ASHVIN introduces digital twin technologies enabling energy-efficient buildings with a low environmental impact



Improve Scheduling Capabilities and Accuracy

Support a reliable project planning and the near eradication of project delays

  • 4D simulation and visualisation
  • Real-time discrete event simulation
  • Evidence-based engineering

Contribute to the Standardisation for Digital Twins at a European scale

Propose a European wide digital twin standardization scheme

  • Open Semantic Interoperability
  • Clear Interfaces and APIs
  • Data Privacy regulations
  • Digital Twin application processes



Significantly reduce Construction Costs

Leverage the true potential of the accurate digital twin representation construction projects

  • Reduce the overall design and engineering hours
  • More efficient scrap and waste management
  • Decrease the usage of heavy equipment on site

Towards a Safer & Greener European Construction Industry

Reduce the number of on-site accidents and Increase Resource Efficiency

  • Digital Twin Tech for safeguarding construction workers
  • Better allocation of resources and optimization of equipment usage
  • Support the European Green Deal


The Team

ASHVIN is a joint effort among 14 European partners (from Germany, Netherlands, Greece, Serbia, Austria, Spain, Croatia, Poland and Sweden) covering all key areas of the construction value chain.


Who develops Standards?

There are numerous organizations developing standards, ranging from companies, consortia and industry...

What is a Standard?

In ISO/IEC Guide 2:2004, standardization is defined as an activity of establishing,...

ASHVIN and Ethics

As an EU funded research project ASHVIN will give ethical considerations the...

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