MCX Silver Price Today in Delhi

Wednesday, 04 March, 2020
1 GramRs. 46.1
10 GramsRs. 461
1 KgRs. 46,140

Trend of Silver Price in Delhi for Last 10 Days

DateSilver Rate per 10 gm
(in Rs.)
Silver Rate per Kg
(in Rs.)
03-March-20453 45349
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Historical Data: Last 6 Months Silver Price Trend in Delhi

Silver Rate Trend in January 2020
Rate on 01-Jan-2020Rs. 46665
Rate on 31-Jan-2020Rs. 46989
Highest Silver Price in Jan-20Rs. 48106
Lowest Silver Price in Jan-20Rs. 45474
Month PerformanceRising
% Change0.69%
Silver Rate Trend in December 2019
Rate on 01-Dec-2019Rs. 44730
Rate on 31-Dec-2019Rs. 46711
Highest Silver Price in Dec-19Rs. 46966
Lowest Silver Price in Dec-19Rs. 43507
Month PerformanceRising
% Change4.43%
Silver Rate Trend in November 2019
Rate on 01-Nov-2019Rs. 47206
Rate on 30-Nov-2019Rs. 45055
Highest Silver Price in Nov-19Rs. 47249
Lowest Silver Price in Nov-19Rs. 44476
Month PerformanceDeclining
% Change-4.56%
Silver Rate Trend in October 2019
Rate on 01-Oct-2019Rs. 45730
Rate on 31-Oct-2019Rs. 47607
Highest Silver Price in Oct-19Rs. 47607
Lowest Silver Price in Oct-19Rs. 45730
Month PerformanceRising
% Change4.10%
Silver Rate Trend in September 2019
Rate on 01-Sep-2019Rs. 49767
Rate on 30-Sep-2019Rs. 44984
Highest Silver Price in Sep-19Rs. 52486
Lowest Silver Price in Sep-19Rs. 44984
Month PerformanceDeclining
% Change-9.61%
Silver Rate Trend in August 2019
Rate on 01-Aug-2019Rs. 42950
Rate on 31-Aug-2019Rs. 49053
Highest Silver Price in Aug-19Rs. 49053
Lowest Silver Price in Aug-19Rs. 42950
Month PerformanceRising
% Change14.21%

Silver consumption increases in Delhi during the time of festivals, especially around Diwali. Buying silver in Delhi is thought to be auspicious on Dhanteras, which marks the first day of the 5-day long Diwali festival. People splurge on silver during festive times and buy silver coins, silver ware and silver idols. Silver is bought equally by all be it rich, middle-class or lower income class. Being much lower in cost as compared to gold, silver is also the most sought-for investment option.

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