عبارات بالانجليزي عن الحياة. عبارات عن الظلام بالانجليزي

Life is about creating yourself Life puts you on probation first and then teaches you the lesson
Darkness is not always bad, sometimes it is a symbol of peace and quiet Get busy living or get busy dying

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عبارات بالانجليزي عن الحياة
You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough
عبارات عن الحياة بالانجليزي وعبارات عن الامل بالانجليزي
If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor
عبارات بالانجليزي عن الحياة
Darkness is not useless, it is what makes us realize the value of light
Feeling bored and not in the mood? Get busy living or get busy dying Watch your words they become actions
The good in the dark is that we are all the same, only in knowledge and wisdom But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid

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I like criticism
عبارات بالانجليزي عن الحياة
Do not regret at all because remorse does not change anything from reality
عبارات بالانجليزي عن الحياة
Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game