My name is King TChalla, son of King TChaka. I am the sovereign ruler of the nation of Wakanda. And for the first time in our history, we will be sharing our knowledge and resources with the outside world.

TChalla is the King of Wakanda and the eldest child of TChaka and Ramonda. As the Wakandan monarch, he became the holder of the Black Panther mantle. Following the death of his father in the bombing attack orchestrated by Helmut Zemo, TChalla had set out to kill the Winter Soldier, who was widely believed to be responsible for the attack. During his attempt to find the Winter Soldier, Black Panther had joined a Civil War between the Avengers, where he sided with Iron Man. However, Black Panther eventually learned that Zemo was really the one who had been responsible for his fathers demise, as he captured Zemo, handing him over to Everett Ross, while he also vowed never to allow desires of vengeance to consume him again.

Upon returning into Wakanda, TChalla was officially crowned King, before he attempted to track down Ulysses Klaue, who had resurfaced after several years. However, TChalla failed to capture Klaue and instead was forced to bring Everett Ross to the city to save his life. TChallas leadership was challenged when Erik Killmonger came into Wakanda, having killed Klaue and challenged TChalla for their throne, as Killmonger bested TChalla in a duel and took the crown. However, TChalla had survived the duel and, with the help of MBaku and his family, returned to Wakanda where he defeated Killmonger. Following the conflict, TChalla returned to the United Nations as he had shared Wakandas secret wealth with the rest of the world.

Black Panther was then called upon by the Avengers, as they had uncovered Thanos plan to claim all six Infinity Stones and wipe out half of all life in the universe. TChalla agreed to allow the Avengers to keep Vision in the city, where Shuri could remove the Mind Stone. However, Wakanda was then invaded by Thanos forces, as Black Panther had led his army against Thanos and the Black Order, only for them to be overpowered as Thanos completed his goal and then wiped out half of life, killing Black Panther as a result. However, Black Panther was resurrected five years later by Hulk, as he then joined the Avengers in a final battle against an alternate Thanos, finally defeating the Mad Titan, although Tony Stark sacrificed his life for victory. Following this, TChalla returned to his kingdom and reunited with his sister and mother.


Early Life

Raised in Wakanda

For a man who disapproves of diplomacy, youre getting quite good at it.
TChaka to TChalla[src]

TChalla was born in Wakanda, an isolationist country located in Africa, to the reigning monarch TChaka and his wife Ramonda. He eventually had a younger sister named Shuri. Training for all of his life to take his fathers place as the next Black Panther, TChalla grew into a man with a highly active mind and despite TChakas best efforts, a great dislike for politics.[1]

Becoming the Black Panther

My whole life I would watch him wearing the suit. He could pick up a man with one hand, run as fast as a zebra. Then he told me he was too old to carry the mantle of Panther; he would pass it to me, and just be king.
He told me he was too fat to fit the suit.
―TChalla and Zuri[src]

In 2009, his father would pass the mantle of Black Panther to TChalla after reaching a certain age.[1][7]

One week after becoming the protector of Wakanda, TChalla, as the Black Panther, was sent with Okoye to save Wakandan hostages from Zanda and Douglas Scott. Black Panther took on Zanda as Okoye retrieved the hostages, and was shot in the shoulder by her vibranium bullets. Before she could kill him, however, Zanda moved to shoot the fleeing hostages, giving Black Panther the chance to overpower her and ensure the hostages escaped. Once the police stormed the building, the mercenaries fled, with Black Panther deciding to pursue them in his aircraft.

Following them to a yacht, Black Panther and Okoye took out the mercenaries and then confronted Zanda and Scott, with Black Panther killing Zanda by igniting one of her grenades and saving Okoye by dropping a metal bar on Scotts hands.[3]

Avengers Civil War

Assassination of TChaka


TChalla at the Vienna International Centre

In my culture, death is not the end. Its more of a... stepping-off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into the green veldt where... you can run forever.
That sounds very peaceful.
My father thought so. I am not my father.
―TChalla and Natasha Romanoff[src]

When the United Nations decided to approve the Sokovia Accords in order to control and monitor the Avengers in the wake of the devastating battle between the Avengers and Crossbones, during which several Wakandan citizens were killed among other innocents. The Wakandan government chose to support the Accords as they felt the Avengers could become a true risk to the safety of Wakanda and the rest of the world considering their involvement in Ultrons creation.


TChalla is introduced to Natasha Romanoff

TChalla and TChaka attended the conference in Vienna, meeting Natasha Romanoff there. TChalla spent time speaking with Romanoff where they had discussed the accords and their shared discomfort of such political meetings. TChalla commented on the fact that the last time Romanoff was in such company, she had just exposed S.H.I.E.L.D.s secrets during the HYDRA Uprising, claiming her dislike for politics made him happy to have seen her there.


TChalla and TChaka both express their love

Being comfortable with Romanoff, TChalla expressed his opinion on the accords, saying he approves of it but the politics were something he was not fond of, exemplifying two people in a room can get more done than a hundred. They were then interrupted by TChaka who had teased his son and greeted Romanoff, noting that Captain America had decided not to attend as he disagreed with the control the accords would put on his and the Avengers actions. Once Romanoff had taken her own seat, TChaka then expressed his pride of seeing his sons skill at politics is getting better, thanking each other for their support during this difficult time for Wakandas future.


TChalla attempts to save his fathers life

During the conference, TChallas watched as his father then gave a speech about Wakandas dark history and unfortunate involvement in the creation of deadly weapons made with vibranium, using these as his reasons for signing the accords. Upon hearing the commotion outside, TChalla realized danger was incoming but was too late to stop his father being killed in a terrorist attack that was orchestrated by Helmut Zemo under the disguise of the Winter Soldier. While the fire was being put out, TChalla mournfully took his late fathers ring and took over his rightful role as King of Wakanda.[1]

Hunting the Winter Soldier


TChalla vowing to kill the Winter Soldier

While considering his next actions, TChalla was greeted by Natasha Romanoff who expressed her own grief at TChakas sudden death and informed him the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre would decide who was responsible with apprehending Barnes. TChalla, however, then informed Romanoff that he intended to find and kill the Winter Soldier himself.


Black Panther tracks down the Winter Soldier

TChalla put on the Panther Habit in order to avenge his fathers death. He then quickly managed to track the Winter Soldier down to where he had been hiding in Bucharest, where he fiercely attacked him. Despite being momentarily shocked by the arrival of such an unexpected enemy, the Winter Soldier quickly got to his feet and began fighting Black Panther but was overpowered by TChallas furious attacks.


Black Panther tries to kill the Winter Soldier

Using the incredibly sharp claws on his suit, Black Panther slashed at his enemy and tried to kill him, eventually pinning him to the ground and attempting to stab his target through the throat. When all hope looked lost for the Winter Soldier their battle finally stopped when a GSG 9 helicopter fired on Black Panther, with his own vibranium suit saving him. The Winter Soldier then attempted to escape by running off the side of the building, only for Black Panther to follow, grinding down the buildings side.


Black Panther chases down Winter Soldier

While the Winter Soldier attempted to escape by running on foot, the Black Panther hunted and chased Barnes down through a long traffic tunnel, pursued himself by Captain America and Falcon who were now attempting to aid the Winter Soldiers escape. Determined not to allow the man who seemingly killed TChaka to escape, Black Panther charged through the tunnels, as his enhanced speed allowed him to run past cars as he began to gain on the Winter Soldier.


Black Panther gets a lift from Captain America

When Rogers commandeered a GSG 9 car to try and catch up to Barnes, who was escaping on a stolen motorbike, Black Panther jumped onto the back of the car to gain extra speed as well as jumping on the back of Falcon and flying through the tunnel, trying several times to knock Barnes off the motorcycle he was riding but finding that Barnes prosthetic arm gave him an advantage as he was grabbed by the throat, but TChalla soon recovered.


Black Panther is arrested by the police

Eventually, Barnes reached the end of the tunnel and tried to use an explosive to block their way, only for Black Panther to leap through the blast and slice through Barnes tires, causing his own bike to crash. Although Rogers stopped him from killing Barnes, they were all soon captured when War Machine and an entire police squad arrived and surrounded them, to which he unmasked and revealed himself as the King of Wakanda to the surprise of everybody.[1]

Held by Everett Ross


TChalla explains his own motives for revenge

How long do your psychological evaluations usually take?
Why? You bored?
Not currently, but my prisoner and I have a plane to catch.
―TChalla and Natasha Romanoff[src]

The police apprehended them all, who were now fugitives due to the new Sokovia Accords. The group was then brought into Berlin in an armored car to await their own punishments for all the chaos they caused. Along the way, TChalla explained to Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson the history of the Black Panther and why he had targeted Bucky Barnes, while he desired to avenge TChaka and vowed that Rogers would not be able to keep Barnes safe from him for long.


TChalla being introduced to Everett Ross

The group arrived at the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building and were soon greeted by Sharon Carter and her boss Everett Ross while Barnes was locked up in a maximum security prison of the German anti-terror police force GSG9. TChalla was also brought into their custody and saw Captain Americas Shield and EXO-7 Falcon being taken away. When Rogers questioned what would happen to Barnes, he was told he would be questioned by Ross own men before being taken away to begin his sentence, which TChalla seemed to agree with. Ross then explained that while he was there, TChalla would be provided with an office rather than a prison cell to stay in.[1]


TChalla speaking with Natasha Romanoff

While awaiting news on what would happen with the Winter Soldier at the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre Building, TChalla was visited by Natasha Romanoff who expressed her surprise at his secret identity, citing that this now placed him under the Accords jurisdiction. TChalla noted he wanted to move on so he could take Barnes to Wakanda. As Romanoff claimed this would be unlikely, Everett Ross confirmed TChalla had been granted Barnes extradition.[8]

Hunting Bucky Barnes


TChalla sees the Winter Soldiers escape

My resources are considerable.
Yeah, it took the world 70 years to find Barnes... so you could probably do that in about half the time.
You know where they are.
―TChalla and Black Widow[src]

TChalla waited as Winter Soldier was questioned by Helmut Zemo posing as the psychiatrist Theo Broussard. However, while TChalla, Everett Ross, and the Avengers watched the questioning unfold, the power was shut off. Sensing that a more sinister plan was unfolding involving the Winter Soldier, who may be attempting to escape, TChalla then went to investigate the incident himself further.


TChalla tries to stop Winter Soldiers escape

Heading downstairs as chaos was erupting throughout the building, TChalla discovered the Winter Soldier had escaped and was fighting against Natasha Romanoff and Sharon Carter who had, in turn, tried to save Tony Stark from the Winter Soldiers fury. Charging in before the clash could prove fatal, TChalla managed to save Romanoff from being strangled by the Winter Soldier and engaged in a one on one fight with his enemy, determined for him not to get to escape.


TChalla tries to block Winter Soldiers attack

While they began to fight against each other, it was clear that Tchalla was not scared and proved to be lethal as HYDRA assassin, although the Soldier was able to use his prosthetic arm to gain an advantage with strength, managing to knock TChalla to the ground and tried to get away, although TChalla soon got to his feet and reengaged with the Winter Soldier, seeing his Wakandan Royal Ring seemed to have some strange effect onto the Winter Soldiers prosthetic arm.


TChalla loses sight of the Winter Soldier

TChalla refused to allow his fathers killer to escape and continued fighting, furiously striking against him before kicking him down the stairs. Once the pair continued their duel, TChalla managed to gain the upper hand and knocked him off the balcony easily. However, losing sight of the Soldier proved to be a dangerous mistake as TChalla leaped down to re-engage with his target, only to suddenly discover that the Winter Soldier had managed to get away.


TChalla speaks with Natasha Romanoff

When TChalla learned from his Attaché that the Winter Soldier had escaped from the building, seemingly with the help of Steve Rogers, he decided to use Wakandas many resources to track him down. On his way out, he was stopped by Natasha Romanoff, who came close to fighting Ayo, his security chief. TChalla spoke to Romanoff politely and explained his current plan, however, Romanoff offered him a new alternative, to join Starks team of Avengers members in finding and capturing Rogers along with the Winter Soldier for Thaddeus Ross. Knowing that this would prove to be a much faster method of finding and killing his target, TChalla agreed to join Starks team.[1]

Clash of the Avengers


Black Panther greets Captain America

Having joined Iron Mans side, Black Panther eventually found and ambushed Captain America at the Leipzig-Halle Airport, greeting Rogers with respect while Stark continued to argue about the Sokovia Accords while Spider-Man arrived and took away his shield to ensure that he could not fight back, as Stark tried to convince him to surrender himself over to the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre for interrogation.


Black Panther challenges Captain America

However, Rogers remained confident and had Hawkeye free him from Spider-Mans webbing and Ant-Man gave him back his shield. As Iron Man scanned the area, he spotted the Winter Soldier, who Black Panther attempted to go after, only for Rogers to stand in his way. When Rogers ignored TChallas warning to get out of his way, they engaged in a fierce fight, where the claws on his own Panther Habit caused permanent scratch marks on Rogers shield.


Black Panther dodges an explosion

TChalla teamed up with War Machine during the fight but they both proved to be bested by Captain America, who fought them both off while disarming War Machines weapons. The fight was stopped when Captain America and Ant-Man used a Pym Particle Disk to enlarge and throw a large fire truck towards TChalla, War Machine and Black Widow, much to their annoyance as both TChalla and Widow managed to dodge the explosion while Rhodes was hit with full on the force, knocking him painfully backward.


Black Panther sides with Iron Man

As Rogers and the rest of his team attempted to make their way to the Avengers Quinjet to make their escape from the airport, their path was soon stopped by Vision, who used the Mind Stone to block their path. TChalla joined the rest of Iron Mans team as the two opposing sides later gathered up to charge against their former allies, TChalla first targeted the man he was desperate to get revenge on and who was seemingly responsible for the terrorist attacks.


Black Panther tries to kill Winter Soldier

During the fight, Winter Soldier tried to convince TChalla that he wasnt the one who murdered TChaka, but TChalla only questioned why he had run away if he was innocent. He almost succeeded to kill the wrong suspect as he pulled away from his prosthetic arm and then attempted to cut his throat, but Wanda Maximoff intervened and stopped his claws from reaching Barnes, and threw TChalla through a distance with her powers, hitting a jet bridge.[1]

Losing his Targets


Black Panther is just saved by Vision

We havent met yet. Im Clint.
I dont care.
Hawkeye and Black Panther[src]

Later, TChalla spotted both Captain America and the Winter Soldier attempting to escape with a Quinjet which was inside the hangar, but Giant-Man held him and all the rest of Iron Mans team back. When keeping Spider-Man, Iron Man and War Machine away from his team, Ant-Man kicked a bus at TChalla, only to be saved at the last second by Vision intervening and blocking the bus with his own vibranium body.


Black Panther is challenged by Hawkeye

With Visions help, TChalla was able to elude Ant-Man to reach the Quinjet Hangar. Before he could do so, Hawkeye tried keeping TChalla at bay by firing many of his explosive arrows directly at him. TChalla dodged many of the arrows and caught two before they exploded right in his face, angering him enough to fight Hawkeye by showing him his vibranium claws unleashed from his own Panther Habit as the Black Panther prepared to fight his legendary attacker.


Black Panther fights and subdues Hawkeye

Seeing that his current fighting technique was not working and still attempting to ensure his allys escape, Hawkeye turned his bow into a bo staff and introduced himself to TChalla, since they had never been introduced before this point, with the latter replying that he did not care who he was fighting. The pair started fighting one another until TChalla broke his staff in half and knocked Hawkeye out of the fight, before then continuing his pursuit to the Quinjet Hangar.


Black Panther once again loses his targets

Despite the best efforts of Vision to block them, Rogers and Barnes reached the hangar due to the Wanda Maximoffs interference. Panther came close to them, only to be stunned multiple times by the Black Widows Widow Bite, allowing Rogers and Barnes to escape, despite TChalla trying to get a hold of the Quinjet. Romanoff claimed she had only promised to help him find them but not kill. TChalla was furious with her and he later reported her betrayal to Thaddeus Ross, who initiated a manhunt for her.[1][9]

Capturing Helmut Zemo


TChalla closely following Tony Stark

Vengeance has consumed you. Its consuming them. I am done letting it consume me. Justice will come soon enough.
Tell that to the dead.
The living are not done with you yet.
―Black Panther and Helmut Zemo[src]

Having had a meeting with Thaddeus Ross on board the Raft prison where he had a top-secret meeting with Falcon, Tony Stark discovered the location of the now fugitives Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Once Stark had put on his Iron Man suit and went to find them, TChalla secretly followed Stark while onboard his jet towards Siberia, where the Winter Soldier laboratory was located.


Black Panther learns of Helmut Zemos plans

TChalla then successfully infiltrated the building with the plan to kill Barnes; following close behind as Iron Man had made peace with Rogers. However, TChalla overheard the conversation between Rogers and Helmut Zemo, in which he had confessed to killing all the other Winter Soldiers and admitted to framing Barnes for the Vienna bombing. Having learned this truth that he had been hunting the wrong person, Black Panther focused his efforts on Zemo himself.


Black Panther encounters Helmut Zemo

While Zemo rested on top of a hill outside the missile bunker, certain that he had succeeded in pitting Iron Man and Captain America against each other, TChalla quietly confronted him. Zemo explained to TChalla the reason for his crimes: his family had been among the casualties of the Battle of Sokovia and that he wanted to tear apart the Avengers as revenge. Zemo also admitted that TChakas death was not intended and apologized for it, saying that TChaka was a good man and had a dutiful son.


Black Panther subdues Helmut Zemo

Recognizing his own rage in Zemo and seeing how vengeance had consumed not only Zemo but Stark and himself, TChalla decided to spare Zemo and even stopped him from committing suicide, using his vibranium-protected hand to block the gunshot, telling Zemo he still needed to answer to the living for his crimes.[1] Binding his prisoner, TChalla reunited with Rogers and Barnes, telling Barnes that he had assets in Wakanda that could remove all HYDRAs programming in his mind.[10] TChalla then handed Zemo over to Everett Ross for his punishment.[1]

King of Wakanda

Rescuing Nakia


TChalla watches the news report for Wakanda

Why are you here? You’ve ruined my mission.
My father is dead, Nakia. I will be crowned king tomorrow. And I wish for you to be there.
Nakia and Black Panther[src]

A week after his his fathers death at Helmut Zemos hands, TChalla was preparing to be formally crowned king. However, TChalla decided to retrieve Nakia from her current War Dogs mission as he wished for her to be present during his coronation. Picked up by Okoye in the Royal Talon Fighter, the two flew to Nigeria where Nakia was located.


TChalla tells Okoye that he never freezes

Preparing for his mission and equipping his Panther Habit, TChalla used one of the tablets to look at where Nakia and the missing Chibok girls are located, informed by Okoye where theyre heading for the border of Wakanda. He was then given EMP Beads to disable their kidnappers vehicles but before he was dropped down to the field, Okoye told him to not freeze when he sees Nakia, remarking that he never freezes.


Black Panther stealthily hides in the trees

Holding himself with a Wakandan pose, TChalla was dropped down by a chute hole on the ground of a Royal Talon Fighter, diving in the air and looking down to see the Boko Haram group driving to their destination. TChalla sends EMP beads downward onto their trucks, immediately delivered a powerful EMP which forced all the vehicles to stop and made them unable to start again. Taking the opportunity, TChalla landed onto a tree and stealthily wait until traffickers approached him.


Black Panther fighting human traffickers

As the traffickers noticed the trucks were hit by an EMP, they regrouped by splitting each other up in one location until one of them found a dog barking and suddenly TChalla was spotted and began to attack the man by sending him off and hit a car door, instantly knocking him down. TChalla then began to fight against several traffickers with guns shooting at but was impervious to bullets, leading to him defending off of them one by one.


Black Panther greeting Nakia on his mission

While taking down multiple men, TChalla took attention to the particular one who was shooting at him, ready to kill on sight, Nakia stopped him and told that the shooter was just a boy and was kidnapped alongside the women who were as well. TChalla took a moment to look at Nakia, having her attention only to simply greet her. Wanting to talk to her, TChalla was interrupted by another man, threatening to shoot one of the women, only for him to get killed Okoye.


TChalla invites Nakia to his coronation

Once Okoye killed the shooter with her Vibranium Spear, TChalla was teased by her for his lack focused, leading him to freeze. TChalla took off his mask and looked towards Nakia, she told them that they ruined her mission but TChalla took it upon in urgency to tell her that his father was dead and is going to be crowned as King the next day. Nakia accepted his invitation and walked together in their Royal Talon Fighter, saving the kidnapped women and a child soldier.


TChalla and Nakia relax inside the ship

Upon on the horizon, TChalla and Okoye succeeded their mission and head on home to Wakanda with Nakia. As the sun rises from above, TChalla was comforted by Nakia, as he was deeply saddened from his fathers death. While getting together, Okoye announced their arrival as they flew by the border and into the holographic dome, reaching into Wakandas capital known as the Golden City.[2]



TChalla arrives at the Golden City

You want to hand the nation over to this Prince who could not keep his own father safe. We will not have it. I say: we will not have it! I, MBaku, leader of the Jabari...
I accept your challenge, MBaku.
MBaku and TChalla[src]

Upon arriving at Golden City, TChalla was greeted by Ramonda and Shuri, who held great expectations for him as the new heir. As Nakia left to go to her tribe, Shuri asked Okoye if TChalla froze during his mission, to which Okoye responded with a resounding insult, much to TChallas dismay of mockery. As the Dora Milaje left, TChalla greeted Shuri for being on with him, asked for her EMP Beads, he was updated on a new habit only for him to be in disbelief, resulting into bantering with Shuri for her inventions.


TChalla ask how Ramonda is feeling

TChalla remarked at Shuri as she left with EMP beads that he can not wait for what update she would bring to her invention. Upon receiving a middle finger by Shuri, TChalla asked how is she is feeling, to which she responded by saying she was proud, noting his father and her were talking about the coronation all the time, missing him, she told TChalla that he is with them but now it was time for him to be crowned as King of Wakanda.


TChalla prepares himself for his coronation

As the four of the tribes of Wakanda arrive the next day after a ceremonial celebration of the Princes coronation, TChalla prepares himself inside the Royal Talon Fighter and walks into the arena of Warrior Falls. Zuri came to explain the challenge and went off to give TChalla a potion to let the powers of the Black Panther to be stripped away, leading him to feel nauseous, quickly recovered from it.


TChalla accepts MBakus challenge

Once the challenge became fair, Zuri asked every tribe from any royal bloodline to fight for the throne, only for all of them to decline to challenge the throne, Shuri then raised her hand up and told Zuri that her dress is feeling uncomfortable and asked for her and the rest of the people to go home only to be mocked for the public. The Jabari Tribe led by MBaku, arrived to challenge for the throne, ranting about how Wakanda has progressed and how the Prince of the country couldnt keep his father safe.


TChalla battles against MBaku in combat

While outright mocking TChalla and his father, TChalla willingly accepted MBakus challenge. As they prepare for their intense duel, TChalla was put on a panther mask and was guarded behind by the Dora Milaje while MBaku did it with his own tribe. They began to fight each other as they threw multiple blows that resulted in each other getting hit or dodging with each swing of their weapons.


TChalla yelling at MBaku to yield

As their fight began to be difficult towards TChalla, MBaku then broke his weapons during the duel, as they began trading blows only for TChalla to be caught off guard in his grasp. Severely wounded, MBaku was mocking him for being just a boy without his mantle, but his family cheered him off, leading him to fight back. Getting impaled afterward, TChalla yelled at MBaku that he is who he is and proceeded to remove the blade and attacked MBaku with a chokehold.


TChalla is crowned as King of Wakanda

Despite pinning him down, TChalla decided to spare MBaku, saying that his people need him, and yelling at him to yield before he would die. Once MBaku forfeited, TChalla took a breath to finally recover from his injuries. As the crowd goes wild with excitement and his family supporting him, TChalla was crowned as King of Wakanda. Branding himself with Bashengas necklace,[11] TChalla hugged Zuri as he thanked him as he was remarked as a King.[2]

Visiting His Father


TChalla participates in an ancestral ceremony

I want to be a great king, Baba. Just like you.
Youre going to struggle. So youll need to surround yourself with people you trust. You’re a good man with a good heart. And it’s hard for a good man to be king.
―TChalla and TChaka[src]

Following his challenge for the throne, TChalla went to the cave where his ancestors gain the power of the Black Panther, with many women and children setting up the ceremony and getting the Heart-Shaped Herb for consumption. As TChalla laid down on the sand, Zuri gave him the potion of the herb, letting him consume it. While manifesting his powers, TChalla was buried deep into the sand, as his body began to quickly dissolve due to the side effects of the herb.


TChalla sees his father in the Ancestral Plane

In the Ancestral Plane, TChalla woke up from the sand he was buried in and noticed inside the plane was a grassland field with purple skyline across it, noticing a group of black panthers on top of a tree. As one approached, turning into his father, TChalla became incredibly shocked the sight of him being with him hugged him as he cries for his forgiveness and kneeled down before him, only to get a remark from him being a King of Wakanda.


TChalla wakes up from the Ancestral Plane

Once he picked himself up to talk to his father, TChalla told him that he wasnt ready to be King just yet but TChaka told him that he trained and studied for all his life to be King. TChalla told his father that was not what he was talking about, telling him he was not ready to be King without his father, leading TChaka to tell him that he is a good man with a good heart and its hard for a good man to be a great King. With that revelation, TChalla awoke from his burial and told Zuri that his father was in the Ancestral Plane.[2]

Council with Zuri


TChalla talking about TChakas life

I told him not to speak at the UN. He taught me not to trust the outside world. Why did he change his views?
Time. It has a way of making you look back on the things that you have done.
―TChalla and Zuri[src]

Following his reunion with TChaka in the Ancestral Plane, TChalla spoke with Zuri about how he became the Black Panther. He remembered watching his father rule as Black Panther, performing amazing feats, but was told by TChaka that hed gotten too old for the mantle, and passed it to his son so that he may rule simply as King. However, Zuri claimed that the only reason TChaka had given it up was that hed gotten too fat to fit the Panther Habit, much to both of their amusement.


TChalla questions TChakas past motives

TChalla then mournfully stated that hed tried to keep his father from speaking in Vienna, and questioned why his father abandoned the isolationist ideas hed raised TChalla to follow. Zuri responded by stating that time changed TChaka, causing him to look back on his actions in the past, and attempt to correct them.[12]

Getting a Message


TChalla and Nakia discuss staying in the city

Klaue has escaped our pursuits for almost 30 years. Not capturing him is perhaps, my fathers greatest regret. I wish to bring Klaue back here to stand trial.

Having finished his coronation for today, TChalla took the time to walk with Nakia on the streets of Golden City, wanting to have her stay there; however, she decided not to as she wanted to support his father and that she isnt happy to abandon any other people that have nothing.


TChalla talking with Nakia about her ideas

TChalla then asked what would Nakia do about Wakanda and told him that provide aid, access to technology, and refuge to those who need it, using other countries as an example and do them better than them. TChalla rebuttals Nakias motives, saying that Wakanda would lose its way of life despite how she tells him that the country can help refugees and protect themselves. TChalla remarks that she would make a stubborn Queen, but was responded by him that she would make a great queen because of her stubbornness.


TChalla talking with WKabi about Wakanda

TChalla then took the time to visit the Border Tribe and see how WKabi was doing in his farm, looking at one of his White Rhinoceros and commenting on how it is still growing with all the food it is consuming. TChalla was later asked if Nakia and he were working things with each other, only for him to become silent about it. Having WKabi telling him what was wrong, TChalla was thinking about Nakias idea of foreign aid, listening to WKabi that if refugees gain access to the country theyll bring their problems.


TChalla is told by Okoye about Ulysses Klaue

After talking about aiding other countries with WKabi, TChalla was contacted by Okoye and greeted WKabi as her love, she informed that a misidentified Wakandan artifact was stolen at the Museum of Great Britain, learning that Ulysses Klaue has plans to sell it to an American buyer in South Korea. Inside the council, TChalla decides to pursue Klaue, promising WKabi that he will kill where he stands, and proceeding with the mission.[2]



TChalla enters Shuris Lab with his guards

Hey. Wait a minute.
The nanites absorb the kinetic energy… and hold it in place for redistribution.
Very nice.
―TChalla and Shuri[src]

Gaining information from Okoye about Ulysses Klaue about his plans to sell Wakandan artifacts, TChalla started his mission by deciding to go inside of Shuris lab with his Dora Milaje beside him along the way. Once TChalla entered inside the Great Mound where the lab is located, he greets the other guards who are protecting their doorways, seeing Shuri waiting for him and greeting him as a King.


TChalla listening to Shuris updates

As Shuri was mockingly introducing her brother, TChalla told her to stop it while chuckling with laughter and committed a handshake with her. TChalla was then being toured around back to her lab to show him new improvements to his equipment, such as a vibranium car that was sent to Busan to take it on his upcoming mission. When Shuri asked who will be coming along with his mission, TChalla responded that Okoye and Nakia will be with him, saying it would be fine to take his ex on the mission, considering that Shuri would be called for backup.


TChalla wears his new Sneakers

Looking further into the lab, TChalla was introduced with new communication devices with unlimited range, equipped with an audio surveillance system, and new Kimoyo beads. TChalla then asked what are the new Sneakers that were showcased, only to be made fun of for wearing royal sandals from Shuri. Despite being made fun of, TChalla showed off his sandals, saying he decided to go old school for his first day as King.


TChalla sees the upgraded Panther Habits

Once he wore his new sneakers, TChalla was impressed with how it was automated and soundproof, to which he was made fun of again by Shuri for calling them Sneakers. Shuri the showcased the most significant change to his Panther Habit, which TChalla told that his previous design was set for an update, Shuri countered that it was functional, it could be changed, making fun that if people are shooting at him, he would need put on his helmet.


TChalla being impressed with the new Habit

TChalla was then introduced to a model with a golden necklace, but TChalla proposed the idea to not be seen, he decided to pick the model with a silver necklace. Shuri then asked TChalla to summon the Panther Habit, letting it materialize, stored into the necklace when not in use. TChalla was then asked to strike it, only for Shuri to angrily yell at him. TChalla then noticed that the suit was glowing, informed that it can absorb damage and emit it back for redistribution.


TChalla demanding Shuri to delete her video

TChalla was then asked to kick the Panther Habit again at the same spot, however, Shuri started to video record from her Kimoyo beads, getting suspicious, TChalla asked why she was recording him before he could kick the mannequin. After Shuri responded that it was only for research purposes, TChalla proceeded to kick the model only for the kinetic energy to blow on impact, sending him flying. Lying on the ground, TChalla demanded a laughing Shuri to delete the humiliating footage of him.[2]

Manhunt for Ulysses Klaue


TChalla is accompanied by Nakia and Okoye

Did you think we would forget? Look at me, murderer! Where did you get this weapon?
You savages didnt deserve it. Whoa. Mercy, King, mercy!
Every breath you take is mercy from me.
―Black Panther and Ulysses Klaue[src]

Once he learned that Ulysses Klaue had stolen a vibranium artifact from the Museum of Great Britain and was planning to sell it on the black market, TChalla used is new Panther Habit intact and traveled to Busan to arrest Ulysses Klaue. TChalla then assigned Okoye to come along with the mission with Nakia in their car, arriving at South Korea.


TChalla talks to Nakia about their mission

Getting out of the car, TChalla arrived at a fish market that held a casino clubhouse behind the store owners marketplace. Following Nakia, he listened to her talking to a woman who owned a fish market business, telling her to gain passage with her friends, despite looking like she became too suspicious, she would then let them come into to the casino. TChalla went past the security check, walking inside the casino and focusing on the mission to find the buyer. TChalla told Okoye to stay on the lookout on where they arrived and courted Nakia off the staircase to talk closely on how the mission would proceed.


TChalla greeting Everett Ross in the casino

When Okoye interrupted their conversation in an intercom, TChalla and Nakia separated from each other, noticing Everett Ross, noting that this mission had gotten complicated. Surprised to find that Ross was the buyer Klaue, TChalla greeted and questioned Ross motives. Ross pointed that he would not listen after knowing that he wore a bulletproof cat-suit, despite being confronted for his secret, TChalla swore to him that Klaue will be taken custody by him.


TChalla refuses Everett Ross deal

Telling him to stay away from Klaue, TChalla left the casino and stay in the distance until Klaue entered the room. Ross would returned to TChalla and noted that the vibranium that Klaue had managed to steal appeared to link back to what was used by Ultron during the Battle of Sokovia, promising that they could then discuss handing Klaue over to TChalla once the CIA was finished with him, but TChalla refused to make a deal.


TChalla notices the commotion behind him

Eventually, Ulysses Klaue arrived at the Jagalchi Market Casino, with Klaue surrounded by bodyguards who filled up the casino as Klaue went downstairs to make the exchange with Ross. TChalla informs Okoye that Klaue is with Ross, noticing more Americans surrounding Klaue, TChalla stood across the room to hear about the deal. Noticing commotion, TChalla tells Okoye to stand her ground and not bring attention to Klaues henchmen. However, once Okoye decided to fight, TChalla noticed one of them landed on the pool table.


TChalla personally confronts Ulysses Klaue

However, the exchange was then unexpectedly interrupted by the position of Okoye, resulting in TChalla furiously throwing one of Klaues bodyguards away to save Ross back from the shootout. Seeing this, TChalla then apprehended one of Klaues henchmen and fought against multiple of them in the middle of the room. TChalla looked over the balcony to see Klaue getting away from the scene, he leaped over the top and yelled at him for being a murderer.


TChalla hijacking a car to chase Klaue

Once Klaue shot at him with his sonic arm cannon, TChalla got up from the ground after getting knocked out from the balcony. TChalla called Shuri once he got out of the casino, telling her to drive and quickly equipped the new Panther Habit and backflipped onto the car. As he stood onto the car, TChalla was taken up for a ride, chasing one of Klaues henchmen and took a turn from the car once they notice lane with an intersection.


Black Panther aggressively latches onto a van

Chasing Klaues henchmen outside of their van, TChalla pursued them through at the back of the van with help from Shuri to drive closer to it. While stopping the thugs, TChalla ripped through the roof and threw one of the drivers that landed on the ground and killed by Shuri, as an accident. Once he subdued the last henchmen inside the car, TChalla managed to hop onto the car and entered in the freeway.


Black Panther disables the car behind him

Going into a bridge, TChalla saw one of the henchmen began to shoot him down, withstanding the bullets coming to contact with him. TChalla then listened to Shuri about how he was charged with kinetic energy and needed to release it. Having an idea, TChalla told Shuri to drive past the other car and front of the henchmens van. TChalla managed to land onto the van and disable the ride with a kinetic pulse, doing a backflip and landed onto the car.


Black Panther stopping Ulysses Klaue

Following the last vehicle, TChalla prepared to kill Klaue, noticed that he was in the passenger seat. Once Klaue notice him on the spot, TChalla dodged away from the sonic cannon while the car was blown away, TChalla landed onto the ceiling wall of a neon sign and leaped onto the side the van, shoving his claws into wheels, disabling the car. TChalla landed onto the ground as the van crashed toward a fruit market.


Black Panther threatens to kill Ulysses Klaue

After the van crashed, TChalla madly walked up to Klaue and equipped his claws, absorbing the blast with his Panther Habit and then ripped Klaues prosthetic arm off. Getting close, TChalla yelled at Klaue, telling him about the people he killed. Being called a savage, TChalla threatened Klaue to kill him outright but after Nakia arrived to see him and told him that hundreds of eyewitnesses are present in the plaza, he handed him over to Ross.[2]

Klaues Escape


TChalla watches Ulysses Klaue from a mirror

Your father told the UN that Klaue stole all the vibranium you had. But now hes telling me you have more.
And you believe the word of an arms dealer strapped to a chair?
Everett Ross and TChalla[src]

With Ulysses Klaue finally in their custody, TChalla decided to take him back to CIA South Korean Black Site to answer for his crimes. Taken into the interrogation room, TChalla and Okoye looked after Klaue as he was handcuffed to chair from his hands and ankles. While Klaue was mockingly kissing at their mirrored glass while he was standing, TChalla listened to Everett Ross, who suggested that he would speak with Klaue for five minutes, Okoye spoke to TChalla in Xhosa, about not leaving Klaue with Ross, responding that he will take him to Wakanda after Ross is done with questioning.


TChalla thanking Everett Ross for his help

Speaking in English again, TChalla insisted that he allowed taking Klaue back to Wakanda once Ross finished his interrogation, which Ross rejected. When Ross casually tapped TChalla on the chest, Okoye threatened him in Xhosa, telling TChalla she will impale him to this desk if he touches him. Leading Ross to go inside the other room, TChalla interrupted Ross before going inside, placing his hand onto his shoulder and thanked him for all of his help with capturing Klaue.


TChalla listening to the interrogation

Unbeknownst to Ross, TChalla had secretly planted a listening device on the agent, so he could listen to their conversation. In the room, Klaue recommended that Ross put more trust in him rather than the Wakandans, which Ross dismissed before asking about Klaues prosthetic arm and where Klaue had gotten it from. Klaue explained that the arm was an old mining tool which he had modified. Listening further, TChalla realizes that Klaue is spilling out information about Wakanda that shouldnt be said.


TChalla is questioned by Everett Ross

During his interrogation, Klaue explained to Ross that Wakanda is not a third-world country as everyone was led to believe, and the vibranium he had stolen was insignificant to the mass amount they possessed to date. Once Ross stepped out of the room TChalla was confronted over Klaues claims about Wakanda, being told at the U.N, that Klaue had stolen all of the vibranium that they had, although TChalla had retorted such statements, he was furthered questioned.


Black Panther taking action during an attack

As Ross confronted TChalla about the truth of his country, he was informed by Nakia that an attack is being held at the moment, only for an explosion to hit near them in the interrogation room. When an armed gunman breached the wall of the interrogation room, he threw a grenade at the office, TChalla equipped his Panther Habit to stop it from exploding. Once he stopped the grenade, TChalla stood up to see that Klaue was abducted.


TChalla listens to Okoye about the attack

Noticing Klaue escaping in their grasp, TChalla chased them only for one of them holding a grande launcher and aimed it at TChalla, exploding on impact. After being saved by the blast in his suit, TChalla hesitated after seeing a man wearing a Wakandan Royal Ring around his neck similar to his fathers, allowing them to escape. Getting up from the ground, TChalla was informed that Ross was shot in the spine, looking back he decided to go inside again.


TChalla takes Everett Ross to his country

Into the room, TChalla returned to the others to find that Ross had been severely injured while protecting Nakia. As Ross dove on top of Nakia and taking a bullet into his spine as a result, TChalla used a Kimoyo bead to stabilize his wound. Understanding the risks of bringing a foreign agent into his home, TChalla ordered Ross brought to Wakanda to heal him in gratitude for saving Nakia.[2]

Saving Agent Ross


TChalla brings Everett Ross to Wakanda

I am well aware of my duties, General! I cannot just let him die, knowing we can save him.
―TChalla to Okoye[src]

Despite Okoyes objections, TChalla brought Everett Ross back to Wakanda, taking him inside the Royal Talon Fighter and traveled back to Wakanda. Standing above Ross from his medical bed, TChalla was asked by Okoye about how should they justify bringing him to the country. TChalla responded that since he can not just let Ross die knowing that there they could save him due to their medical advancements.


TChalla brings Everett Ross into Shuris lab

Bringing Ross to Shuris lab, TChalla put Ross on the medical board and took him down the hallway with Okoye and Nakia beside him. Taking in his care, Shuri looked at Ross and was quite pleased that her brother brought another broken white boy for her to fix, TChalla then placed onto the table and let Shuri examine his spine with her Kimoyo bead. Analyzing Ross X-Ray scan, TChalla was informed by Shuri that he will survive from the injuries.


TChalla telling WKabi that he lost Klaue

Noticing a call, TChalla walked over to WKabi who arrived for Ulysses Klaues return for his crimes. When asked if he brought Klaue, TChalla told WKabi that Klaue was slipped through from their hands. Seeing WKabi disappointed, TChalla was told that when his father took over as King for thirty years, he did nothing and having his friend would be different. Watching WKabi leave, TChalla was left in distraught on how close he apprehended Klaue.[2]

Skeletons in the Closet


TChalla demands the truth about his father

That is not your choice to make. What happened to him?
I promised the King to say nothing–
I am your King now!
―TChalla and Zuri[src]

TChalla confronted Zuri and demanded the truth about NJobu, whom TChaka said disappeared one day. He went on to explain the arrival of a man wearing his grandfathers royal ring who helped Ulysses Klaue escape from capture. Zuri, hesitant, stated that he had promised TChaka, his former king, he would not tell of NJobus fate, but TChalla furiously stated he is the current King of Wakanda.


TChalla listens to Zuri about the truth

Reluctantly, Zuri explained that NJobu fell in love with an American woman while on a War Dog assignment, and was discovered through Zuri to have hired Klaue less than thirty years ago to steal vibranium from the country to aid in the civil unrest in America after witnessing the tragedies happening to the African Americans there. NJobu was upset that TChaka couldnt understand the need to share the rare metal with the rest of the Africans in the world.


TChalla discovers the truth about his uncle

When TChaka ordered his brother to return and face punishment, NJobu pulled a gun on Zuri for betraying him but was quickly disarmed and killed by TChaka, leaving the king heartbroken, ordering Zuri to keep his actions a secret. Zuri explained that TChaka knew of NJobus child with the American woman, but decided to leave the boy behind to maintain the lie that NJobu disappeared. TChalla was left appalled by his fathers action of lying about his uncle and orphaning his cousin.


TChalla listens to Nakia for advice

Sitting near a cliff with Nakia, TChalla talked to her about his father killing his uncle and left his cousin, a child, behind with nothing, questioning why would he would do such thing. TChalla was told by Nakia that no man is perfect. TChalla realizes that his father never gave him a proper burial, after his uncle betrayed their family, thinking he may have created something even worse. Despite his concern, Nakia advises TChalla that he must not let his fathers mistakes determine what TChalla will do as the king.


TChalla learns about his cousins background

Having a call from his Kimoyo bead, TChalla was informed by Shuri that she had some important news that he must attend to the lab. Having been joined by Everett Ross and Shuri, TChalla listened to the group on everything he knew of Erik Stevens background as a member of a highly trained section of the United States Navy SEALs where he got a reputation as a killer, nicknamed Killmonger. While Ross explains and the other Wakandans listened closely, TChalla began looking at Killmongers record.[2]

Fight for the Throne

Meeting Erik Killmonger


TChalla notices Erik Killmongers arrival

I dont care that you brought Klaue, the only reason I dont kill you where you stand is because I know who you are. Now, what do you want?
I want the throne.
―TChalla and Erik Killmonger[src]

Returning to the Golden City, TChalla held a meeting with the Tribal Council, when Erik Killmonger was brought up to the council with WKabi, who was presented with Ulysses Klaues corpse at the border of Wakanda, much to TChallas surprise.


TChalla personally confronts Erik Killmonger

Once Killmonger was invited to speak, TChalla was told that he is standing in the room, further noting that he had served justice to Wakandans by killing Klaue who had been responsible for the previous Attack on Wakanda and had stolen vibranium, telling to council that he was able to deliver justice to the country. Angered by this insult, TChalla got up from his throne and personally confronted Killmonger, walking up to him, closely followed by Okoye. TChalla pointedly clarified that he doesnt care about him bringing Klaue and the only reason he didnt kill him where he stands is that he knew who Killmonger really was.


TChalla asks for Erik Killmongers motives

Asking a question, TChalla listened to Killmonger, saying that he wanted the throne. Noticing the council was sitting down comfortably, Killmonger told TChalla that two billion people all over the world that look like his ethnicity, saying their lives are a lot harder and Wakanda has the tools to liberate. TChalla then asked for what kind of tools is Killmonger wanting, abruptly told that it was vibranium. Aggressively, TChalla responded that he will wage war on the world.


TChalla is asked for Erik Killmongers name

TChalla would counter that it is not Wakandas way to be judge, jury, and executioner for people who are not their own. Killmonger retorted by asking that life started in right on the continent of Africa, all people should be his people. TChalla responded that he is not King of all people, only a King of Wakanda, telling it was his responsibility to make sure his people are safe and that vibranium does not fall into the hands of a person like Killmonger.


TChalla accepts Erik Killmongers challenge

Demanding the king to ask his name, TChalla dismiss Killmongers request and told his guards to take him away. However, when the River Tribe Elder asked for Killmongers identity, Killmonger told what his name was NJadaka and was the son of NJobu in Xhosa, taking TChalla by surprise. With evidence by WKabi showing his ring, TChalla was challenged for the throne and the Black Panther mantle. Pondering on the idea, TChalla decided to accept the challenge.[2]

Killmongers Challenge


TChalla warns Erik Killmonger to not fight

This is your last chance. Throw down your weapons, and we can handle this another way.
―TChalla to Erik Killmonger[src]

As they had prepared for the duel, TChalla and Erik Killmonger were both taken to Warrior Falls where Killmonger was then given his spear and sword, while the Tribal Council watched closely. Zuri used a potion to stripped TChallas powers of the Black Panther strength, leaving them on equal footing ready for the challenge.


TChalla fighting against Erik Killmonger

Once he stood back up, TChalla gave Killmonger one final chance to lay down all his weapons so they could handle the situation another way. Instead, Killmonger then removed his Bulletproof Vest and shirt, revealing his tribal Crocodile Scarring, and told him how he had lived his entire life for this one moment, noting how he had killed all across the world, including Afghanistan, Iraq, and Africa, just so that he could kill TChalla. With everything in place, Zuri had then announced that the challenge could begin as TChalla immediately began on the defensive as Killmonger attacked him by swinging his weapons, landing a deadly blow against him.


TChalla defends himself from Erik Killmonger

With all of Killmongers military training allowed him to push him back, TChalla soon found that his skills with the tribal weapons took the advantage as he managed to lock Killmonger into a block and held him back, using his shield to defend himself. As Killmonger became frustrated, TChalla endured several heavy strikes that were landed against him repeatedly, in an attempt to beat him into submission. However, TChalla was able to use all Killmongers rage against him, knocking him off balance and onto his back, telling Killmonger to yield the duel.


TChalla is wounded by Erik Killmonger

After Killmonger refused to back down once he got back onto his feet, TChalla continued gaining the advantage as he sliced Killmonger across the face with a non-fatal strike. When Killmonger stood back up, TChalla continued to gain the upper hand at first, eventually, Killmonger was able to land a heavy kick and managed to slice TChalla across his inner thigh. Once he was hurt, TChalla was beaten down before being sliced across the chest and arm.


TChalla loudly mourns over Zuris death

When TChalla then attempted to punch Killmonger, TChalla was easily beaten down in front of his horrified family. Killmonger then raised his blade and prepared to execute TChalla, telling him that it would in revenge for TChaka killing his own father. Before Killmonger could deliver the final blow, Zuri intervened, claiming that he was truly responsible for his fathers death and that he should take his life instead. Despite that, TChalla told Zuri to not stop the duel, Killmonger happily obliged.


TChalla is thrown out into the waterfall

Distraught over Zuris untimely death, TChalla lunged at Killmonger once more but missed. As Killmonger stood over, TChalla was now unable to get up as he called out to those watching and claimed that TChalla would never be able to lead them and was unworthy of being Black Panther. Once he finally gathered enough strength to try and fight back, TChalla was picked up on his feet before throwing him off the side of Warrior Falls and landed into shore.[2]

Saved by the Jabari Tribe


TChalla is found and saved in Jabari Land

You are wrong! All of you are wrong!...To turn your backs on the rest of the world! We let the fear of discovery stop us from doing what is right. No more! I cannot stay here with you. I cannot rest while he sits on the throne! He is a monster of our own making! I must take the mantle back. I must! I must right these wrongs!
―TChalla to TChaka[src]

Flowing all the water shores, TChalla was found in the Jabari Land in the freezing rivers where their fisherman was doing their labor and brought him back to their domain. MBaku decided to save his life as repayment for his mercy at the falls earlier. Unconscious, TChalla was in a comatose state and covered in snow before almost dying from the wounds he endured.


TChalla entering in the Ancestral Plane

Once Nakia, Ramonda, Shuri, and Everett Ross had escaped from Erik Killmongers consolidated power, they were taken into MBakus chamber and attempted to give away one the Heart-Shaped Herbs. MBaku then had shown TChalla in his comatose condition, stabilized by the surrounding snow, Ramonda remembered to use the herb to bring him back. Awaking in the Ancestral Plane, TChalla was greeted by TChaka and invited to join him and the rest of his ancestors.


TChalla swears on taking the mantle back

Instead of staying with his father, TChalla was furious at TChaka for what happened to his uncle and cousin and angered by the other Black Panthers for how their strict isolationism has led to suffering around the world. TChalla declared his work wasnt done yet and must take the mantle back and write the wrongs of his father. In the brisk of the cold climate, TChalla woke up in the relief of his loved ones, looking at everyone in his direction and asked for a blanket as they laughed and smiled from his remark.[2]

Agreement with MBaku


TChalla declares on taking the mantle back

Once he had rested in MBakus land until morning dawn, TChalla was informed that Erik Killmonger was reigning supreme in Wakanda, having the full support of the military and burned the garden of the Heart-Shaped Herb, as he was trained to destabilize foreign countries. Informed that their weapons will be sent all over the world, TChalla declared that he must get his family out of Wakanda safely, saying that his challenge will have to continue.


TChalla joins forces with his allies

Arguing that his duty is to keep his people safe, TChalla responds that if Killmonger gets control over their technology, nowhere will be safe. When Shuri got up from her seat, TChalla was given his silver necklace that will equip his Panther Habit, saying that the Black Panther lives and will be right there beside him, as Nakia and Everett Ross decided to join in the fight alongside him. As they have a moment of uniting as a team, TChalla was caught off guard when MBaku was yawning very loudly and asking them if they were done talking before they take action.


TChalla request for MBakus tribe to fight

Ordering his family, Nakia, and Ross to leave the room for privacy, TChalla thanked MBaku for saving his life as they both gained truce once MBaku expressed he spared his life in their duel for the throne. Once they were settled down, TChalla requested that his mother to stay with his land and he and the rest of the Jabari Tribe would help overthrow Killmonger, MBaku agreed with his statement but in a serious manner, he quickly declined.


TChalla leaves MBaku to himself

Saying that he is the first King to come for his tribe in centuries, MBaku questions that he spoke for his tribe, TChalla retorted that he cant speak for all the Kings in the past but with Killmonger on the throne, he proposed who will be next the group of people to overthrow. With MBaku declining to help, TChalla and his group left the tribe, with Panther Habit prepared for the coming battle.[2]

Battle for Wakanda


Black Panther returns to battle in Wakanda

I never yielded! And as you can see, I am not dead!
All that challenge shit is over with. Im the king now.
―Black Panther and Erik Killmonger[src]

Preparing for battle, TChalla went over to Wakanda while Nakia, Shuri, and Everett Ross secretly go over there to sneak around the Great Mound. As Erik Killmonger and the Border Tribe prepared to deliver vibranium weapons to War Dogs around the world, TChalla destroyed the aircraft, crashing into the ground.


Black Panther challenges Erik Killmonger

With the aircraft on fire, TChalla emerged from the debris and removed his mask to reveal his identity. TChalla then walked over the field and yelled at Killmonger, shouting his real name and that he never yielded nor was killed in his challenge with him. Despite that Killmonger had stated that the Ritual Combat was over, Killmonger ordered WKabi to kill TChalla and the Border Tribe began to charge at him. While Okoye and the Dora Milaje betrayed Killmongers reign, Black Panther called Shuri to move along inside the lab and began to fight the Border Tribe.


Black Panther subdues multiple soldiers

When the Border Tribes use of defense shields, TChalla jumped over them and used his kinetic pulse to release, resulting into exploding on impact, grabbing onto one of the soldiers Sonic Spears and threw it at one of the aircraft. As the destruction started to brew more attention, half of the Dora Milaje were sent down to battle out WKabis men, fighting for the King. On the brink of the battle, TChalla subdued many of WKabis soldiers that were attacking him.


Black Panther chases down a White Rhino

As the battle when on, TChalla took off his mask and confronted WKabi, telling him to stop his soldiers from fighting, but refusing to listen to him, WKabi continued to blow on his airhorn, much to TChalla shouting no to him. As the Border tribe members shout over the airhorn, the White Rhinoceros began to huddle in groups and crash into the broken aircraft that TChalla recently destroyed. After the Rhinos hit several Dora Milije members, TChalla chased one of them down and grabbed its horn, subduing it onto the ground as the piece of debris had pinned it down


TChalla seeing Shuri being attacked

Continued to battle, TChalla fought against several of WKabis soldiers until one of the rhinos hit him so hard that flew across the field and landed onto the ground near a rock. As Killmonger, wearing the other Panther Habit, defeated Okoye and three of the Dora Milaje members, he turned his attention to Shuri. Seeing this, TChalla released his kinetic pulse and began to charge at Killmonger, tackling him, causing both to fall into the Great Mound.


TChalla tells Shuri to turn on the train

As they proceeded to fall several stories high, TChalla began to trade blows with Killmonger in between to get away from each other, resulting into him landing onto the railroad of the Wakandan Maglev Train. On the platform, TChalla dodged an incoming attack by Killmonger and fought on the tracks of one of the vibranium transport trains. TChalla asked Shuri to activate the train, knowing it would activate the Sonic Stabilizers, rendering his, and Killmongers suits useless from time-to-time.


TChalla arguing at Erik Killmongers reign

After the railroad was activated, TChalla was able swiftly to avoid the train while Killmonger began to attack him outright. As the two escaped from the railroad, TChalla noticed that his suit was tearing and repairing, along with Killmongers as well. As Killmonger began to denounce his reign, TChalla countered that he just want Wakanda to be just like the people he hates by dividing and conquering a foreign land.


TChalla screaming at Erik Killmonger

When Killmonger tried to rebuttal, TChalla responded that he will become just like his oppressors and will destroy the world, Wakanda included. As Killmonger cried out that the world took everything away from him, TChalla was threatened that he will be even by tracking anyone who will ever think about being loyal to him and kill them just like Zuri. Knowing that he will never stop murdering the one he loved, TChalla screamed at Killmonger and began to charge at him, continuing to fight each other.


Black Panther furiously fights Erik Killmonger

As the fight started to become more frantic, TChalla fought against Killmonger, gaining the upper hand by throwing him off the railroad and ended hurting him, while trying to stay at bay. Once Killmonger grabbed a short spear, TChalla avoided his strikes once the duel continued. TChalla was pushed back, trying to switch the blade toward him, only to move over to his side. When the train moved along, TChalla punched the knife away and in the air, TChalla rolled over, catching the spear, and fatally stabbed Killmonger in the heart.


TChalla proposes on saving Erik Killmonger

Knowing the fight was over, TChalla listened to Killmongers memories about his father, and how he told him that Wakanda was the most beautiful place in the world. After this, TChalla helped Killmonger go on top of the mine reached the cliff to watch the sunset. While there, TChalla offered to heal Killmonger, but Killmonger refused, saying that he would rather die, pulling the spear out of his body, bleeding to death.[2]

Giving the World Resources


TChalla returns to the Tribal Council

This is where our father killed our uncle.
Theyre tearing it down. Good.
They are not tearing it down. I bought the building. And that building. And that one over there.
―TChalla and Shuri[src]

Periodically after reclaiming Wakanda, TChalla buried Erik Killmonger, as the rest of the Dora Milaje and the Border Tribe settled down after their battle was over, stopping the weapons that were meant to be send out into the world. TChalla reassigned himself as the King of Wakanda, going over to reclaim his throne inside the Tribal Council.


TChalla and Nakia meet each other in the city

As Wakanda was finally prospering, TChalla went over to the streets of the Golden City to meet up with Nakia at a stairwell, deciding to talk about their recent actions. After greeting the locals that were walking up the stairs, TChalla proceeded to thank Nakia for her actions by saving him and his family. Nakia then responded that the peoples nation was her duty to fight for what she loved before stumbling her words toward TChalla.


TChalla tells Nakia to stay with him

Once she continued on, TChalla interrupted Nakias sentence by kissing her and after stopping he tries to rationalize by almost dying. After making a remark, TChalla was then kissed by Nakia and once it was done, he asked Nakia to stay, knowing a way to still fulfill her calling, pleading for her stay in the city. Deciding to stay there, TChalla was tenderly kissed by Nakia again, settling their relationship.


TChalla tells Shuri about the sold-out buildings

Later on, TChalla and Shuri went over to Oakland in California and looked at the old apartment building of his uncle. Shuri would remark on what TChalla said by going to California for the first time, she thought of Coachella or Disneyland. Asked why by Shuri they were there in the first place, TChalla told Shuri where their father killed NJobu, informing her that it will not be tearing down, which to her relief while reading the sign.


TChalla breaks the news of Shuris property

Breaking the news to her, TChalla told Shuri that he bought the old apartment building and a couple of other landmarks, saying that it will be Wakandas first Wakandan International Outreach Centre. TChalla also announced the news that Shuri will be ahead of the science and information exchange, having her in disbelief. Activating a new Royal Talon Fighter up from the sky as a gift, TChalla made it nontransparent in the basketball for Shuri to ride.


TChalla notices a child in front of him

As the children noticed the ship, gawking at the sight of it and planned to sell the parts of it, until Shuri told the kids that it was hers and when asked of where she came from, she told them that she was from Wakanda, much to their confusion. As TChalla leaned over the fence, he was asked by one boy with braids on his hair if the ship on the court was his or not and later realizing that he is likely the owner of the jet, asked who he was, smiling at him.[2]

Joining the United Nations


TChalla arriving in Vienna International Centre

Wakanda will no longer watch from the shadows. We can not. We must not. We will work to be an example of how we, as brothers and sisters on this earth, should treat each other. Now, more than ever, the illusions of division threaten our very existence. We all know the truth: more connects us than separates us. But in times of crisis the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers. We must find a way to look after one another as if we were one single tribe.

Heading over to United Nations, TChalla walked into over to the Vienna International Centre with Okoye Nakia, and Ayo beside him as he entered. When Everett Ross arrived to meet up, TChalla was greeted by him before being asked for a private conversation, to which TChalla asked to give them space. TChalla listened to Ross recommendation that he should not reveal their wealth and power to the United Nations, fearing the response could be dangerous.


TChalla decides to go on with his speech

TChalla, however, insisted to Ross that he would no longer rule out of fear like his father had done, believing they should lead by example. While Ross heard this, TChallas decision was accepted and went off with his people to let him make his speech. Before leaving, however, TChalla was wished good luck in Xhosa, however, he mispronounced some words which caused Okoye and Ayo to laugh alongside Nakia while Ross insisted that he practiced his phrase, TChalla thanked him in Xhosa.[12]


TChalla giving a speech to the United Nations

Entering the room with photographers and cameramen on him, TChalla then gave his speech in which he established full relations between Wakanda and the rest of the world, promising to share their vibranium and technology. Continuing his speech, TChalla spoke about letting Wakanda to no longer watch from the shadows and the people will work to be an example of how Human beings on Earth should treat each other, with no illusions of division threaten our very existence.


TChalla finalizes his speech to the public

Focusing on every listener, TChalla told the public that a connection between other countries is now more in need than ever. When one of the senators questioned what a small country in Africa with no resources could do, he gave a speech that officially ending Wakandas isolation and proclaiming all of Earth as one tribe, much to the utter amazement of the rest of the world who were watching.[13]

Saving the Winter Soldier


TChalla accepts on helping Bucky Barnes

Your friend and my father, they were both victims. If I can help one of them find peace...
You know if they find out hes here, theyll come for him.
Let them try.
―TChalla and Steve Rogers[src]

TChalla then returned home to Wakanda, bringing with him Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Offering the latter asylum, he informed the pair that the best chance of having the Winter Soldier Programming removed was for Barnes to return to cryo-sleep stasis, which Barnes agreed to do.


TChalla promises to protect Bucky Barnes

After Shuri explained how she intended to remove the HYDRA programming,[10] Barnes willingly let himself freeze in a cryo-chamber until the Wakandan Design Group scientists could find a way to cure him of HYDRAs brainwashing. Rogers warned TChalla that forces of opposition would come and declare war on Wakanda for allowing Barnes to take refuge, to which TChalla replied that they could try as the two overlooked the landscape of the kingdoms mountains.[14]

Infinity War

Recruiting Bucky Barnes


TChalla recruiting Bucky Barnes to fight

Following the attacks by Black Order in New York City and Scotland, the remaining Avengers on Earth traveled to Wakanda and appealed to TChalla for help to extract the Mind Stone from Visions head before Thanos expected invasion of Earth.


TChalla acknowledges the incoming battle

Agreeing to help, TChalla ordered his followers to equip Bucky Barnes with a new prosthetic arm. Alongside with Barnes, Okoye told TChalla that the Royal Guard and the Dora Milaje have been alerted, including the Border Tribe and the Jabari Tribe as well. TChalla told Okoye that despite Barnes being tired of war, he has rested long enough. TChalla visited Barnes and gave him a new prosthetic arm. Noticing the arm, Barnes asked him where the fight is, and TChalla responded that it was on its way.[5]

Preparation for Battle


TChalla seeing the Avengers arrival

Evacuate the city. Engage all defenses. And get this man a shield.

Shortly after TChalla recruited Bucky Barnes, he waited for the Avengers arrival in their Quinjet. Walking toward the helipad, TChalla was asked by Okoye that while opening to the rest the world she did not expect a war incoming, to which he responded with a question with what she had in mind, talking about the Olympics and Starbucks.


TChalla greeting Steve Rogers in Wakanda

Once the Avengers arrived in Wakanda, TChalla was reunited with Steve Rogers, being thanked for his help securing Vision. TChalla was also introduced to Bruce Banner, who was tricked by James Rhodes to bow to him, telling him that his people do not do that sort of thing. Walking over toward the city, TChalla questions how big of an assault can his army expect, Banner responded that it is going to be quite of a big assault, tells the Avengers that they will have the Wakandan Royal Guard, the Border Tribe, the Dora Milaje, and Barnes by their side.


TChalla orders his army in preparation

As he led the Avengers into the Citadel, TChalla tasked Shuri with extracting the Mind Stone from Visions forehead. Once Shuri notices there are more than two trillion neurons here, TChalla informed by her that it will take time to disassemble each part. Alerted by Okoyes Kimoyo bead, TChalla rallied the Wakandans in order to fight the members of the Black Order, knowing that they will come to Wakanda for the Stone.[5]

Battle of Wakanda


TChalla goes over to the Wakandan battlefield

Onto the Wakandan battlefield, TChalla rode along the carriers that are hovering over the ground with Wakandan soldiers and Natasha Romanoff, Rogers, and Barnes on board; while War Machine and Falcon kept the pace overhead, and Banner wears the Hulkbuster armor. As the carrier pilots swerve to stop and the Dora Milaje had joined the ranks, TChalla dropped off from his ride and met MBaku to thank him for his cooperation.


Black Panther leading the forces of Wakanda

Walking toward the edge of the barrier, TChalla, Rogers, and Romanoff stood between where Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian are in front of them. As Midnight drawing her sword, TChalla and his allies were threatened by her, responding to her that Thanos will have nothing but dust and blood on his hands, only for her to send multiple Outriders out from their Outrider Dropship. TChalla went back to lead the Wakandans in the war cry, telling them to hold fast as the Outriders bound toward the barrier as Midnight signaled to attack.


Black Panther running towards the battlefield

Once the enemies quickly appeared, TChalla signaled to shoot them in mass, though most of them could not penetrate Wakandas protective force field. To prevent them from flanking their position and reaching Vision, TChalla ordered the shield wall lowered to funnel the enemies towards them and began to attack them. As the Outriders are coming toward them, TChalla and Rogers rapidly ran ahead due to their enhancements and leaped into battle.


Black Panther contacts Shuri during battle

Over his intercom, TChalla told Shuri on how much time she had left for her to fix Vision, responding that she barely begun, asking her to pick up the pace. As the battle continued on, a large beam of light lands in the middle of the field, revealing Thor, Groot and Rocket Raccoon, TChalla paused in shock and surprise. Upon witnessing Obsidian killing several Wakandans, TChalla leaped onto him and used all his collected kinetic energy to punch him.


Black Panther tells his army to fall back

When the disturbance reached the edge of the trees, a vast number of Threshers began to shred everything in their path, prompting TChalla to command his army to fall back from them. Though many lives were lost, TChalla and his Wakandan army fought valiantly and killed many of Thanos forces with Thor having to arrive alongside to help them turn the tide of the battle.[5]

Thanos Victory


Black Panther witnesses the arrival of Thanos

Up, General! Up! This is no place to die.
―TChalla to Okoye[src]

As TChalla and the remaining Avengers had gathered near a forest, they discovered a disturbance coming towards them. As the group became silent enough, Thanos teleported himself to Earth and arrived in Wakanda to personally retrieve the Mind Stone. Once Thanos stood and observe, Captain America ordered the group to stay sharp and attack him.


Black Panther is taken down by Thanos

As Thanos dominion over the fabrics of reality given to him by the nearly completed Infinity Gauntlet, TChalla attempted to attack him with the use of his kinetic energy pulse to implode onto his opponent. However, with little effect, the Mad Titan easily grabbed TChalla by the shoulder with his Infinity Gauntlet hand and punched him with so much force that all the energies in his Panther Habit were expelled, knocking him out instantly.


TChalla starting to fade away into dust

Although they bought enough time for Wanda Maximoff to destroy the Mind Stone, Thanos used the Time Stone to undo her actions and retrieved the stone from Vision, destroying him. With a snap of his fingers, Thanos plan came to fruition as half of all sentient life across the whole universe began to disintegrate into dust. TChalla held out his hand to bring Okoye up, only for him to disintegrate in front of her horrified eyes.[5]

Battle of Earth


Black Panther rejoins the fight against Thanos

Five years later, the remnants of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy launched the Time Heist, which ultimately allowed for the Blip, with TChalla as one of the many victims brought back to life. While a 2014 version of Thanos attacked the New Avengers Facility, the Masters of the Mystic Arts led by Doctor Strange and Wong recruited all their restored allies.


Black Panther leads his people into battle

After Thanos had summoned his massive army from the Sanctuary II, TChalla emerged from a Sling Ring portal, along with Shuri and Okoye. He shared a glance with Captain America to show he was back. When all their allies had emerged from portals, Captain America ordered them to attack and TChalla joined the leading charge on the aliens. When the Nano Gauntlet was brought to the surface, Captain America ordered it to be brought to the Quantum Tunnel within Luis van so the Stones within could be returned to their rightful places in time.


Black Panther protects the Nano Gauntlet

When the Outriders were closing in on Hawkeye, TChalla drove them away with his kinetic energy pulse. He then acknowledged Hawkeye, calling him by his first name Clint, something he learned during the Clash of the Avengers and told him to give him the Gauntlet. TChalla then tried to reach the van but was knocked down by Thanos Double-Edged Sword. The warlord then charged at TChalla only to be saved by Wanda Maximoff, who engaged the Titan in combat. TChalla then made another attempt to secure the Gauntlet only to be ensnared by Ebony Maws telekinesis, negating his suits ability to channel kinetic energy. As Maw nearly claimed the Gauntlet, TChalla threw it to the passing Spider-Man.


TChalla present at Tony Starks funeral

As the fight continued, Captain Marvel came within range of the van only for Thanos to destroy it and claim the Gauntlet. Before he could activate the Infinity Stones, however, Iron Man engaged him one last time, assimilating the Stones into his own armor and using their power to end the battle, though at the cost of his own life. After the battle, TChalla resumed his duties as King of Wakanda, overseeing his peoples celebration at their loved ones return, along with Shuri and their mother, Ramonda. Later, he, Shuri, and Okoye were among those present at Tony Starks funeral to honor his sacrifice.[15]


Youre a good man, with a good heart. And its hard for a good man to be king.
TChaka to TChalla[src]

TChalla is polite, respectful, and very caring for the people he is around and who he considers his friends. He is shown to have high respect towards other people, especially towards his father, TChaka. He honors the tradition and principles of Wakanda and is willing to take action whenever it is necessary. When his father died, he was willing and ready to take his rightful place as king of Wakanda. While he does not seem to favor fights, he was very quick to try and avenge his fathers death. An honorable fighter, TChalla respects his opponents and is willing to spare his enemies lives. That being said, he is not opposed to killing his opponents in a fight and does not always try to avoid lethal measures of disabling them. Though he mortally injured Erik Killmonger, he still offered him the chance to heal his wounds and even granted his wish to see Wakandas sunset before dying. When MBaku challenged TChalla for the throne, TChalla focused on forcing MBaku to yield rather than trying to kill him.

Despite shown to be too action-oriented and had too much of a shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude early in his introductions, he is, however, not incapable to see reason and was level-headed enough to know when to keep his emotions in check, shown when he finally had the chance to avenge his father, he ultimately chose not to, knowing that doing so would make him fall as low as Zemo, and would go against what the Black Panther stands for. As he stood by Zemo, the latter explained to him about how he had also lost his loved ones too, and that he and TChalla were not so different, as they both are in pursuit of revenge. It was at this moment that TChalla realized that revenge has completely consumed Zemo, and he realized that this is not what his father would have wanted for him, he even offered to heal Erik Killmonger despite wanting to kill him initially due to the multiple atrocities he committed, and for killing Zuri who was a friend and a mentor to him. In the end, he agreed to help Captain America and Winter Soldier by granting them asylum in Wakanda, despite their status being international criminals now, as he was able to empathize with the pain both went through. He also displays a strong resolve, as when Captain America warned him the world might declare war on his country for housing Winter Soldier, he confidently stated to let them come.

According to his father, TChalla tends to disapprove of diplomacy but was nevertheless supportive of the Sokovia Accords, showing that he is more a warrior at heart than a politician.

Since ascending to the throne as King of Wakanda, he is constantly torn between honoring the traditions of Wakanda and helping the wider world. TChalla personally questions Wakandas isolationism, yet unable to find any solid reasons to take a stand on the issue other than traditions. While he agrees that Wakanda, as the most advanced country in the world, can and should do more to help the world, he is unwilling to revise the countrys isolationist policies.

It isnt until TChalla has been dethroned by his corrupted and very destructive cousin, learning about his fathers mistakes and the country is on the brink of declaring war against the rest of the world, that he realizes that Wakandas isolationism had caused, and will eventually cause, more harm than good to the nations interests, and that of the worlds at large. His epiphany on the matter becomes so firm that he berates his fathers and his predecessors insistence on isolationism in the spirit realm, and vows to make Wakanda truly a part of the world.

To that end, TChalla would develop a strong moral compass, devoting himself to doing whats best for the people around him, even beyond his status as King. TChalla initiated a variety of programs dedicated to providing aid to the needy in foreign countries, and promote exchanges in a variety of fields, as early steps to break Wakandas isolation in a very cautious manner, as it is impossible to fully share Wakandas wealth, technological advancements, and vibranium resources, without causing worldwide chaos.

TChalla is not a very talkative person, as he usually stays silent during conversations and often talks in short sentences. Even though TChalla almost always shows a mostly serious demeanor, he is actually quite humorous and sarcastic around his family and friends. He jokes and playfully interacts with Shuri, Nakia, and Okoye. He also had a good friendship with WKabi and Zuri until the former lost faith in him for his failure to capture Klaue.

In addition to his good-hearted nature, TChalla can also be very helpful to his allies. After realizing that Helmut Zemo was the true killer of his father and not Bucky Barnes, TChalla offered the latter shelter in his homeland of Wakanda and helped cure him of his mental programming by HYDRA. He also assisted Steve Rogers and his faction of the Avengers in fighting against the army of Thanos.

Powers and Abilities


Heart-Shaped Herb Enhancement: After having consumed the Heart-Shaped Herb, TChallas physical attributes have been significantly enhanced to levels comparable to a super soldier. Unlike the Super Soldier Serum, the effects can be removed by drinking a serum that negates the powers of the herbs for ritualistic combat for a fair fight to become King of Wakanda.


TChalla shifting a car with one hand

  • Enhanced Strength: After having consumed the Heart-Shaped Herb, TChallas enhanced strength is beyond the peak of human potential, moving into the early levels of superhuman condition. His superhuman strength allows him to physically overpower humans as well as alien subservients. He can lift and support great amounts of weight, as seen during the Arrest of Ulysses Klaue when he shifted the weight of a 2.14-ton car[16] with one hand. His strength also allows him to send opponents flying through the air from his strikes during combat; while rescuing Nakia from traffickers in the Sambisa Forest, TChalla kicked one of the criminals hard enough to send them flying several meters and into a car, and he could overpower the Winter Soldier despite the latters own strength and fighting ability, able to send him flying through the air with his attacks, was strong enough to easily push back his bionic arm, and even battled Captain America on equal grounds. Furthermore, TChalla was able to swiftly tackle down a charging rhino and throw a vibranium spear with enough force to take down a Wakandan plane. During the Battle of Wakanda, against Thanos army, TChalla was able to overpower many Outriders. Even without the Heart-Shaped Herb, TChalla is in peak physical condition from his years of training, which allowed him to stagger MBaku and even knock him down during their duel.
  • Enhanced Durability: TChalla is much more durable than a normal human being. Even when not wearing his Panther Habit, he can survive blunt force trauma such as being hit with the Winter Soldiers bionic arm and surviving the explosion at the Vienna International Centre despite being right next to the blasts epicenter, both with minor injuries. During the Avengers Civil War, TChalla was able to resist several of Black Widows Taser Disks whereas a normal human would be knocked out by just one. During his pursuit on Ulysses Klaue, TChalla was blasted down onto a casino table and exited the building unharmed.
  • Enhanced Speed: TChalla can run and move at speeds beyond the peak of human potential, moving and running into the early levels of superhuman condition. Like his father, TChaka, he can run as fast as a zebra and outrun a white rhinoceros.[2] He is able to catch up to and outrun speeding vehicles and outpace the running pace of Captain America and Winter Soldier respectively, eventually overtaking the Winter Soldiers motorcycle by using the vehicle Captain America hijacked as a springboard. TChalla has proven to be slightly faster than Captain America, as shown during the Battle of Wakanda, when he ran at almost superior speeds with him when rushing towards the Outriders. He also stabbed Killmonger in the heart with a Vibranium Zulu Short-Spear before the formers nanite suit could reform.

TChalla acrobatically fights Captain America

  • Enhanced Agility: TChallas agility is outstanding, far greater than Olympic athletes. He can coordinate his body with high levels of balance, equilibrium, flexibility, and dexterity. He is capable of leaping great distances with great accuracy. He was able to lunge several feet when attempting to shield his father from the explosion in at the Vienna International Centre. After being propelled into the air by a kinetic pulse, TChalla was able to contort his body mid-air and land on the roof of a vehicle while it was traveling at high speeds.
  • Enhanced Stamina: TChallas musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human and his body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles. This allows him to exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before tiring or slowing down, granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity greater than normal humans. He was able to intensely pursue the Winter Soldier on foot without any signs of fatigue and fight against Erik Killmonger for an extended period of time without tiring.

Black Panther catching Hawkeyes arrows

  • Enhanced Reflexes: The Heart-Shaped Herb enhanced TChallas reflexes to be superior to those of the finest athlete, allowing him to effectively process the world at an accelerated rate to more efficiently find solutions using his sense and strategies. His reflexes were sharp enough to catch Hawkeyes arrows out of the air with his bare hands, cover a grenade using his body the moment he saw it, and catch a spear in mid-air. His reflexes also allow him to respond quickly to fast-paced combat, as he was able to keep up with the likes of Captain America and the Winter Soldier.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: TChallas fast healing capabilities allows for him to have a conditioned metabolism that enables an extraordinarily efficient recovery. After being stripped away the powers of the herb, TChalla suffered blunt force, cuts, and bruises due to fighting for the Black Panther monarchy. Afterward, having being restored the powers of the herb, TChalla recovered from many of the damages he endured and was healed in a matter of hours. This even enables him to fully recover from being on the brink of death in mere hours.

Panther Habit Capabilities


Black Panther withstanding intense gunfire

  • Superhuman Durability: While wearing the Habit, TChallas durability is increased to superhuman levels thanks to its vibranium composition, which allows him to withstand bullets and explosions while being completely unfazed. During the Battle of Mount Bashenga, TChalla was able to withstand being struck by a charging rhino and being hit by a Wakandan train while battling Killmonger.
  • Kinetic Energy Pulses: The habit can store kinetic energy, which TChalla can then release in a pulse of purple energy.
  • Physical Augmentation: The kinetic energy stored within the habit can also be used to add more force behind TChallas blows, allowing him to increase the strength of his punches and kicks.[17]


Ngaba awuzange ulungele ukuba ngukosi wakho ubomi bonke? Ngaba awuzange uqeqeshe kwaye ufunde, ube ngecala lam?[18]
TChaka to TChalla[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: TChalla has a very high intellectual mind that is on par with some of the greatest scientific pioneers in human history, as seen by him being smart enough to have designed his own Panther Habit using his countrys greatest resource with his own two hands.
  • Master Tactician: TChalla has great knowledge of tactics and leadership, which he uses to great effect as both the King of Wakanda and the Black Panther. Due to his desire for revenge on the Winter Soldier, TChalla planned an attack on Barnes in the short time that he was on the run. He was also able to use his battle strategies to lead a Wakandan army and the Avengers against Thanos Outriders. When battling Killmonger, he was able to strategically beat him by using his knowledge of the flaws in the vibranium suit to get the edge on his opponent in their rematch, ultimately defeating him and even impressing him.

Black Panther fighting an Outrider

  • Master Martial Artist: TChalla is an extremely skilled master martial artist, having been trained vigorously from childhood to one day take up the mantle of the Black Panther. His unique Wakandan fighting style is very acrobatic and heavily attack-oriented, primarily utilizing powerful sweeping kicks, aerial takedowns, and slashing attacks with hooked and clawed fists, reminiscent of the manner in which a panther strikes. His attacks are fluid and swift, allowing him to transition from attack to defense rapidly. TChalla has displayed the sufficient level of skill that in his fight with the Winter Soldier after the latter had swiftly beaten Tony Stark, Sharon Carter, and Black Widow, he could fight on par with Barnes, forcing him to flee eventually. While wearing his suit, TChalla was skilled enough to fairly quickly overpower and knock out Hawkeye who was using his staff while TChalla was unarmed, best and almost kill the Winter Soldier, and even fight on par with Captain America himself, briefly knocking him down. He was also able to contend with Erik Killmonger while wearing his own Panther Habit and boosted by the Heart-Shaped Herb, and eventually defeat him, although not without extreme effort. Even without the herbs power, TChallas skill and rigorous training in martial arts make him highly formidable and he is also accomplished with the use of Wakandan weapons, as displayed when he fought for the Black Panther monarchy. He was able to best MBaku, the leader of the Jabari Tribe, and go up against Killmonger, initially having the upper hand, only losing due to the fact that he was hampered by his mercy and indecision to kill his cousin. TChalla also managed to defeat many members of the Border Tribe, killed many of the Outriders during the Battle of Wakanda, and bested members of the Chitauri during the Battle of Earth. Black Panthers techniques combine African oriented martial arts and other styles, including Zulu stick-fighting, tiger-style kung fu, wushu, Dambe, Laamb, capoeira, Taekwondo, muay Thai, shurikenjutsu and intonjutsu.

TChalla using a Wakandan sword

  • Sword Mastery: TChalla is able to use Wakandan swords with proficient skill. He was able to go up against Killmonger in their first duel and initially had the upper hand against the latter, managing to knock his opponent off of his feet and scar his cheek. Despite losing the fight due to his desire to show mercy towards his cousin, TChalla is still a formidable swordsman in his own right.
  • Master Acrobat: TChalla is a professional gymnast and acrobat, which allowed him to quickly catch up to and cut off the Winter Soldier mere seconds after being knocked down, and the latter has gone up several flights of stairs. The Heart-Shaped Herb enhances his agility further to allow him to effortlessly outrun and vault over moving vehicles, perform aerial wheel kicks while fighting Captain America, and lunge forward several feet to knock Winter Soldier off his motorcycle.
  • Master Spy: TChalla is a master of stealth. He shown to be able to track Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Iron Man without them noticing at the HYDRA Siberian Facility, despite Captain Americas enhanced senses and Iron Mans advanced alert systems. He also shown to use his stealth to blend in the trees at Sambisa Forest to hide from the traffickers while rescuing Nakia.
  • Pilot: TChalla is a skilled pilot. He was able to follow Iron Man from the Raft to Siberia in his jet without being spotted.
  • Multilingualism: TChalla speaks his native Xhosa, as well as fluent English; albeit with a thick Wakandan accent. TChalla also understands and can possibly speak Korean as he understood Nakias conversation in Korean with Sophia, as well as Zulu, seen when he understood what MBaku said to him before the Battle of Wakanda.


Panther Habit


TChalla confronting Ulysses Klaue in Busan

  • Panther Habit: As Black Panther, TChalla dons a uniquely crafted vibranium-weave combat suit that, like Captain Americas Shield, is lightweight, nigh-indestructible, and renders him immune to most physical damages, especially from collisions and conventional firearms, though the habit was notably susceptible to the electrical charges of Black Widows Bite and vibranium weaponry. After his return to Wakanda, TChalla received an updated version of the habit designed by Shuri to be more advanced than his traditional Habit, capable of absorbing and manipulating energy for various purposes. The updated version also facilitates extreme ease of storage, due to being constructed from vibranium nanites embedded in his necklace.
    • Vibranium Claws:

      TChalla swiping his claws

      Two sets of retractable and extendable vibranium claws embedded in the fingers of the gloves like nails. The suit can also deploy claws from its knuckles. They serve as both utility and the primary combat weapon of TChalla during combat. The claws are exceptionally strong and razor sharp. The claws are capable of damaging other items made of vibranium such as Captain Americas Shield during his fight with Captain America.
    • Sneakers: The Panther Habit also equipped with sound-absorbent shoes, completely nullifying any noise TChalla would make when walking.



TChalla with his dagger and shield

Other Equipment


TChalla takes possession of his fathers ring

  • Wakandan Royal Ring: The royal ring worn by TChalla is one of a set originally worn by Azzuri, passed down to TChaka and NJobu, and later their sons. TChalla obtained the ring following TChakas death in Vienna.
  • Kimoyo Beads: Vibranium technology used by TChalla to communicate and control any system theyre interfaced with. TChalla was able to stabilize the condition of Everett Ross by placing one of the beads into a bullet wound in his back. When needed, they are able to be deactivated, allowing TChalla and Nakia to speak undisturbed.

TChallas neck implant for his Panther Habit

  • Implant: TChalla possesses an implant behind his right ear, which allows him to mentally communicate with Kimoyo beads as well as control his second Panther Habit, using it to manifest the suit or remove his helmet mentally.
  • Wakandan Communicator: TChalla was given a small communication device prior to his departure for Busan to capture Ulysses Klaue. The device is small enough to be placed behind the ear for concealment and can be placed on others for surveillance purposes, such as when TChalla placed one on Everett Ross to listen in on Ross interrogation of Klaue.


  • Jet: TChalla utilized an advanced personal jet to follow Iron Man from the Raft to Siberia in his pursuit of the Winter Soldier. The jet was able to follow Stark undetected and could facilitate the transportation of Helmut Zemo after his capture.
  • Royal Talon Fighter: TChalla has utilized a Royal Talon Fighter for transportation.



TChalla enters the Citadel throne room

  • Citadel: The Citadel is the palace of the Golden Tribe and the rulers of Wakanda. They notably held Tribal Council meetings in the Citadels throne room. TChalla held a Tribal Council meeting during which Okoye announced that they had discovered Ulysses Klaue had resurfaced, Erik Killmonger had come to claim the throne of Wakanda and challenged TChalla in the throne room, and TChalla and his family to reclaim their place in the Citadel once after he survived his fight against Killmonger.
  • Wakanda Medical Center: To be added
  • Shuris Lab: To be added






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