rather than actually call me to sort it out. Clunky Website, no app, oddities like limit orders only lasting 24hrs on international markets just makes the experience frustrating. The research area of the website is equally poor. I keep finding more things that make this a service I will not be continuing. Two stars as reasonable charges.

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