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Make informed decisions with powerful resources at your fingertips. Plus, our easy-to-use platforms make trading a breeze.


Investment choices

Build your portfolio your way with stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, options and more.

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We offer a wide range of registered and non-registered accounts to help you save for your goals.


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Whatever your goal, we have the accounts and investments to help get you there



(Tax-Free Savings Account)

  • Great for short-, medium- or long-term investing goals
  •  Pay no tax on income or capital gains earned in the account
  •  Withdraw funds tax-free at any time
  •  $0 annual administration fee


(Registered Retirement Savings Plan)

  • Great for long-term investing goals like retirement
  • Tax deduction for eligible contribution
  • Pay no tax on the earnings and growth within your RRSP until you withdraw the funds
  • Use the funds in your RRSP to help with the purchase of your first home or for your post-secondary education, if eligible


(Registered Education Savings Plan)

  • Great for saving for your child’s post-secondary education
  • Your investment grows tax-free and funds withdrawn are taxed in the hands of the beneficiary who may be in a lower tax bracket 
  • Get access to government grants 
  • RESP money can go towards a variety of post-secondary educational paths, such as university, college, trade school and apprenticeship, and costs, including tuition, books and living expenses

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Cash account


  • Flexible and suitable for short- or long-term goals
  • Transfer funds quickly and easily to and from your CIBC bank account
  • Choose from Individual or Joint accounts

Margin account


  • Great for experienced investors
  • Increase your buying power by borrowing funds against your investments
  • Eligible for option trading privileges

Your investment choices




 Flexible and suitable for short- or long-term goals

 Transfer funds quickly and easily to and from your CIBC bank account

 Choose from Individual or Joint accounts


(Exchange Traded Funds)


 Access sectors and products otherwise unavailable to individual investors

 Take advantage of intraday pricing and trading flexibility

 Some are managed by professional fund managers and typically have lower management fees than mutual funds



 Get market exposure at a fraction of the cost

 Choose from many different options strategies to help generate income, diversify or reduce risk

Mutual Funds


 Great for diversifying your portfolio

 Managed by professional fund managers

Fixed Income


 A more conservative investment that may have a predictable income stream

 Choose from a wide range of fixed income options


(Guaranteed Investment Certificates)


 Great for short- or long-term goals  

 A safe investment that protects your principal

 Feel secure knowing how much interest you’ll earn and when

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